Alter Reality

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Heather White is torn between two realities, one in which she is happy, and the other she is sad. But which one, Oldtown and Newtown, is the real one??

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




Alter Reality


I roll over to my side, to be greeted by his smiling face. “Good morning, babe.” He said, planting a kiss on my cheeks. I pulled him closer, my hand on the back of his neck, and kissed him. I loved him more than anything, more than anyone. “Good morning.” I replied, letting go of his lips. He had a smug grin on his lips, and so did I. I got up, catching a glimpse of the glittering ring on my finger, and smiled. My name is Heather White, soon to be Heather Ford, and I was the happiest woman in the world. He pulled me back, my fiancé, James, and I laughed. “Do you have to get up? I want you to stay here, with me.” I smiled, sighing heavily. “I have to go to work, I’m sorry.” I replied, planting a kiss on his lips. He groaned with pleasure, running his finger down the small of my back, and I giggled. I got up, running my fingers through my unruly brown hair, and made my way towards the bathroom.

Beads of hot water cleansed and cooled every inch of my body, and I felt every bit of tension disappear. When I got out, the warm white towel felt comfortable against my body. I reluctantly trailed to the bedroom, and dressed in a black blouse, tight skirt and heels. “How do I look?” I asked James, posing in the mirror. His tired blue eyes suddenly widened at the sight of me, his mouth opening. “I guess I look okay?” I asked him, raising an eyebrow at him. He laughed, his nostrils flaring. “You look perfect.” He said, kissing me on the lips. I looked at the time. Oh no. “I-I’m late.” I sighed, rushing quickly out. The door slammed behind me, the street in silence. I lived on 26 Dewberry Drive, Newtown, in James’ house. I looked at the sleek black car on the drive, getting quickly into the front seat. It was 9am, and the roads were deserted. I bit my lip, I couldn’t be late. I jammed my foot on the accelerator, and sped down the road. Rosenberg Business was a huge, modern building in the town centre, and I was lucky enough to work there.

When I emerged at the door, everybody’s heads raised from their desks. “Good to see you, Heather.” My boss, Mike Tarquinii, said sleepily. He looked down at his watch. “It’s not like you to be late,” he joked. “Everything alright?” I retreated to my desk, a steamy cappuccino sat peacefully beside my computer. “Yes,” I said, sitting at my desk. “Everything’s fine.” I bit my lip, I had told anyone at work about my engagement plans. I quickly placed my engagement ring in my black leather clutch, and began my work. Mike always showed concern for his employees, especially me. He came towards my desk, making eye contact with me. His green eyes were tired, but there was a pleasant glow in them. “Once your shifts over,” he began, biting his lip slightly. He placed his hands on my desk, looking straight at me. “Would you like to get some lunch? I mean…strictly work purposes.” He asked. I looked at him, uneasily. I didn’t appreciate being hit on by my boss. I looked at him uneasily. “I have plans, I’m sorry.” I said. He looked unhappy, he didn’t want to get let down. He bowed his head sadly, and trailed away. I looked down at my ring, and smiled. He was my true love, the one I was going to be with forever.


The news reports blazed loudly on the television screen, I was suddenly eager to watch it. A serious reporter flashed up on the screen, a police investigation scene in the background. “Police are investigating the murder of James Ford. Police report that he got in the car with a stranger, and they both took their lives over Olton Bridge.” I looked at the television, unable to believe it. James was not dead, he was not!!! Tears came straight down my cheeks, and I fell to the ground. I didn’t want to believe it. I turned the television quickly off, throwing the remote furiously to the floor. I was so happy, so content with him. But now, he was dead. My one true love. Died in  a car crash with a stranger.

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