Fake- Cassidy's Story

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Cassidy's life has always been planned out by her strict mother since she moved, but one thing she didn't plan was falling in love with Alex Layton- The town's bad boy.
Will their romance last? Or is it fake?

Submitted: May 03, 2012

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Submitted: May 03, 2012





You don't need to be fake, you just need to be real. You don't need anyone, to decide how you feel....x

I looked around the crowded ballroom, captivated by my surroundings. I had never been in such a beautiful place. There were elegant flowers in the grounds, and arched entrance. “Right everyone,” my Mother’s elegant, and annoying, voice called at the front of the ballroom. She clinked her glass loudly, and it echoed through the room. “Shall we eat?” We all sat down on the chairs, and ate our meals. I hated being here, in New Harlington, with my Mother. It was rich city, and my Mother was the mayor. “Good morning, Rose.” Somebody said from the back. “Oh, Alex” My Mother said with a scowl. “Please take a seat.” The boy, who I had seen around school sat beside me. He had mousy hair that was untidy, brown eyes and he was wearing a smart suit. I watched him lean casually back on his chair, and I grumbled. He didn’t say a word, but I knew he wanted to. He was gorgeous, I realised. Everyone around the table began asking questions about being the Mayor’s daughter, I hated being known for being her daughter, instead of being known as just Cassidy. The dinner passed quickly, and before I knew it, I was at home. The huge white building was even more beautiful as the purple night dawned on it, casting a shadow over it. I looked in the mirror in my bedroom. My golden hair, now styled and curled, tumbled down to my shoulders. My blue eyes twinkled in the mirror, astonished and surprised. The pink dress I was wearing was comfortable, but I just wanted it off, and I never wanted to see it again. I quickly undressed, hanging it up in my wardrobe. I felt more comfortable in my pyjamas, in my cosy bed. My eyes closed quickly and I slept..

My Mother woke me up, pacing around the house in her high black heels. I grumbled, I most definitely wasn’t a morning person. New Harlington Academy had a strict policy: be early, wear the uniform and always attend. My Mother got me a scholarship when I arrived here, another thing that I hadn’t planned on getting involved in. When the car stopped at the Academy, I thanked the driver and made my way out. The Academy was huge, and I squeezed my way past all of the students to make my way into my locker. My Mother had planned everything, what lessons I had to where I sat at lunch. Everybody greeted me. Word had already gotten around that I was the mayor’s daughter, and I had already made my way into the New Harlington Elites. “Hey, Cassidy!” Chance Thornton, one of the elites, called from down the corridor. I rushed over to see her beaming face. Chance was a beautiful girl, with smoky brown eyes and violent red hair, and there wasn’t an eye that wasn’t on her as we continued to walk up the crowded corridor. We met up with Georgie on the other end of the corridor, and made our way towards our first period English classroom. When we entered, everyone looked. I had to admit, we were all beautiful and we were the most popular girls here. I settled down into my desk and looked at the board, scribbling down information in my book. Psst. Psst. I could hear someone behind me, whispering. I swivelled around on my chair to see Alex, the mysterious boy at the dinner. “How are you? We didn’t have a chance to speak at dinner.” He said, in a whisper. Just hearing Alex’s mysterious, soft voice sent a chill down my body- a pleasant chill. I was about to speak, but my words were cut off by Ms Harrick’s’ annoying bark. “Turn around you two, what I have to say is very important!” When she spoke, I was hit by her disgusting spit, and Alex and I instantly burst out laughing. Ms Harrick’s stood up, her big, broad figure making its way towards our desks. She bent over, her fat seeping out of her blouse and said “Detention.” She shot a look at Alex and said, her fat finger dangling in his face. “This is your last chance, Alex. Next time…” she paused briefly to stare straight at him. “Next time, you’re out.” She said this sternly, and everybody watched her big lips part into an oval as she did so.

When I finally made my way out of the classroom, I caught up with them. “I can’t believe you know Alex Layton.” Georgie said, her grey eyes widening. I raised an eyebrow at her, confused. “What’s wrong with that?” I asked. I grabbed my books hastily out of my locker and we continued out of the corridor. “He’s not supposed to be in town, he was told to leave a long time ago.” Chance continued. I sighed pleasantly, he was mysterious. The day swiftly swept away, and before I knew it, I was in detention. With Alex Layton.

