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i wrote this poem about the love that i lost

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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Submitted: May 11, 2007



Youve turned my world upside down
its been 3 mths since youve gone
it still feels raw like yesterday
wot did i do so wrong?

A million words wont bring you back
i know because ive tried
and neither will a million tears
i know because ive cried

People say if you fall from your bike
jst get up and jump bck on
but i have fallen and fallen hard
i jst dont feel that strong

I loved you more than you will know
but youve hurt me so much more
if u had made your choice
you should have just walked through the door

You should have kept on walking
and never looked behind
but instead you kept on pushing me
you played games with my mind

I loved you and you walked away
the damage had been done
that was hard to deal with
but you thought you would have some fun

I am only human
and i have feelings too
how could you do what you did to me
after everything i have been through

Why would you hurt someone you once loved
four years is a long time
lock me up and throw away the key
if loving you is a crime

The memories appear of good times we had
but jst as easily disappear
with the damage that you have done
im lucky to still be here

I loved you and i trusted you
luke you were my best friend
but why did you treat me so badly
when you made ur choice for it to end

You left me with a broken heart
and lots of memories too
but i never wanted memories
i only wanted you

now its me whose suffering
i struggle to get through the day
i feel like half of me is missing
in bed for hours i lay

Asking myself the same questions
over and over in my head
the pain and hurt that i feel each day
the things that you have said

Im trying to take it day by day
i hve a long way to go
but i hope and pray that ill be okay
even though i feel so low

If i knew that missing you would be part of my life
i would never have let you get close
i thought you were different, so caring and kind
which is more than i can say for most

Now that its over i need a new start
i need to be strong and not fall apart
i need to get better ill no longer cry
ill no longer feel that i just want to die

I dnt want you back
i just want to sleep
then i wont hurt so bad
and i wnt feel so weak

Maybe one day you will cry like i cried for you
maybe one day you will miss me like i missed you
maybe one day you will need me like i needed you
maybe one day you will love me but i wont love you

You hurt me more than i deserved
how could you be so cruel
i loved you more than you deserved
how could i be such a fool
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