so lonely

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lonely and suffering with depressionx

Submitted: May 08, 2007

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Submitted: May 08, 2007



I look around theres noone here its the same old story for me

I need to talk but theres noone around i just wish that people could see

Im hurting so bad i feel so lost ive neva felt like this in my life

The pain inside keeps getting worse like someone keeps twisting the knife

If only i had someone to talk to if only i had someone near

To hold me close so id feel safe and wipe away the tears

I feel so empty inside like theres nothing left to give

Like i dont want to be here anymore i just dont want to live

Not like this ive had enough with these  feelings i just cant cope

Nothing gets any easier i jst dont hold out much hope

I have no confidence no self esteem everything feels so wrong

I struggle to drag myself through the the day the hapiness and fun has all gone

I know there are so many people who would give anything for what i have got

And i feel so selfish and guilty just to be happy id give up the lot

I dont feel like im needed i have no purpose to be here

People and this world would carry on whether i was far or whether i was near

Its so hard to fight this battle feeling like im so alone

Its the same old record playing and the same old moan and groan

I look ahead to the future i dont see this passing on

maybe it would be better for everyone if i took away the pain and was gonexx

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