Simply, Remembering You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
*Completed* We can all remember things that we’ve done each day. But for Moira (More-ah) Concord that isn’t an option. She can’t remember any detail of her days; the only things she can remember are the people in her life and her amazing singing ability. The memory loss all started after her parents died and she had to move in with a foster family. She remembers small details about her foster family by memory, but everything else she remembers is thanks to her diary that she writes in each night.

Wes Hudson is the bad boy in town. He’s known for starting trouble and getting all the girls he could possibly want. He also happens to be Moira’s foster brother. Even though she doesn’t remember the fact that Wes and she dislike each other, it doesn’t stop her from trying to associate with Wes each day.

But what if something magical happens when Wes and Moira happen to begin a unique relationship? It is a relationship that nobody can know about. Nobody. But what if she begins to remember things? And, what if the bad boy player actually gets tamed?

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