The A-Lists

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sadie "Sabrina" joins the A-Lists, expecting popularity, boys and beauty. She gets what she wants, only to find there's also secrets, lies and jealousy involved...




The A-lists

By littlerose33


I’ve always dreamt of becoming one of the A-Lists. I’ve always dreamt of becoming popular and beautiful like them. When my dream came true two years ago, it was nothing like I expected.  Yes, there were the parties, boys and popularity, but there was also the jealousy, secrets and lies that crept in. And now, now I’m trapped. I’m screaming loudly, but it’s like nobody can hear me…

Chapter One

I remember the day I became one of The A-Lists. Nobody had noticed me in high school, I hid myself away from any drama, but suddenly The A-Lists seemed interested. “Hey,” Monique Chesterfield said, coming up to me that morning. I smiled, a timid smile, and looked up at her. She was beautiful, with sun-kissed skin, blue eyes and luxurious blonde hair. “You’re Tamara Ramone’s sister, aren’t you?” I nodded. “My name’s Sadie.” I announced. Monique raised an eyebrow “I don’t think so,” she said. “You look like a Sabrina.” Monique’s smiled widened as she gave me the once over. She looked at her friend, Callie Sanchez, and smiled again. They took my arms, and dragged me straight into the girl’s bathroom. I looked around- this wasn’t a bathroom- it was a pink, fluffy haven. “Welcome to The A-List Lounge, we redecorated.” Callie said, clasping her hands together. I looked around, until Monique grabbed my face and forced it to the huge mirror. “Hmm.” She said, her lips plumped into a frown. She looked at my face again, before opening a drawer of make-up, and all-kinds of girly gadgets. She took out the tweezers, tweaked at my eyebrows until they were thin. She took off my red rimmed glasses and forced contacts in my eyes. Callie pulled out some dye, cherry red dye, and pasted it onto my hair. Once it was ready, Monique dried it like a professional. “Now,” she said, her hands clasped together excitedly. She turned to the toilet stall, grabbed a short pink skirt, a tight fitting t-shirt and high stilettos. She raised a blonde eyebrow at me. “Come on,” she whined. “You’ll look awesome, Sabrina.” I rolled my eyes. This was going to be fun…

Chapter Two

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, nearly tripping myself up. I smiled, widely. “Wow, guys.” I said, fluffing my red hair. Their cheeks flushed pink and they smiled widely.”Come on.” Monique said, gripping my arms. Once again, they dragged me out, and I faced my judging public. Boys eyes wandered towards me and girls eyes rolled at the sight of me. I stood tall, with my new look I felt happier. Callie squealed as Luke Graham raised an eyebrow at me, flirtatiously. “Come on, Sabrina.” Callie said, and I was dragged quickly out of the school. I gasped under my breath, I had never dared to leave school. “Where are we-“ I began loudly. They both told me to quiet down. “Where are we going?” I asked again, in a low whisper. They both laughed at me. “We’re going to the hottest club on the scene, Ecuador Plaza.” Monique announced. I wanted to speak, but I couldn’t form words. We slipped out of the gates, and made our way into town.

They led me through streets, streets I had never seen or heard of, until we reached the tall, orange buildings. I was hit by the bright strobe lights quickly, nearly falling back into their arms. “This is it.” Callie squeaked. They led me inside, and I gasped. It was dark, with only small twinkling lights to help me inside. Ecuador Plaza was filled with loud music and chattering, and we slipped in. “This is an adults club!” I gasped. Callie laughed. “Relax.” she ordered. I looked down as Monique slipped three fake IDs out of her purse, pressing them to her lips. “Are you sure we can-“ I said. “Of course we can. Don’t worry, just sit here and wait. We’ll get drinks.” I perched into the warm, black leather seat and waited. My eyes wandered around the club, until I met eyes with a beautiful stranger. I bit my lip as I realised he had acknowledged that I was looking at him, and he starred back. Just as I stood up to greet him, Monique and Callie slammed down the drinks onto the table and perched elegantly down onto the seat. “Ooh, who’s that I see you’ve got your eyes on?” Callie asked, raising an eyebrow at me. I smiled, my cheeks blushing pink. “Just the guy in the corner, with the black blazer and-“ I began. Before I could finish, Monique and Callie stood up and dragged me towards him. “My friend wanted to come over here to see you, but she’s terribly shy.” He laughed at her attempt to flirt and then looked at me. I felt my cheeks suddenly burning up.

Chapter Two

I had never talked to a boy, except my brother and my dad, before today. He patted his lap, and I obeyed. I felt horrible, but I followed all of the girls orders. I felt uncomfortable, seeing them standing over us. “My friends are by the bar.” He said. Like a shot, Monique and Callie made their way towards the innocent guys ordering drinks. The guy focused his blue eyes on mine, slipping his huge, warm hands into my small hands. “My name’s Liam, Liam Carter.” He said. I smiled. “I’m Sabrina.” I replied. I rolled my eyes at that name, but it did sound a lot better than Sadie. He smirked, his lip rising. I snorted with laughter, and then covered my mouth. “I like a girl who can laugh at herself.” He said, flirtatiously. I looked down onto the table, and took a sip of my drink. I had never had alcohol, apart from on special occasion, so I instantly spit it out. Liam raised an eyebrow, I laughed. “You know, Sabrina.” He slurred, running a hand through my hair. “I think we should head to my place.” I smiled at him. It was a risk, but I could take chances now. He slipped his hands into mine, and we made our way out. I exchanged a quick glance at the girls, before slipping out into the night…

Chapter Three

His place was only a few blocks from Ecuador Plaza. He slipped his key into the lock, and opened the door. “Ben’s probably asleep on the couch” he whispered, leading me upstairs. His bedroom was cluttered with stuff, which he happily shuffled away onto the floor. He patted the empty spot, kicking off his black shoes and unbuttoning his jeans. “Hmm.” He mumbled, taking off my shirt. He quickly took of my skirt, and I loosened my stilettos. I stared at him for a while, my hands running through his hair. He smiled, and his lips came straight for mine. Mm, his kiss was beautiful. I sighed happily, catching a breath before his lips hit mine again. His lips tasted of beer and sweetness, and my body felt warmer. Sensation rippled through my body and I chuckled. And then everything suddenly felt blurry. He looked down at my bra, and unhooked it quickly. I looked down, I had been exposed, and my cheeks were pink. He kissed my body all over, and then he led his hands down, down, down….I squealed as he cupped my butt, and hit him hard. Tears were burning in my eyes, and I stood up. I dressed quickly, and made my way outside. “Come on, baby,” he said, gripping my hand. “I’m sorry I love you.” I swiped his hand away, and made my way outside. Hey, where are you? I want 2 go home I texted Monique quickly.

Chapter Four

Monique and Callie came out of Ecuador Plaza. I looked at both at them, my face streaked with tears. They took my hands “Tell us everything.”  They said. I explained everything. “You can do better,” Callie said. I smiled. “We’ll find you a date in time for Saturday.” Monique said. I raised an eyebrow “Saturday?” They nodded. “The big party for The A-Lists.” I smiled. I finally belonged somewhere…

Submitted: June 11, 2012

© Copyright 2021 littlerose33. All rights reserved.

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