And Love Has Wings

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Sorry that it takes me a while to write, I'm pretty busy. In day 5 there are a lot of references from the movie, "The Notebook" so sorry if you read that and didn't understand. Watch the movie, it's amazing!

Submitted: July 07, 2008

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Submitted: July 07, 2008



And Love Has Wings

Day One

As I walked into the classroom the warning bell rang, I picked a seat near the front, and sat. I was alone in the room. It was the first day, so I assumed everyone else was late, or skipping. The teacher walked up to me, oh great, she was going to talk to me. Here we go.

“ Hello and welcome to 10th grade English! My name is Ms. Razeweld and I will be your English teacher this year!”

Does she think I am some kind of mentally challenged person? I read my schedule, I know that your name is Ms. Razeweld. I know you are teaching me English, but thanks for clarifying because for a brief second I thought you were going to be teaching me how to be an astronaut! She probably lives and breathes English, and nothing else. She kept looking at me, I guess she wanted me to respond. I spoke softly, “ Hi. Thanks, and my name is Molly.” She nodded, and started to talk, again.

“ Ah! Molly, welcome to Prescott Valley High! Where did you move here from?”

“Wisconsin.” I was getting annoyed. I don't really like people.

“Wisconsin! That's far away from Arizona!”

As if I didn't already know that. She started babbling on about Arizona, and how great it is... blah, blah, blah.. I scanned her carefully. She was thin, somewhat muscular. Kind of pretty. Her hand was ring less. Unfortunate for her, because with a name like Razeweld, she needs a man. The class started to fill in and Ms. Razeweld walked to the front of the room. She began her “Welcome to School Speech.” Joy. Some people started doodling.


Some one called, I was in my own thoughts. Who ever it was called again. I ignored it until I heard someone faintly say, “ I think that's the new girl.” I already had a name. Wonderful. I heard my name again. Ouch! The person behind me pulled on my curls. I whipped around, “What!”

“ Are you deaf? The teacher has been calling you this whole time!” said the boy behind me. He looked some what cute. As I looked at him angry, he studied my body. I could hear him whistling inside of his head. I quickly turned around and apologized for spacing out. Ms. Razeweld forgave me, and then she continued her speech. After ten more minutes, the dismissal bell rang, and I walked toward the door.

“Hi” the same boy said. “What class do you have next?”

I glanced down at me schedule, “French Two.”

“I have Spanish next, that's right by your room, I'll walk you there.” he smiled cheerfully.

“Okay. Thanks.” I was unhappy. I really do not like people. He made small talk as we maneuvered through the hall way. Wait a second, I did not even know this guy's name. I stopped. I stuck my hand out and said, “ My name is Molly. I'm new here.” He laughed and shook my hand.

“Josh. And we all know who you are.” He smiled and walked away.

Great. I thought to my self. Everyone knows me here, and all I wanted was to be unknown.

French class was fine. No one seemed to talk to me. Which, I liked. The teacher did not recognize me, she asked if I was new here. Of course. So I had to make a complete fool of myself by saying my name, where I am from, why I moved here. Mrs. Langeau even made the class say, “Bonjour Molly.” Very corny. The rest of French class was just a blur. I didn't pay much attention. When the bell rang I walked out of the room.

“Hey! How was French?” Josh said, as he leaned against the wall. I shrugged my shoulders. Can't he just leave me alone? He started chatting on about Spanish class, and how he is going on the trip to Spain this year with the class. I looked down at my schedule in boredom as we walked towards the main hallway. Homeroom time. Hopefully this Josh kid's last name was in the front of the alphabet so I could have homeroom to my self.

“What's your homeroom number?” he asked quickly.

“Uh...” I looked down. “C103”

“Me too!” he was too enthusiastic.

Great I thought to my self. Is there any class I don't have with this kid?

“What class do you have after homeroom?” I said crossing my fingers behind my back, please don't say calculus... don't say it.

“Pre-Calc” he said sounding sad, “I'm pretty bad at math.”

“Bummer, I have Calculus after.” I tried to sound sad, but inside I was leaping with joy.

“Well maybe you could tutor me? I'm sure that would help, since you're so smart.” He laughed at his joke.

