Out Of The Blue- Chapter 1 & 2

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Maya Sanchez hates water, and never wants to set foot in it. That is until she is captivated by a beautiful merman. When her life is saved, she falls in love with the man who saved her, completely out of the blue..

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012




Out Of The Blue

It was a clear day, and the whole beach was crowded. I stared out through sunglasses at the beautiful clear blue sea, and I flinched. I hated the Sea, just the fear of drowning. My Mom and Linds were in the sea, waving encouragingly at me. I shrugged at them, shoving my earphone back in my ear and pressing play. And then something happened..Something that intrigued me. A beautiful guy with golden hair that tumbled to his shoulders emerged in the water. Suddenly, as if I had no control, I stood up and headed for the water. Linds and Mom were practically screaming at me as I made my way past the hard stones and sand. I shuddered as I was now knee deep in ice cold water, and I felt as though I couldn’t get out. I watched from afar as the guy made his way further into the water, tempting me further. There was something strange when I looked down: this guy had a tail. I blinked away my fantasies, probably hallucinating from the amount of Sun. I was still in the Sea, going deeper and deeper each time. Soon the cloudless sky was shaken by the rough grey clouds that were scattered around the sky, and everybody retreated to their sun beds. I carried on through the sea, unable to get out until I found him. I looked back at the beach, and then I panicked..

I had swam out too far, now I was being dragged under. It felt like somebody had their hands on my ankles, dragging me gradually down under the sea. My greatest fear was now a reality, and I watched my life slowly be drained from me. And then, came my glimmer of hope, a hand was in mine. Slowly dragging my limp body upwards until I felt the sun. I felt myself being dragged away from the water, and I was on the sand. The next thing I knew, I was looking through teary eyes at the mermaid boy. “Am I- Am I really here?” I asked, unable to believe he was standing above me. He laughed, his nostrils flaring slightly. Now, this guy had no tail and had a surfboard perched under his arm. “How did you save me?” I asked. He looked down, “I used to be a lifeguard,” he began. I swooned at his deep voice as he droned “I just used what I learnt in training.” I felt so grateful, and I just wanted to- I just wanted to kiss him. I knew it was stupid, considering I had no idea who he was, but I was in love. I stood up, uneasily, and thanked him. “My name is Maya, Maya Sanchez by the way.” I said, putting my hand out to shake. He looked at my hand, “Kyle, Kyle Montgomery.” I smiled, making my way back. “It’s my high school seniors dance tonight,” I announced. He came towards me, and I said “Would you- would you like to come? It’s the least I can do since you saved my life.” I opened my mouth slightly, waiting for him to say yes. “I’m busy..” I couldn’t help it, but my jaw dropped.

I looked and he had already made it half way up the beach, and was headed for the dock. I followed, the wood splintering through my sandals. “You could have at least said no!!” I shouted. I watched him turn my way, and then he dived straight into the water. It wasn’t worth chasing him, because I knew that he’d just say no to my every request




Chapter Two

The party was in full swing, the loud music filled the air and played in time with my heart beat. Everyone was asking me questions about what had happened this morning, but I just ignored them. I didn’t want to think about Kyle, because it only broke off a piece of my heart. The black sea sparkled with silver as the moonlight glistened over it. I looked out at Sea, just in case Kyle was lurking around. Suddenly, I was being led in again. His beautiful scaly tail was golden and it flipped gracefully around the water. I was surprised no one had noticed him, but most of them were passed out in the sand. My feet came first, quickly dashing in the water following the tail. Once again, I flinched at its harsh nip. The water circled around me, in some kind of whirl pool, and I was being sucked inside. I kicked and screamed and tried to get out, only to be pulled hastily back down into the deep blue-

“Are you serious?” His voice, so harsh and horrible, shouted. I looked up at him. “I saw your tail. And- something was pulling me in.” His jaw dropped, and he looked at me. “You didn’t see anything!” he snapped, his face red with anger. I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn’t. “I promise,” I began. “I won’t tell anyone. Nobody will know.” I blinked at him, barely able to believe I was seeing him as a human, and not a beautiful merman. “Why do you even save my life?” I asked, my mind pondering on the question. He raised an eyebrow at me, taking both of my hands. His eyes, as blue as the ocean, were focused on mine. “Your life, and other people’s, is important to me. I don’t- I don’t think anyone deserves to die.” I smiled at him, truly grateful. We were walking through the dock, our hands joined. “And why didn’t you accept my offer?” I asked him. He looked up, laughing slightly. “I didn’t want to come because I knew if I left I’d disappoint you.” I smiled at him, and my lips came towards him. His lips tasted like salt, but were as soft as velvet. He didn’t pull away, in fact he continued the kiss. It was a kiss filled with sweetness, love and passion. A kiss I was reluctant to let go of.

I woke up on the beach, alone. I looked at the empty space in the sand, his shape moulded into the hot sand. I looked down at it, and sighed heavily. I got up, shaking the sand from my clothes, and made my way back up the beach. My house was only a few miles away from the beach, and I enjoyed walking back. The wind from the sea ruffled my hair, and I laughed. When I emerged inside the house, my Mom came towards me. She wrapped her arms around me tightly. “Are you alright?” she asked, kissing me all over. “Yes.” I said, confused. “I heard you almost drowned again at the party?” She said, moving towards the coffee table. I nodded. “Kyle Montgomery saved my life.” I announced. My Mother looked up from the morning paper, and raised an eyebrow. “I think we should invite this boy out to dinner with us, we need to tell him how grateful we are for what he did.” I smiled. Linds looked up at me, her baby blue eyes twinkling in the light. “Maya, are you in love with him?” she asked. I ruffled my sisters hair, and kissed her forehead. “I guess you could say that.” I said.

I walked to the beach again, only to find that Kyle was not in the water. He was standing at the dock. I rushed towards him, wrapping my arms around him. “My Mom asked if you would like to join us for dinner tonight?” I asked him, as he kissed me on the cheek. “That would be great, but I have to be back before sunrise-“ he said. I shuddered at the thought of what would happen if he didn’t return to water, but I was happy he agreed to the invite.

I looked at the mirror, glancing straight at my reflection. I had chosen a deep blue dress, and sparkly shoes. I looked at my dress, the bottom looked almost like a tail. I wondered what it was like, to have a tail. 

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