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Finding the few with which one belongs

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



Lilly Johnson was different. She just was. No one knew how, she just caried around her an aura of oddness. Even her parents noticed it. She was an average student, always smiling, but not in a creepy way. People would hear about her and think how positivly unfair this description of her was but then they met her, and they were completely stunded, because they understood, or more, they didn't understand, it was just so odd.

Danny Taylor wasn't normal, but his diffrence was obvious and profound. He was in love with Lilly Johnson. Unfortunately for him, everyone knew it, but Lilly. No one understood how someone could fall in love with a girl like Lilly, but whenever he was asked he simply replied, "And why shouldn't I be" and they would tell him she was odd and he would all ways say, "How so?" and when nobody could tell him, he would go on loving her the same.

Molly Jackson was ateacher, and just as normal as a teacher can be. Lillys parents were awfully consered with their darly daughters oddness so, because they did love her very much, they made sure that she was assigned Mrs. Jacksons homeroom in tenth grade.Now you must know, Mrs. Jackson was a talented woman who was ever so good at teaching, and it seemed that all the children who went through her class were the better for it. Whenever her students were off and gone they would always remember there tenth grade year and write to her saying things like "I'm a senator now" or "I'm a inventor now" or even "I'm a teacher now" but they always ended in "and it's allbecause of you"

Mrs. Jackson treated Lilly like any other child, mainly because, like Danny, she coulden't tell a difference in Lilly. But just being around Mrs. Jackson and her life altering abilities Lilly was changing. So, to her parents joy, whatever Mrs. Jackson was, or wasn't doing, it was working.

Danny Taylor was extremely upset. His lovely Lilly was becoming less less of Lilly. Because of his love for Lilly he had not many people to turn to when it came to good advice, but the one he did have was his mother. He was adopted and his mother had never married so it was just him and his mother who because she was not his real mother, he called Molly.

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