I giggled a bit. It was kind of funny. I am smart, and I'm sure that would look good on college applications, so I agreed to meet him on Wednesday after noons at the library during the free period to help him out. But all of the other days, free period was mine. We walked into homeroom and he greeted some friends and chose to sit with them instead of me. Which, of course, I enjoyed. I sat there at a desk doodling. The teacher called my name for attendance, and when I glanced up, I saw him. His gorgeous honey colored hair covered the most beautiful deep blue eyes I've ever seen. His tan muscular body looked as if he'd been lifeguarding all summer. Josh noticed me staring.

“He's Rich.” he said.

“Money has no affect on my opinion of people.” I quickly blurted out not realizing that 'He's Rich' meant his name was Rich. We both laughed. Josh wasn't as bad as I made him out to be. The bell rang and I walked towards the door. Ouch! Someone bumped my shoulder. I dropped my book, and before I could bend down and reach it, the book was already back in my sight.

“Sorry” Rich said. He picked the book up in one fluid motion. He looked down at me. He must have been five inches taller than me. As he looked into my dark green eyes, I stared back into his inviting blue eyes. I just wanted to jump into his eyes as if they were the ocean on a hot summers day. Our long second of blank stares was over when Josh bumped into me pushing me towards the math wing. I frowned as I quickly thanked Rich. He smiled the most adorable smile, and I sadly walked towards Calculus.

“I saw you admiring Rich just then, do you like him?” said a new voice.

“Um... who are you?” I asked.

“Sorry, my name is Addison. People call me Addy. Now answer my question.”

She seemed eager. Might as well be nice to her. “He's one of the cutest people I have ever seen. Does he have a good personality?” I asked, she might know.

“The best. He's smart, athletic, friendly, funny, giving, caring...”

“Adorable.” I blurted out.

“That too” she agreed. “do you have Calc this period?”

“Yeah, do you?” I was hoping she would say yes, I seemed to like her.

“Yeah, with Mr. March.” she said. We had the class together. Hopefully, she would tell me more about Rich during the class. We walked down the hall finally arrived at Calculus.

Calculus was a hazy, Addison sat on the other side of the room so we couldn't talk about Rich. After Calculus I had World History and then Lunch. During Lunch I sat with Josh, Addison, and a few other people whose names I forgot. The empty chair next to me squeaked as someone behind me pulled it back. Addison smiled and hinted for me to turn to see who it was. I slowly turned my head around, my body following. I felt robotic.

“Hey.” his deep voice was very recognizable.

I swallowed. “Hi” I managed that much.

He stuck his hand out, “We never really introduced ourselves, my name is Richard, but I go by Rich. And you are?”

“Molly.” I grabbed his hand which compared to my hand was enormous. We shook hands for a while. I felt butterflies in my stomach fluttering around. He seemed to feel the same because he released my hand with a sigh.

“Molly huh? Well Molly, do you mind if I sit here?” he asked, batting his eye lashes at me.

“No, not at all.” I may have said that too eagerly. Lunch seemed to pass by too quickly as we sat and talked. He was easy to talk to. Josh didn't seem happy about Rich sitting here, but he had Addison to talk to. When the bell rang I sadly got up and walked towards the doors. Both Josh and Rich were at my side as we walked towards the main hall.

“What's next?” They both asked me at the same time.

I glanced. “Two periods of Chemistry, then gym.”

Rich smiled. “That's what I have too. We can walk together. Is that okay with you?” he smiled at me. I could not resist. I nodded and we walked together, leaving Josh behind. I turned around and waved him goodbye. When we reached the Chem room, we picked a table and sat together. We talked a bout Wisconsin and our interests. He rowed crew in the spring, and started as Varsity quarter-back for the school's football team in the fall. After Chemistry we parted our ways as he headed for the weight room, and I towards the school pool. Addison had swimming with me so of course I told her all about Chemistry and Rich, and how he walked very close to me, and offered to carry my books. Which I had to take him up on, I had a lot to carry. When the final bell rang, I got on the bus and rode home. I took a nap, before I called Addison. We went out shopping. When I got home I unloaded my new clothes, showered, and went to sleep. Dreaming of Richard, and reminiscing of today.

