I love you, no not you

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Devon is in love with Alex Green, but she is dating his twin brother, Tyler Green. Falling in love with the wrong twin, they are identical, it's an easy mistake to make. But when Tyler gets into an accident, Devon finds she needs Alex more than ever.

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



Author's Note

Hi guys!! Just thought I'd do a romantic drama type book. Okaii, so yeah. I hope you guys like it. Enjoy, and leave comments in the box if you want to...x


I love you, no not you

The first time I saw Alex Green, I knew I loved him. It was his blue eyes, his smile, his face. It was the way he looked so carefree and casual, like nothing bothered him at all. Everything felt out of focus when he was around, everything felt right. The only problem was, I was dating his brother, Tyler. Tyler was Alex’s twin, his identical twin. Falling in love with him was a mistake, a mistake I shouldn’t have made…

My thoughts were broken down when I saw his face. His face was bright and cheerful, as usual, and he came straight towards me. His hands gripped my waist, whirling me around. “Put me down, Tyler.” I begged, laughing hard. He put me down, and kissed me lightly. “Good morning, Angel.” I hated when he called me that. I let my eyes wander from Tyler and look towards Alex. He looked so cool today, with half the girls of G Nation High on his arms. He was wearing his typical cool guy outfit: a pair of tight fit black jeans,  a leather jacket, a Guns & Roses t-shirt and battered black converse. I watched timidly from the side as he dismissed the unworthy girls, and looked on at Leanne Reason. Leanne was everything I hated, she was a cheerleader, her ‘Daddy’ owned one of the biggest firms in the countries, and she owned Alex’s heart. I’m surprised she hasn’t ripped it out and put it on a keychain, just so she could flaunt it. “You’re tense.” Tyler sighed, rubbing his hands on my shoulders. I smiled, weakly, my gaze remaining on Alex. Tyler leaned in closer, his hands now in mine, and kissed me on the lips. It was a great kiss, I had to admit, but it was the wrong person that was kissing me. I pulled away to watch Tyler and Leanne make their way down the corridor, their gaze not leaving each other. “You wanna stop staring at my brother?” Tyler asked. I raised an eyebrow, digging into him playfully. “I wasn’t staring at him,” I reassured, my voice coming out in an awful choke. “I was staring at his twin brother.” I rested my head on his shoulder, trying to reassure him. He smiled. Suddenly, the crowds scattered at the eerie sound of the school bell. I parted from Tyler and made my way into class.

Just as suspected, Leanne was sat with Alex. She was babbling on about how she was going to spend the weekend on her Daddy’s new yacht, I rolled my eyes and made my way to my desk. McKenzie Porter, my best friend in the whole world, slumped down into the desk beside me. She looked so awake today, unlike the eighteen tired faces around us. She noticed my gaze wandering from the window to Alex. “Are you looking where I think you’re looking? Come on, Devon. You’re with Tyler, remember?” McKenzie said, raising a dark eyebrow at me. I turned back around to face her, stretching my arms out on the desk. “I don’t know, McKenzie.” I said, weakly. “I just don’t think- I don’t think I love him anymore.” McKenzie’s jaw dropped slightly when I spoke, but she burst out laughing. She didn’t believe me, my best friend of sixteen years didn’t believe me. Our conversation was cut short when Mr Johnson strolled in, he was never on time. Everyone ignored him, focusing on their friends. It was 8:30 in the morning, did he expect us to be interested in a lecture this early in the morning? He just ignored us all, sitting down on his chair and focusing his attention on the ancient computer in front of him. “So when are you going to tell Tyler?” McKenzie asked me. My mind was wandering again, I couldn’t focus with Alex around. McKenzie dug a sharp nail into my arm, and I turned around, alarmed. “Ouch!” I proclaimed. McKenzie laughed, her red lips parting widely. “So?” she repeated. “When are you going to tell Tyler?” Just as I opened my mouth, his blue eyes met mine. Alex was listening to everything, I turned away sharply. “I have nothing to tell him.” I lied, standing quickly up. As if to my advantage, the bell cut off the awkwardness. I quickly slipped out of the classroom, McKenzie falling behind

