Little Bit Of Hope

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I wrote this short story a couple of years ago and I feel that it still relates to concepts today.

Travis and Hope are newly weds, and like all couples they have little things that make them unique. What some may see as a disability, Hope refers to as a gift; a gift that leads Travis to give the most heart-felt testimony.

Submitted: July 06, 2010

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Submitted: July 06, 2010



Little Bit of Hope

A gentle sea breeze stung my cheeks as Ilifted my closed eyes heavenward. Isighed deeply, inhaling slowly; salty air swirled around me, filling my lungs as rays of sunshine peaked out from beneath dark clouds, their warmth hitting my face. A pair of icy hands wrapped around my waist causing me to tremble in shock.

"Re-living Titanic?"a melodic voice that Iknew so we echoed in my ear, sending shivers up and down my spine.

"If only,"I replied, clasping onto my newlywed husband's icy hands that held me above merciess, raging waters below. I leant back into his cloaked chest, contentedly. He placed his mouth against my forehead kissing it gently. His jaw tightened as he smiled, pressing his cheek against one side of my face.

"Why are you up here so early?"He asked placing one of his icy hands into my coat pocket in attempt to restore it to its normal temperature.

"I wanted to see a spectacular sunrise, as boasted byy our captain,"I responded, rubbing his exposed hand to create heat. His body tensed in surprise at my answer, something that I'd learnt to notice.

"Well he was right, it's quite spectacular,"he replied after his muscles had relaxed.

"Yes, I quite agree,"Istated cheerfully, a smile creeping across my lips. He sighed.

"You know, if I could, I would give you my eyes,"he said softly.

"Whatever for?Idon't want to wake up each morning to possibly find that a pussy pimple has positioned itself on my nose, or to notice that from a previous nap, Ihave acquired a messy patch of bed hair. Idon't want to see how good my dinner looks before I eat it; I'd rather appreciate its taste instead. Sight is something people take for granted; when it's gone, you have to learn to use other senses, such as smell and touch. Senses that make a dull world worth living in,"I breathed, satisfied with my answer. Hot droplets of water rolled down my face and onto my scarf.

"Oh Travis, pease tell me you aren't crying again,"Imused. He pulled his hand out of my coat pocket and wiped his nose.

"Hope, you're amazing. How did Iever end up with someone as special as you?"He queried.

I let our a shrill laugh. "Well, some may call it fate, but I believe in a higher power, so I shall say it was just meant to be."

"A higher power?"He questioned, although knowing what Imeant.

"Yes, there's got to be a higher power. It wasn't fate that Ilost my sight on December 26 after being hit by a drunk driver. Nor was it fate that you happened to be visiting your sick old Grandma Jean who lay in an adjoining room. Of course it wasn't fate. Neither was it coincidence. I would say it was our estiny to meet, and Destiny got fed up with us living separate lives so it took matters into its own hands and joined ours together,"Ibabbled on, though Travis didn't seem to mind. He'd heard this speech a thousand times before yet each timehe listenedas if it was the first. He inhaled sharply, a reply waiting readily on his lips before being cut off by our captain.

"An honourary breakfast is being served as a special welcome for our newlywed couple Mr and Mrs Travis O'Connell!"Captain Jim's excited voice cackled from a cleverly positioned loudspeaker on top deck. I giggled girlishly as Travis guided me through double doors into a room where Ipresumed breakfast was being served.

"Ah!Here they are!Looking as splendid as ever!"Captain Jim's voice boomed as we entered. He sounded like a jolly man, I'd pictured him as a modern day Santa Claus, although Travis told me I was far from right unless Santa was only 5 foot and bald. I chuckled, thinking about his description.

"Such a happy lass, she is,"Captain Jim stated as if I was deaf as well as blind. This irritated me somewhat but I'd learnt to cope.

"Yes, I am happy Captain Jim, and I pride myself on making my husand happy as well,"Iretorted matter-of-factly, trying not to look too smug.

"Oh wel, do enjoy your breakfast,"he replied uncomfortably before turning on his heel and striding away. Travis chuckled lightly before guiding me to a table and ordering us breakfast.

After only a few bites into our breakfast of Eggs Benedict, Captain Jim tapped his glass with a fork causing all chatter to cease.

"Now we shall hear a few words from our newlyweds!"He announced. I sighed half-heartedly and remained sitting. Iheard Travis's chair scraping backwards beside me as he stood.

"Hi everyone.. I would like to thank you for this ovely suprise honourary breakfast; it is a great start to our honeymoon,"he paused.

"A lot of people have asked how we do it. How we manage everything when Hope is 98%bllind in both eyes. I would like to answer this now, to prevent further interrogations as I would call them,"he continued, earning a small chuckle from his once-silenced audience.

"Marriage is a beautiful thing. It defined is: joining two people together to become of one whole being. Hope's and my marriage is no different to any of your marriages here, or your parents or grandparents, although Iwould say it's more special. Marriage doesn't need to sets of eyes to make it perfect. All it needs is two hearts, joined together, a little bit of love, and an extra bit of hope, and for me, hope is not hard to come by, as I married her," he added earning yet another laugh from his audience. Ismiled proudly as he continued.

"Sure every marriage goes through tough times and we'll probably have our share of those as well, but we're stuck with each other for good. Till death do us part, forever and a day, and we'll get by, happy and content and completely in love,"he finished almost poetically.

A stunned silence settled over every passenger. Some silences are awkward and uncomfortable, however, this was one of awe. Awe that someone like me could make another person give such a heart-warming testimony. All because I was his little bit of hope.

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