Day Two

At first, to my disappointment, my 6:30 am alarm sounded. I slowly rolled out of bed and walked into my bathroom. I turned on the shower and jumped in. I sang, which was not unusual. I'm a pretty good singer, or maybe it is just the early hours, and my body has not yet woken up, and what I am actually singing is ear shattering. It was probably the second. As I poured my cereal my mom asked me if everything is okay.

“Of course. Everything is great.” I said, telling the complete truth.

“Okay, did you make any friends at school?” she was curious.

“Yeah, three so far. Josh, Addison, and Rich.” I said the last one a little more enthusiastically.

“Rich? Rich Rolards?” she looked up from the paper.

“Yeah? Why? Is he a problem around here?” I hope she says no.

“No no... just the opposite.” she said happily.

I could hear the joy inside my head.

“He's very involved around here. He volunteers at the soup kitchen, works with several charities, helps around the elderly people's homes. Very nice boy. I hear he's quite good looking too.” she seemed impressed, I certainly was.

“He's alright.” I lied.

“Only alright?” she looked at me funny.

“Okay, I lied, he's gorgeous and I think he likes me. I hope so, what a catch. When he smiles I just want to grab his checks and kiss his dimples!” I zoned out thinking of him and spilled milk all over the counter. My mom laughed. I wolfed down my cereal and headed for the bus stop when I saw a silver car pull into the driveway. I did not recognize it.

“Hop in” said a manly voice. I adjusted my glasses and could clearly see that Rich was sitting passenger side, and what looked to be his older sister was driving. I opened the back door and sat down. Rich turned around and began talking.

“I didn't know you wear glasses?” he sounded surprised.

“Only when I don't feel like putting in my contacts.” we both laughed.

“Molly, this is Katrina, she's a senior this year, and my sister too.” he said as he pointed towards Katrina.

“Hey Molly” Katrina said as she pulled out of the driveway. Her and I made light conversation. I asked her where she was going to go to college.

“Juilliard, in New York. I play piano. It's not really college, but it is an amazing preforming arts school.” she boasted a little. I would too. I congratulated her.

“It's no big deal.” she started. “Everyone in our family has been to Juilliard. Everyone is musically talented, in the Rolards family, except Rich.” she laughed.

“Hey!” Rich whined as he punched Katrina.

“But he's got his sports, and his devastating good looks.” she was trying to recover from that punch.

“Yeah” I laughed. Oops. I just admitted that he was gorgeous. With that we got out of the car and I started walking towards the school. Just milliseconds later, Rich grabbed my arm..

“We're not going to school today. I have alternate plans for us.” He said with a smile, and I could not help but retire, and agree to skip.

“Kat has got us taken care of, she knows people at the attendance office.” he winked. I guess that meant I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. “Call Josh and Addison, tell them that you're with me. Got it?” He said as he tossed me his cell phone. I nodded. We had a quick conversation, and then He and I got in the back of the car. Katrina drove away from the school. I had no idea where we were going. As Rich and I sat in the back seat, we made light conversation and Kat put her Ipod in her ears, leaving an awkward silence in the back seat. I put my hand down flat next to my leg, as I watched the clouds love across the sky. I felt a warm finger tracing my hand. I looked down and saw Rich's index finger doodling on my hand. He extended the rest of fingers out, and with a full hand, he lifted mine, and put it down in the middle of the seat, palm up. We looked at each other, then at my hand, and we stared into each other's eyes. I slowly reached out and placed his big warm hand on top of mine and closed his fingers. He was actually holding my hand. I could feel my cheeks getting red as a rose. He laughed a little as I carefully placed my delicate fingers through his. And for the rest of the car ride, he held my hand and gazed into my eyes, as I watched my reflection in his. I did not care where I was, how old I was, what time is was, I was carefree as long as I was with Rich.

When we pulled into where ever we were, Rich stood behind me and placed his hands over my eyes. Whatever this place is, it was a secret. It smelled good, fresh almost. Clean, undisturbed air. For a brief second it was like being back in Wisconsin, everything was open and free. With my closed eyes, I had to trust Rich completely, which was not hard. We took what seemed like an eternity of steps.

