Division Of Internet Code Back Up

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About the IT Department...hope you all like it!

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Matt and Joe were working late. The sun went down and the computer lights lit the room. Joe was working on his new conquest. A new college website and Matt working on a company website he had been working on for weeks. The dead line was approaching and the director would not be happy if they finished late.

"How far have you gotten, Joe?" Matt asked, spinning around in his chair and looking over at Joe's computer.

"Not very far at all." Joe said sadly.

"Better finish soon, the director will be angry and might fire you. He needs his money." Matt said as he clicked off his page and shut the computer down.

"You leaving?"

"Well yes, look at the time." He grabbed his coat and work bag as he pushed in his chair. "See you tomorrow." Matt patted Joe's back and headed out the door.

A few hours pasted and Joe stayed up all night working on the website. Adding pictures of the college campus and some of the kids in the classroom. He sighed, it wasn't as perfect as he pictured it in his head.

"How could this happen to me?!" He clicked off the page and shut his computer down too. He grabbed his coat and work bag and headed out of the room.


The computer whirred and groaned. The screen flickered on and off, the lights on the tower went crazy and the plugs sparked. All night the computer was restless. It deleted files and moved folders. Like it had a mind of it's own. But it only lasted until the sun began to rise through the window and the room went quiet again.


"Ahh man! You should have came to the bar last night Joe!" Matt said as they both entered the small work room.

"I couldn't, I was pretty busy last night." Joe shrugged and sat in his chair heavily.

"Oh come off it old chap! You'll finish today." Matt laughed and spun around to face his computer. His finger pressed the power button and his computer buzzed to life. Joe sighed and pressed his power button as well. His computer buzzed to life and the screen blinked at him. The computer typed a few words out on the screen.

Time is running out.

Joe, sat there. Staring wide eyed at the screen and pushed his chair back and looked over at Matt who was transfixed on his screen and looked like was going through the compant bills and sorting them like every morning. Joe looked back at his screen and gulped. What was happening to him? His screen blinked once more then went back to the home screen. Quickly he brought up the page and began working on it.


"Alright, well I got to get home." Matt said as he stood up and streached his arms.

"Already?" Joe said worried.

"Yeah, I am finished with all my work and I really should get home and pay my own bills." Matt smirked and pressed his power button then grabbed his coat and work bag and patted Joe on the back. "Take it easy buddy. See you tomorrow." Matted closed the door softly and Joe was left alone. Sweat popped out of his pores as he typed quickly. But the screen started to blink again and Joe closed his eyes before reading what the computer said.

Time is almost up.

"I just need more time! Like a day or two!" Joe said as the screen went back to normal.



Two mere hours later...

Time's up.


"Has anyone seen Joe today?" Matt called around the office as he walked through the front doors. Everyone answered no and continued on with their work. Sighing, Matt took him self to the coffee maker then was on his way to the office.

"Hey Matt."

"Hey Bobby." He held is coffee cup  as he reached the door. He fumbled a bit but soon pushed it open and let out a scream.


Joe laid on the floor, wires wrapped around his neck and arms. His eyes buldging from the lack of circulation and he lay there...motionless and dead white. The computer screen read;

Time's up.

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