Ms Harrick’s’ pen squeaked its way up and down the board, until she finally formed the words “DETENTION” in big bold lettering. I watched her bound along the classroom, until she finally made her way out of the door. Alex sat beside me, his feet on the desk casually. “So, now,” he said, leaning close. “We can talk, without any interruptions.” His voice was soft and it rippled through my ears like beautiful music. We talked until our detention ended. And I felt like I never wanted to leave him. When we parted, I watched him slip a note in my pocket, and I smiled. The cold, calm breeze swept past me quickly as I walked and I sighed. My Mother was going to kill me! Suddenly, I hastily ran home, taking a shortcut through the park, and slammed the front door behind me. There was no reply, just the soft sound of classical music swimming its way toward my ears. I trailed towards the kitchen, catching a note on the fridge. Cassidy, I have a meeting, foods in the fridge, numbers on the fridge too, love you. I rolled my eyes at the note, typical Mum. And then I looked through the window, a strange figure hiding in my garden. I tapped loudly on the window, hoping to get their attention. And then I froze. It was Alex, now perched in my childhood tree house.  A huge grumble formed in my throat, and I rushed out. “What are you doing here and how did you get in?” I said, sternly. He leant casually back on the blue beanbag chair, taking a sip of Coke (taken from my mini-fridge) and said “It doesn’t matter, I came to see you.” My whole body, my cheeks mainly, turned a ghastly pink colour when he said that. My throat felt dry and I couldn’t form words as he took my hand. I looked down at my hand, then back at him, and then- he kissed me. I kissed him back, fully on the lips, until I heard the door swing open. Oh God, oh God. I ran my fingers through my hair; I did this often when I was overcome with nerves. Alex placed his hand down my cheek, calming my nerves. “Don’t worry. I’ll just hide here.” he whispered as I jumped down the tree house. “She’ll never know,” he said, giving me a cheeky wink.

“Are you alright, you look slightly pink?” I blinked at my Mother; she rarely showed concern for me. I nodded hastily, still looking out at the tree house. “How did your meeting go?” I asked. I watched my Mother making her coffee, and I watched her put it on the table, taking occasional sips as she began to talk “It went fine, darling.” She said. My Mother was very etiquette, she barely spoke informal towards…anyone. I sighed heavily. When she stood up, I saw her expression. She looked straight at the spot where Alex was, and I gulped down my dignity. I heard her make her way to the door, one high heel at a time. When she looked back up the tree house, I sighed with relief. He was gone. “I swear-“ My Mother kept saying. “I swear I saw Alex Layton in-“ I looked at her, laughing hysterically (and awkwardly) she clutched her head and said “I need my aspirin.” She made her way to her bedroom, leaving the house solitude. I looked at the crumpled note in my pocket, it was his number.

I bit my lip, dialling his number in my phone quickly. “Where did you go?” I asked. No reply. “My Mother, she nearly saw you!” I gasped. I heard his laugh, that amazing laugh that was sweet in my ears. “Don’t worry,” he said in a whisper that sent a pleasant chill down my spine. “Listen,” I said. I bit my lip again, “Can we have dinner on Saturday? Just us, no interruptions.” I suggested. He laughed again and then said “Yes. I’d love to.” I ended the call, and a shower of happiness came over me. The days swept away from me, in an easy haze. Soon, it was Saturday and I was getting ready. There was a knock at the door. “Come in.” I grumbled. It was my Mother. “You look beautiful, honey.” She said. I smiled at her. “Be at dinner for 6, alright?” she said. I gasped. She raised an eyebrow at me, in disbelief. I looked over at my calendar, today’s date was marked with BIG DINNER. I buried my head in my hands, when she walked away. I looked out of my window, to see a huge black car in our driveway. I ran quickly down the stairs, out the door and out of my Mother’s sight

We were on Mason Beach, walking hand in hand when he asked me “Will you be my girlfriend?” and even I was surprised by the awful high-pitched squeak that came from my throat. I clasped my hands together excitedly, and he whirled me around in his arms. And then, I kissed him. Soon, we were playing in the sea, the cold waves tickling the back of my feet. And then we were just watching, watching the world. I looked back at our footprints in the sand, and I sighed happily. “What’s it like being rich?” Alex asked, strangely. I bit my lip, cringing at the question. I wasn’t rich, I was living off my Mother’s money... And it hurt that I couldn’t tell him the truth. I lived with my Father, usually, but my Mother said she was the better parent, and this was a better life. “I hate having my life placed in front of me, since I moved here, my Mother’s decided everything..” I sighed, feeling weightless. He looked at me, his eyes full of sadness. He had a secret, a big secret, I knew. Suddenly the empty beach felt crowded and I felt as though somebody was watching us..Someone I thought I could trust.

“Nice weekend, Cassie?” My Mother asked. Her arms were folded, and on her lips was a scowl. Alex was behind her, and we were by the town gates. I began crying uncontrollably. “You missed my dinner, and that was the most important dinner I’ve had.” She moved her gaze towards Alex, pointing a finger viciously into his chest “It’s your last chance, gone. Pack your bags and get out.” And then I felt my heart breaking. After that, my world crumbled beneath me. I wasn’t rich, I wasn’t in a relationship. My friends hated me, my Mother hated me. I was branded ‘Fake’ and I just wanted to be in his arms. That’s why, I decided I’d run away, I wasn’t sure where but I knew it’d be somewhere. We’d run away together

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