“keep 'em closed.” Rich sounded excited. It felt like we were standing on glass. I could hear Katrina laughing softly. “Okay,” Rich began again as he slowly lifted his hands from my face.

“Open!” They shouted together. I opened my eyes and all I saw was blue, they sky looked gorgeous from here. Even with my poor eyesight I could see for miles. Birds soared way above while small creatures thousands of feet below me looked up towards the sun. The red rock was extremely different from pictures. What looked to be peaceful and serene, was actually bursting with life. Every thing and every one was living. It's scenes like this, like standing out in the middle of the Grand Canyon, so large and mysterious, that really shapes your perspective of life. And standing here, laughing with Rich and Katrina, about the silliest things, makes me feel loved. I enjoyed it. A moment of belonging, was all mine. Rich reached for my hand, which I gladly let him take, and there we stood, looking out for miles. He turned and looked at me. I smiled back at him. He grabbed my other hand and said my name.

“Yes?” I looked lovingly into his eyes.

“Molly, will you be my girlfriend?” He looked anxious.

“Yes, of course. I would love to be your girlfriend.” I smiled at him. He laughed a little and then wrapped his arms around me. I loved his hug. I felt so warm, protected, and loved in his muscular arms. He was gentle too. We hugged for what seemed like an eternity. I closed my eyes, soaking in the moment. He pulled slowly away from our hug and as I opened my eyes, I saw his face coming towards me. I closed my eyes again quickly while he placed his lips against mine. I could feel sparks from the tips of my toes going up my legs all the way to every curl of my hair. I loved this feeling. Butterflies flew in my stomach faster than ever before. He pulled back and gave me another hug. I opened my eyes and he was there, smiling at me.

“Did I ever tell you?” he began, “you are the most beautiful and amazing girl I have ever met.” I thanked him and quickly lifted my feet to my toes, and kissed his cheek. We smiled at each other, and I realized I hadn't heard from Katrina in a while. I looked around for her.

“Where's Katrina?” I said, worried.

“Don't worry. She drove back home an hour ago.” he said calmly.

“How are we going to get home?” I sounded worried.

“I've arranged for alternate transportation. I hope you're not afraid of heights.” he smiled and looked to the sky and saw a helicopter heading straight for us. I gave him a questioning look.

“There is only one way to really see Arizona.”

I gulped. He couldn't mean.... could he?

The blow from the helicopter blew my curls all around my face and I could not clearly see anything. Rich smiled and as he laughed at my wild hair flying all over the place. He seemed at ease about our upcoming endeavor, I on the other hand was a wreck. I was so terrified of heights, but yet, I felt same with him, like I knew I would be okay. He reached for my hand, which I gladly let him take as he lifted me up into the pit, or whatever you call it. The ride up some six miles was not long. We had quick conversation, then the pilot announced that it was safe for us to stand up and look out the window. No thank you. I sat firmly on the chair. Rich stood up and walked towards the window.

“Amazing,” he started “ this view is truly outstanding. Knocks the breath out of me every time.” Every time? I thought to myself, he's done this before. The pilot told us to sit back down, he was going to go higher. Fabulous. I believe we were at an altitude of eight or nine miles when Rich stood up and headed for the door. He reached for the handle,

“What the heck are you doing!” I screamed, with out realizing that I was already at the door with him.


He could not be serious. “Rich, you are not jumping out of this helicopter! No way, that is just unacceptable.” I felt like his mom.

“Thanks Mom.” He said as he opened the door. The whoosh of air filled the cabin and made my hair fly all over, again.

“You might want take a deep breath.” Rich said calmly.

“Why?” and before I could even get an answer he grabbed my arm, and hugged my waist tight, and then jumped out of the helicopter. I screamed. He laughed.

