The Game Ends Here

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i walked into a shop not knowing what i was in for..

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Even though the shop had just opened, it looked as if  it had been there for years. The glass in the window was yellowed, the shelves were dusty and the tiny old man behind the counter had a beard like father christmas. He didn't say a word when I walked up to the counter , game in my hand and money in the other.I'd spent most of my money but the game . Aquarium, was only £3.50. It was for an old console my brother had given me when he got a new xbox. I got home , turned on the TV and slotted the game in.The screen went blank , thats weird.I thought i must be broken.I tried to pull it out but it was stuck in the console.I asked my brother for help but he shook his head .

"Better take it back to the shop, they'll be able tot fix it". He said without a care in the world.Xavier had always been like that , ignoring what people close to him say...

The next day i walked back to the shop,  but when i opened the creaky door the shelves were empty and the old shopkeeper was no-where to be seen.My skin felt strange-almost wet-it must the cold.Then suddenly I felt water covering my face. A pink and orange Angel Fish swam right in front of me.It nearly bite me but I swam away.I was moving faster now.Iheard a voice over saying "50 POINTS". This  is beyond weird i thought as i started to panic. I swerved to avoid an octopus , then i swam into a shoal of silver fish jaws snapping.For a moment i felt a burning agonising pain. A voice far away said "GAME OVER". Then everything went black.Thats the last thing I remember...

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