Tyler was waiting for me at my locker and I smiled as I approached. “How was first period?” He asked, planting a kiss on my cheek. “It was- it was okay.” I fumbled through my locker, turning my back on Tyler for a minute. His hands gripped around my waist suddenly, and I came hurtling towards him. He spun me around three or four times before he put me down, and I felt uneasy. “So,” he said, my books in his arms. “I think we’d better celebrate.” He finished. I raised an eyebrow “Celebrate?” I squeaked. “It’s our two year anniversary, remember?” he whispered in my ear. I shivered slightly when he spoke. I didn’t think about that, I had no idea it had been two years since we met. “I was thinking that we should go to The Olive Garden. It’s really fancy and private.” He sung menacingly. I looked at him. “You-You don’t have to-“ I said. He smiled kissing me on the lips. “You know you deserve the best.” Tyler said. He kissed me on the cheek, and then to the lips. It was a sweet kiss, a kiss that sent a shiver down my spine. When we broke off, he looked at me. “I’ve got to get to gym quickly. Mr Hargreaves does not like it when you’re late.” He said, quickly making his way to gym. The second bell rung, and I made my way to class.

I hated second period. Or any period I had to see Leanne. I hated looking at her bleach blonde hair, her perfect complexion. She was head of every school activity, teacher’s pet, and little ms perfect. I hid my scowl through gritted teeth and made my way to my desk. The rest of the day passed like a blur, and before I knew it, I was out of school. Tyler was already at his house, McKenzie had drama club, I was all alone. I appreciated the silence, once in a while. It gave me time to think to myself, without anyone passing through my thoughts. My thoughts were on Alex again, he had noticed I was talking about Tyler in first period. He probably hated me, I hated myself, too. I turned a few corners, walked a few blocks, before my house came into view. My house lived on 54 Pleasant Rest Drive and it was quiet today. I brushed the damp autumn leaves off my coat, and made my way onto the porch. I fumbled around for my key, turning it twice in the door and letting myself in. The house was silent, apart from the flow of soft music through the house. I made my way upstairs. I looked at my wardrobe. I fumbled through it until I found my peach dress, throwing it onto my bed. I made my way to the bathroom, the hot water and lavender bubble bath filling the air. The water hit my body, and I felt at ease. Everything that happened during the day was forgotten about. I stepped out of the bath, the floor suddenly drenched with soapy foam. My wet footprints trailed along the hallway, and stopped at my bedroom. I felt the carpet in between my toes, my feet sinking into it. I dressed quickly, slipping on some white shoes. I looked into the tall mirror, and took a look at my face. My eyes twinkled in the light and my soft brunette hair fell carefully around my shoulders. I glanced at it again, flashing a smile, and turned quickly away. I looked out of my bay window, Tyler coming into view. I made my way downstairs, and threw open the front door. “Tyler’s in hospital.” He said. I blinked, looking up.

I blinked back tears, not focusing on Alex’s face. He was crying, too. “What?” I demanded. “How-How did it happen?” Alex came through the door. He sunk straight down into the wall, his converse digging into the paintwork. “He got into a car crash.” Alex’s voice was flat and dry. “Is he- is he alright?” I choked, tears spiking in my throat. Alex let his shoulders rise and fall “They don’t know. He fell into a coma, an hour ago.” Alex explained. Without thinking, I fell straight into Alex’s arms. He didn’t resist, didn’t pull away from me, in fact he gripped tightly. My tears hit fell into his t-shirt, soaking straight through. We got in his car, not a word was spoken, and arrived at the hospital.

I couldn’t look at Tyler, I didn’t want to see him like that. I focused on Alex. His hands were in his hair, and he wasn’t looking at Tyler, either. More people began arriving, and Tyler’s condition kept getting worse and worse. The doctor looked worriedly at us. “I don’t think he’s going to make it.” he breathed. Mr and Mrs Green began to cry, and I felt my heart slowly breaking.

Alex looked at me through the mirror, smiling slightly at me. “I’m…really sorry.” I breathed. He smiled again slightly. “It’s not your fault he died. It was the person who hit his car that’ll pay.” He gritted his teeth, suddenly accelerating quickly. “Alex! Don’t.” I shrieked. He stopped. “I’m sorry, I just get carried away.” We stopped at my house, which was still empty. I slipped out of the car, and made my way into the house. I glanced at Alex. “Goodnight.” I whispered, closing the door behind me.