We had to be plummeting towards the Earth faster than a bird dives down to catch a fish. I was still screaming. Rich told me to calm down, “everything will be fine” he assured me. I felt completely safe with him, so I allowed my body to relax. This whole, sky diving this, was actually pretty fun. What an adrenaline rush! I kind of loved it. We were a few hundred feet above the surface when we suddenly jolted upwards. Funny, I don't remember Rich having a parachute. I looked up to at least a fourteen foot wingspan across Rich's strong wide shoulder blades. Could this really be happening? Was I really wrapped around a human bird mix? It seemed impossible, like a dream. I pinched my arm. Nope, I was awake, and Rich was surely flying. I did not say a word, I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Without even having me ask, he flew us over the Grand Canyon, which was so much more beautiful from this height. I felt so free and alive. He looked up to the sun which was low in the sky, and headed back north to Prescott Valley. He flew low to the ground near the school which was two blocks from my house. We landed down, which made my legs feel like jelly. We walked towards my house, my hand in his, and his in mine, and the rest of the evening could not compare.

Day Three

Sadly, nothing exciting to report about today. Rich was not in school, and neither was Addison. Some cross country training day thing. I really don't know. Josh asked me about yesterday. I told him everything, except one thing, the whole flight thing. He seemed curious as to whether or not Rich and I were dating. I told Josh that Rich and I were just friends. I lied. When I saw Katrina at school I asked her about Rich, she tried to change the subject quickly trying to ask me about Prescott, and how I liked it, normal things. When I asked her about Rich again, she pretended to hear someone calling her and briskly walked away. Odd. That's about all. Oh! And, today in English, Ms. Razeweld's cell phone started vibrating and while she read her text message, she smiled. Josh and I noticed. We made guesses about who it was. The principal? An old friend? Another teacher? A student's parent? We both shuddered at the thought. Today is Wednesday, so I had to spend my free period with Josh, helping him with his Pre-Calculus. They were learning pretty basic stuff in his class, so explaining was a breeze. And nothing else excited my day.

Day Four

I walked slowly into the bathroom and enjoyed a long shower. The warm water felt great against my skin. Much to my dismay, the sound of my mother's voice interrupted my soothing shower. I turned the water off and got ready for school. My thoughts trailed off as I went through my morning routine. My brain was consumed with thoughts of Rich. I was curious to know Rich's whereabouts yesterday. I walked sadly out the door, half expecting a Katrina's car to be sitting in the driveway waiting for me. It wasn't. I counted my steps as I walked to school. I lost track after 789 because my emotions consumed me, and I was once again left wondering why Rich wasn't in school, and receiving the “cold shoulder” from Katrina yesterday only made the situation worse. I met up with Addy, but I really did not feel like talking. She was talking to Josh so I didn't feel too bad. As I turned the corner to my locker, I saw Rich standing there. Waiting for me. His face lit up with his beautiful smile once he saw me. I was more than happy to see him, but I was still curious. He gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. He was talking to me about going to the movies on Friday as I got some books out of my locker. I agreed to go, but sometime before then, I wanted to find out the truth. I needed to know the truth. Rich walked me to English, and as I stood at the door, I said, “Rich?”

“Yeah?” he replied.

“Rich, where were you yesterday? I asked Katrina, but she just changed the subject and walked away.” I sounded worried as I spoke.

“Why? Did you miss me?” he laughed.

“Yeah, but I'm more concerned with why you are fine and romantic one day, and the next you're missing, and Katrina wouldn't even tell me, your girlfriend, where you were.” I was beginning to get angry.

“I was... you know, out..” he lied.

“Please Rich,” I said as I reached for his hand, “tell me the truth. I can handle it.” I smiled a bit at him.

“I was--” the bell interrupted him and he quickly blurted out, “I'll tell you at lunch.” Then he ran to the other end of the hall. I walked into English class, sad, confused, and eager for lunch.

The rest of my classes flew by as I anxiously awaited lunch hour. I quickly made my way to the lunch table and sat down eagerly next to Rich. “Tell me.” I began.

“I was in Washington.” he said.

“Washington? How did you get from Arizona to Washington?” I asked.

“I flew. Took about 16 hours.” he said while he yawned.

“Wait did you go to Washington state? Or D.C?”

“D.C. I had to meet with someone. Though I wish I could have stayed longer, I'm extremely tired now.” he stretched his body.

“Tired? I thought you said you flew? Didn't you sleep on the plane?”

“Molly, I didn't take a plane. I flew for 16 hours straight. It's not like these babies have cruise control or anything.” he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess. So who did you have to meet with?” I said.

