Princess- Be Back Before Midnight

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Ally Ferro has been called ‘Princess’ all her life, which is a reasonable nickname considering she lives in a tall building, has kissed her fair share of frogs, and can’t stay out past midnight. Her Prince is far from ‘charming’, her glass slippers are black Converse and her carriage is a convertible…

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012





Ally Ferro has been called ‘Princess’ all her life, which is a reasonable nickname considering she lives in a tall building, has kissed her fair share of frogs, and can’t stay out past midnight. Her Prince is far from ‘charming’, her glass slippers are black Converse and her carriage is a convertible…

Chapter One

Ally looked down at her little sister, Avery, and smiled. Kissing her forehead lightly, Ally tiptoed out of her sister’s bedroom, carefully switching the light off. “Read me a story.” She heard, watching Avery’s eyes open quickly. She came back in, defeated once again by her five year old sister. “Come on,” she whispered, tucking a fidgeting Avery back into bed. “It’s late. Go to sleep, please.” Ally looked at her sister, her little red lips forming a pout. Ally laughed slightly, sometimes; Avery could be a real diva. Ally sighed, looking over at her sister’s story collection. Ally rolled her green eyes, all her stories were princess stories. She looks over at Avery, who’s bouncing up and down in her bed. “Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!” she demands loudly. Ally reaches over for Cinderella and begins reading:

Once Upon A Time,

There lived a young girl called Cinderella. She had two step sisters , and an evil demon step sister. She was always doing their chores, and was never allowed to go out anywhere. So, when the family were invited to the ball, she wept. “Oh,” she said. “I wish I could go to the ball.” And suddenly, a beautiful fairy appeared before her. Cinderella blinked back tears, happy tears. With a wave of her wand, the fairy transported Cindy to the ball. She danced and danced with the handsome prince, until the clock struck midnight-

Ally snapped the book shut, despite Avery’s discontent. She looked over at the pink fairy clock on the wall of Avery’s room. “I’m sorry,” she said, pecking Avery on the cheek and ruffling her blonde hair. “It’s late. You’d better get to sleep.” She backed out of the door, finally flickering the light off, Avery finally asleep. As she retreated to her bedroom, a man peeked through the door. “Hey Dad, I was just going to bed-“ she mumbled. Ally’s Dad was just like her, a brunette with green eyes. He smiled, his face wrinkling with tiredness. He ran his fingers through his hair, which was going slightly grey. “Goodnight, Princess.” She smiled, rolling her eyes slightly. When she finally fell asleep, she sighed.

The morning came quickly and Ally woke with a start. Restraining a bouncy Avery, she prepared breakfast for both of them. She looked at her sister’s excited face. Ally looked at her watch quickly. She groaned, she could not be late. Quickly, she dressed and washed. She prepared her bag, got Avery ready and made her way outside.  The Glacier Penthouse, the block of apartments she lived in, looked a lot bigger outside. Hastily, Ally located her small black convertible on the driveway. Helping Avery inside, she made her way to Hill Bank Academy. When they arrived, the convertible was showered with people. “Did you hear?” someone was saying to them. “Max Rivers is having a party. And everyone’s invited!” Ally felt her palms sweat and her face go pink. Her sister shot her a menacing gaze, almost laughing straight in her face. “It’s nothing, I swear.” Ally insisted, pushing through the crowds to finally get inside. It had only been a few weeks, but somehow the school looked different. More people had emerged, Ally guessed. Ally dropped Avery off at her class, politely apologising about her lateness. She hurried along to her Base, she didn’t want to be late for roll call. She weaved through the crowds, making her way up the staircase. The Base, the upper school rooms, was occupied and loud. Everyone was chatting and gossiping at their lockers, Ally sighed. Depositing her things inside her locker, she slammed it shut. When she looked back, she saw Max Rivers. He was leaning casually against the rusty lockers. His gaze at her was carefree and he looked as cool as anyone wearing a black leather jacket and jeans could. He was the most popular boy at HBA, and he’s dated almost every girl. He looked straight at her through his black sunglasses. “I was hoping you could come to my party, tonight.” Ally flinched slightly when his hand touched hers, placing a smooth black envelope in her hand. She bit her lip, unable to say anything as he walked away…

The morning past quickly and Ally clutched the envelope to her chest. It was the first party invitation she had received in a while, especially from a boy she liked. When she saw him in class, she was mesmerised. He was beautiful, his messy brown hair and blue eyes made her swoon. She couldn’t wait to see him, tonight-

“Be back by midnight.” Ally rolled her eyes at him, his rules and regulations were really annoying. She nodded. He waved a finger at her, menacingly. “Or I’ll turn your car into a pumpkin.” He joked, Ally laughed at him. When she finally dressed, she looked straight into the mirror. Her eyes were bright, her hair was sparkling. Her pink dress flowed perfectly, glittering slightly. It  was long, long enough to disguise the black converse she was wearing. “Wow.” Avery said, hugging her tightly. “You look like a Princess.” Ally laughed, tapping her sister’s nose playfully. When her Father saw her, his eyes were blurred with tears. “Have fun, Princess. And be back before midnight.” He warned, as she made her way out of the door.

Max’s house was the loudest on the somewhat quiet road. Ally could see her classmates, most passed out on the floor. Everybody in The Base had attended, it looked like. When Max appeared, Ally caught her breath. Even in a simple black suit, he looked amazing. His hair was tidy and perfect, and Ally just wanted to jump straight into his arms. The whole house was filled with music, and everyone was dancing. All the girls formed a queue beside Max, hoping they’d get one dance with him. None of them were hopeful, except Ally. He dragged her through the crowd, and said “You want to dance? You’re the only person who’s not all over me.” Ally laughed, nodding at him. They danced together, tension running through Ally’s body as they brushed up against each other. Ally looked around, most guests eyes barely open. She felt happy and warm in his embrace, and she never wanted to leave. “Thank you for this.” Ally whispered. Max lifted his head “The dance?” Ally nodded. “It’s nothing.” Ally laughed. Once the song stopped Max dragged her upstairs, without content. Ally bit her lip, she had never been to a boy’s bedroom before, and she knew what he wanted. He was on the bed, his eyes rested on hers. He looked playfully at her, and she smiled. He threw his shirt aside, showcasing his muscles, and he came towards her. Ally flinched as he ran his fingers through her hair and down her body. He unzipped her dress, leaving that on the floor, too. He showered her with sweet kisses and she smiled. Her mind was reciting Cinderella, how she falls in love, has her happy ending and gets back before- Midnight. The loud clock in the room chimed, sounding midnight. Ally bit her lip, dressing quickly. “I’ve got to go.” She said, rushing out. Max looked at her, longingly. She ran out so quickly, she barely noticed her Converse was on the floor...

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