A week passed and his funeral came. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, as expected. I slipped on a black blouse, black jeans and shoes and made my way outside. Alex picked me up, looking upset again. We drove to his house, where all of his family and friends waited. The service was sad, Alex delivered a speech along with his parents. When we all returned to Alex’s house, I slipped through the crowd to catch up with Mackenzie. “So, did you tell him?” She asked. My smile slipped. How could she be so inconsiderate? “Mackenzie,” I said, calmly. “Of course I didn’t tell him! He’s dead. Why would you be so disgusting?” I asked her. She shrugged. I pushed past her, tears coming quickly down my cheeks. Leanne was nowhere to be seen, Alex was alone. “Hey,” I said, softly. He looked up, a hint of a smile on his face. “Hey.” He said, timidly. “I thought your speech was beautiful, you cared for your brother so much.” I said, resting a hand on his shoulder. “He cared for you, too.” He said, laughing slightly. I laughed, too. “He always told me,” Alex began. “If anything were to happen to him that I would be responsible for you.” He smirked slightly. Without any thought, I took my hands, looked into his blue eyes and kissed him on the lips. He didn’t pull away, in fact he held me tightly. His hands slipped down my waist, his gaze on mine. “I’m sorry.” I said, in between breaths. I jumped up, grabbed my things, and made my way out.

Tears made their way down my cheeks. How could I do such a thing? My boyfriend died last night, and I kissed his brother. I couldn’t live with myself. I couldn’t look at his pictures, without thinking of Alex. I laid awake for at least two nights, thinking about the kiss. There was something there, I felt it. And I knew Alex felt it, too. I let my eyes close and I dreamt of him.

My eyes finally opened to another Monday morning, a new start. I freshened up, got dressed and made my way out of the door. I made my way into school, pushing through the crowds. My heart sunk when I realised Tyler wouldn’t be waiting at my locker. I blinked, though, because Alex was there. “Where’s Leanne?” I asked him. He shrugged. “I dumped her. She didn’t pay her respects to my brother.” He said. I smiled slightly. He hugged me tightly and I took in his musky aftershave. “Mm.” I sighed. His hand felt into mine. I rested my head on his shoulder as we made our way into class. Leanne looked at us, raising a bleach blonde eyebrow at me. To her right, and to my utter astonishment, stood McKenzie. She was my best friend, why was she doing this to me? “That’s low, Devon. Cheating on a dead guy.” McKenzie said. I raised an eyebrow. “At least I really cared about him.” I shot back. McKenzie folded her arms. “Did you really care about him?” she asked. She stepped forward. “Or were you only trying to get to his brother?” I shook my head, though everything she said was true. I had used him, and I felt awful. Alex took my hand, dragging me to the back of the classroom. “Don’t worry.” He whispered. I forced a weak smile, though I felt so uneasy.

The day passed quickly again, and I was out like a shot. McKenzie had been so aggressive today and I felt weak compared to her. I stopped walking for a minute, I felt as though somebody was following me. I turned around, and her hand hit my face quickly. Leanne’s smile widened, and she resembled a Cheshire cat. She laughed wickedly as I fell to the ground. “That’s what you get for making Alex break up with me.” she said. I stood up, rather uneasily, and tried to fight back. “Hey!” Somebody screamed from behind. It was Alex. I smiled. He looked angry. He swung for Leanne and hit her hard, left her cowering on the floor. “Quick, before she gets up!” He ordered. I grabbed his hand, and we ran. We reached my house, breathless. His hands trailed down my waist, and his lips were on mine. It felt perfect. He moved my blood soaked hair from my face and kissed my forehead.

I opened the door to my house, and we ran to my bedroom. The door slammed shut, we were all alone. I looked at him, he was sat on my bed. I shot him a glance, and then sat beside him. He looked at me. His chest rose and fell precisely with mine, our breathing in line with each other. “What if Leanne hurts you?” I asked him. “Then I’ll have you to look out for me, you’re pretty tough.” He said. I smiled at him. “I just- I just don’t want anything to happen to you-“ I said. He looked at me. “Nothing’s going to happen.” He said. Just as he leaned in to kiss me, his phone beeped. “Oh no.” he said. I looked at him, slowly getting up. “What is it?” I asked him, trying to read over his shoulder. Watch out, it read. I gasped. “Who sent it?” he shrugged. “Leanne sent it, didn’t she?” I asked him. “Yes.” I kissed him on the lips, just in case it was our last kiss….

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