“The President.” he began to chug his water.

The President? You meet with the President? What did you guys do, have lunch or something?” I joked.

“Very funny,” he began. “I needed to meet with him about an issue.”

“What kind of issue?” I was extremely curious.

“A war issue.” he stated without emotion.

“A war issue!” I screamed.

“Shh!” he covered my mouth.

“Sorry, go on.” I said.

“Yes, a war issue. The President feels that Kazakhstan is developing nuclear weapons, and he wants me to go, you know, get an aerial view.” he said pointing up.

“You mean to say, that you, Richard Rolards, are going to 'fly' to Kazakhstan over their nuclear weapons, for the President of the United States?” I thought he was joking.

“Yes.” he said.

I gulped. This was not going to be good.

Day Five

T.G.I.F, I was both excited and worried about tonight's movie with Rich. When I walked outside of my front door I was somewhat delighted in seeing his sister's car pulling in the driveway. Though thrilled I did not have to walk to school, I was saddened by the fact that this car ride would be both silent and awkward. I was not sure if Katrina knew about Rich's ability to fly, let alone that he was going to Kazakhstan. Rich was leaning on the side door of the car and his face once again lit up as he glanced up at me. He walked up to me and gave me a hug, I could feel my eyes filling with tears for this particular hug felt like a goodbye hug. One that came both unexpectedly and far too soon. He looked deep into my eyes, caressed my face and told me everything was going to be all right. I trusted him completely, just like he trusted me. We sat together in the car in complete silence. I enjoyed the feeling of his warm hand against mine, but I knew that it was all too soon. We walked around the campus, his hand in mine, and I could wait no more. “When are you leaving?” I asked.

“Tonight.” he sounded sad.

“T-tonight,” I chocked out.

“After our movie.” He smiled at me, the kind of smile where you know everything will be okay.

The rest of the day my thoughts were filled with Rich. I dazed off imagining things I did not want to imagine. Every few hours, I began to tear up, and when people asked if I was crying I lied saying that I had something in my eye. Rich arrived at my house and he surely looked sad. Worried almost. He hugged me harder than he ever has before and I could not help but cry. We walked almost a mile when Rich extended his wings, grabbed me tight and we were off. Soaring suddenly hundreds of feet in the air. I did not ask where we were going, because I knew I'd be safe. We landed in a large tree, where there appeared to be a tree house. Rich made me close my eyes. When we slowly walked into the little house, I opened my eyes and saw a small love seat, and a laptop with projector hooked up to it. Rich turned on the laptop and the movie began playing. The orange sunset scene with a man rowing originally made me recognize the movie as The Notebook. My all time favorite movie. We watched in silence as he wrapped his arm around me. At the end of the movie, he kissed me with more passion then he ever has before. He smiled at me.

“What? Why are you so happy.” I said.

“Will you be the Allie to my Noah?” he smiled.

I laughed a little, and tears formed in my eyes. I kissed him. “Of course. I'd love too be your Allie, Noah.” I grinned.

“Just promise me something.” he said.


“Don't ever find yourself engaged to Lon.” he laughed.

“As long as I have you, Lon is as useless to me as walking is to you.” I flapped my arms and continued, “Who's the bird now?” I laughed. He smiled at me took my by the hands and led me out of the tree house. We hugged and cried together for the longest time, but I didn't care. These were possibly the last few seconds I had with Rich and I wanted them to be perfect.

“I'm going to fly you home now.” he said.

I nodded. Flying home was great, just being close to him. Made me feel wonderful. When we landed on my porch. Rich hugged me again.

“Molly?” he began.


“I love you.” he said with a grin.

I began to cry, I kissed him. “I love you too Rich.” He wiped my tears.

“I have to go now. Good bye Molly. I'll see you in a few months.” he said as he lifted off. I gulped, months. I ran inside my house, tears falling from my eyes, I plopped myself on my bed, and cried myself to sleep.

