A Realization

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Alex's friend is spotted with what look like gnomes, but that can be possible, right?
Orinigally called Realization but booksie would let me publish with that name

Submitted: August 13, 2009

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Submitted: August 13, 2009



I wake up shivering. Where has my blanket gone? Actually, where is my pillow?...and all my stuffed animals? I get up and check under my bed. No way they could fit under there. Even without all my junk it couldn't hold all 53 of my animals. I groan and stand up. I bet my sister stole them. I walk over to my window and reach out to close it. I look at the ground so my arm can reach out farther. When I get my hands on my sister I'll...wait...that's my blanket!..And my pillow and everything! How did they get out there? I sigh and rub my eyes. I make my way downstairs, out the backyard, and around the house to get below my window. I hear noises and quickly jump behind the corner.

I peer around the peeling paint and see someone in a cloak and three little pudgy things in what looked like rags. They are definitely too small to be human. And too oddly shaped to be any domesticated animal. Although the act like animals. They heft my stuff over their shoulder and grumble at each other, pointing at the cloaked person. But as they shuffle the stuff, the person's hood falls off his head. I clasp my hand over my mouth so I will not make any noise from breathing in too sharply. The person in the cloak was one of my friends! Well, kind of... He hangs out with us but is always really detached. Very quiet and always has his own opinions. I guess I never knew him very well. Why would he be with those things?

He quickly puts his hood back up and they leave. A dog barks at them from across the street which results in some more grumbling. Then something points at the dog....is that a finger? If it is, it's gross. Then the dog is knocked back and starts to whine. Wait...did that thing just use magic? But there's no such thing. Magic is just guys with cards up their sleeves. Then how did it...?

I watch them turn the corner of my street and then dash after them. I'm not sure how long I follow them but I don't think they don't go too far from my house. Once in a while they stop to pick up other people's stuff. Not always blankets and stuffed animals but rather things that have been personalized, I guess. Like that quilt my friend made with her grandma.

I turn around, remembering the doom that is the Geometry test I have tomorrow. I need sleep. Hopefully all this will be a dream and everything will be back to normal in the morning. When I finally get home I gladly crawl into my bed with a blanket from the closet in the hall. I don't bother getting a pillow... I barely use one anyway.

The song 'Best Days of Your Life' by Kellie Pickler wakes me up nicely, not like when I woke up shivering last night. I sit up, not sure if it was real or not. It certainly felt real. I look around my room and realize that everything is still there! My stuffed animals are back, I'm under my original blanket and I have my pillow. It must have been a dream.
I throw off my blanket and put my feet on the floor. When I stand up I notice that I'm standing on the blanket I took last night. Maybe it wasn't a dream. I push the thought from my mind,"This is ridiculous!" I say out loud. "There is no such thing as magic midget men. It was just a dream."

I try not to think about my 'dream' on my way to school. Instead I focus on studying for that test I am sure I will fail. It's hard to focus on my notes though; I am really tired. I don't even notice when the bus arrives at the school and everyone gets out. The bus driver has to wake me up so I won't be late.

I get to class just in time for my name on roll call.
"Sarah Press?" The teacher says and a "here" is heard in response.
"Alex Rush-Meyer?"
"Here!" I reply.

The teacher says a few more names then starts to hand out tests. I glance around the room, seeing who is and isn't here. My eyes fall upon his empty desk. Why isn't he here? Images from last night flash through my head. I mentally shake myself and start on my test.

After class I catch up with my friend, Tiffany. I can trust her with the dream. Plus, she knows him way better than I do. “Hey Tiff.” I say, hooking my arm through hers.
“Hey!! Oh my gawd how do you think you did on that test?” She pretends to die in my arms.
I laugh, “Terrible as always. I’m so tired!”
“Really?” She supports her own weight again. “But you went to bed so early!”
“I know! But I had a really weird dream!”
“A dream? But why would that make you tired?”
“That’s the point! I’m not entirely sure it was a dream!” I pull her to back of the classroom. It is English and the teacher just gives us the period to do whatever.
“Not sure it was a dream? Okay, this one I have to hear.”

So I tell her. I start at waking up and end leaving for school this morning. She sits down. I don’t blame her. It stays silent for a moment then she says,"He wasn't in class." she scrunched her eyebrows together, trying to make sense of it.
"That's why I said it might not of been a dream!" I say
"Yeah, I see what you mean....I knew he always went out at night but I didn't think he was running around with whatever they were."
"But maybe it was a dream. I mean, there's no such thing as magic midget men right?" I speak fast trying to convince myself it was true.
Tiffany looks up at me, "I don't think so, but it all fits."
Then she smiles,"Maybe it is real? Who are we to say?"
I laugh to myself. "Who knows? Maybe there is such a thing as magic midget men."
We laugh about it for a bit and then go silent again. I can tell she is thinking the same thing I am: If it was real or not, or if he really is who we think he is. But who knows who he is or why he doesn't interact with people. Maybe this whole thing is just my imagination, maybe I'm still dreaming.
I guess it's not my say on what can be real or not.

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