Better Place

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Its a sad story about 2 friends.

Submitted: January 25, 2013

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Submitted: January 25, 2013




Its me and Lucy, it always was. Hanging about in the old stable full of 
ancient poop. No horses just buckets, hay and poop. An old lady called 
Mrs Love lived nearby and apparently she owned the place. She was the
most meanest elderly woman I've ever met, if she caught us in the stable
she said she would call the police, I didn't beleive her. She had a dog
called Pj, he was the only one kind to us. He had black, soft fur and his
belly was white! He was half German Shepherd and half Border Collie. 
I loved playing horsies with Lucy, even though we were 17. We had our
own horses, Lucy's horse was Bella and myn was Chloe. We brought them 
to the stable when Mrs Love was at her son's house, she usually was.
There was a small pond near it, we thought it would be fun to swim in 
it as it looked clean so one day we brought our swimming costumes there.
Lucy jumped in first. I watched her swim like a pro! Then, she started 
coughing, then screaming. I didn't know what to do, then she started to
go pale, then she slowly sank. I cried, I shouted but it was too late,
she was gone. I took out my phone and called 999 then my mum and
her mum. The ambulance came first. I saw them find her on the sat nav
then a special diver went down to get her. When she came up, our mums
were there, non of them were angry with me. I cried when the diver came
back up with her. Mrs Love and Pj arrived, suprisingly they were both 
crying. I found out that everyone that hated us actually loved us inside.
My mum took me back home while Lucy and her mum was in the 
ambulance rushing back to I.C.U. My mum was proud of me for
calling her, Lucy's mum and emergency services. We found out that Lucy
couldn't make it. I wasn't depressed though because I knew Lucy was
going to a better place, heaven. 


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