Day Six

It was smeared black and wet. My mascara and tears left an unpleasant smell and feeling on my pillow. The early hours fogged my memory, and I was left staring at my pillow trying to recall the previous night. Visions of The Notebook and the sky rushed threw my head. After a brief second my thoughts left me on the porch as I watched Rich soar high above me. I held back tears, but eventually couldn't take it anymore. I just lie there in my bed, crying. I thought the worst about what was going to happen in Kazakhstan. I didn't know how long he was going to be there, so I just cried more. The thought of having Rich thousands of miles away scared me more than anything I've ever experienced. Around 2pm, I slowly rolled out of bed and quickly took my sheets of the bed. I had to clean my memories and start new and fresh. Try my best not to worry. After doing a load of wash and taking a shower, I headed to the kitchen to make some lunch. Once I opened the fridge, I realized I wouldn't be able to eat anything. I needed to clear my head. I needed to escape, but I had no where to go. No car to take me, and then I remembered. My Vespa. I had it in Wisconsin to get around and I knew I put it somewhere around here. I ran into the garage and there it sat. My dark green Vespa. I grabbed my helmet and shoes and I was off. Driving as fast as I could. Ignoring every street sign in sight. After a while, my vision blurred. As I go closer and closer to the canyon, I thought more and more about Rich. Tears filled my eyes, and I could feel their wet touch seeping through my pants. I heard a loud honk, a crash, and then blank. Everything went black. My heart was racing before, and I slowly felt the beating of my heart drop.

Day Seven

My eyes burst open. Everything was white and blank. I turned my head slightly. I winced in pain.

"It's best if you try not to move dear" said a voice.

"Wh- Wh- Who are you?" I stuttered out while I focused on the middle-aged woman in front of me.

"Oh I'm sorry darling, my name is Gabriella. I'm here to help you get better." she said smiling.

"Get better," I began, "what's wrong with me?"

She laughed, "What's wrong with you? Well honey, you've got three broken ribs, you fractured your neck, you have multiple breaks in both of your legs, and you've got both a mild concussion and amnesia."

"Wow." I clearly stated. "What happened to me?"

"Well, you were speeding down the road and you hit a truck, and since you weren't in an actual car, and you moving extremely fast, you got pretty roughed up."

"I...I.... hit a...truck" I was very foggy on the details.

"Yes honey, now why don't you try and rest up. We've got you hooked up to an IV, so you'll get sleepy pretty soon."

"I- I don't want to sleep. I need to get to Kazakhstan." I slowly lifted myself up.

"Kazakhstan? The heck is happening there?" Gabriella the nurse inquired.

"I don't know! Rich left to go there for some nuclear something! I don't know! I have amnesia!! Everything is kind of blurry!" I shouted.

"Honey, shh... calm down. I think there is something you need to know. Let me get the doctor." she hesitated and left the room. What on Earth did she need a doctor for? Within a minute a older doctor came into the room holding a clipboard stacked full with paper. He sat down in a chair next to me and began.

"Last Sunday, you were on your way to church, when your Vespa swerved and hit a truck. You were knocked into a coma, you probably had dreams that seemed so real, but you were just in a coma. So anything you remember up to today, is probably not true." he said surprisingly calm.

"That's impossible" I said, "I remember everything clearly, Rich, Josh, Addie, school, the canyon, flying, I remember it all! There must be some kind of mistake."

"I'm sorry sweetie," began Gabrielle, "you've been here for a week, we thought the worst of you when this young man brought you in." she said as she pointed to a man who made his face know as he walked slowly through the door.

"Rich!" I screamed. My face light up with joy seeing his beautiful face walking towards me. He walked up and kissed my forehead.

"I knew coming here and talking to you everyday would help you remember. You beat up my dad's truck pretty bad though, but don't worry" he laughed, "It's okay, who needs a car when you have love."

We both smiled at each other, his hand intertwined with mine felt just like it should.

"And love has wings." I said smiling at Rich.

"That it does, and love can soar, and last forever, like the skies, it's bright, cheerful, and never ending. The clouds represent the tough times, but the clouds move and soon go away, and everything is back to normal." he smiled.

"As long as you're here with me, love can be whatever we want it to be." I smiled back at him, and right then I knew, life was as it should be. No more pain, sorrow, insecurity, sadness, or anything. And most importantly, ever flying love.


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