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This story tell about a boy named Aimé but like to be called Tobias. He lives in Japan with his sister Chantal and his mother Stephanie, they used to live in America and France. His sister is very sick, and mother always works, it puts a lot of stress on him at times.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



I always was lonely, I never really know I always felt the pain deep inside a longing for something and I never even know want I wanted. OR was it what I needed. The day always starts out the same with me lying in bed swinging my arm across my chest to turn off the alarm. I got up to get my glasses but tripped on the folds of my sheets.  “Darn it that hurt”, Tobias come down for breakfast you don’t want to miss your bus do, mom called. So Tobias ran down the stairs running into the kitchen, sitting down and started talking to his mother.

“Tobias did you sleep well”, “it was iight what bout you mom”, it was good I had this dream that you were eight started crying but I couldn’t understand why and you wouldn’t…….then I just woke up”. “ Mom…well I had this dream to but it didn’t make any sense, I had falling into water and I had drowned but I could breathe but it was really dark and quiet, every once in a while a fish or two would float by me but I was so cold and lonely…….exactly I had this dream………..”.”Honey the bus; tell me later you can’t miss that bus.

So Tobias walked out the house confused and dazed about his dream, as he was walking down the block he didn’t notice the boy walking in the same path and had bump into him, Tobias falls to the ground hitting the ground with a lot of force.” Oh I’m so sorry I was looking you’re so small” this strange guy starts to giggle; he holds out his hand and grabs Tobias’s hands. “Are you alright I didn’t hurt anything right’,” No I’m aright, sorry I was daydreaming about something. The boy smile very bright and started giggling again. “Are you new I never seen you before”,” yes I am, I just moved down the block. This boy had a nice tan and long black hair with bright white teeth and light blue eyes and maybe about six feet tall. ‘Where are you from’, ‘Hawaii I lived there all my life but my family moved for family reason’, ‘oh well nice to meet you then…..hmmm….’, ‘my name is Auli`i nice to meet you’ reaching to shake his hand and your name’, hmmm…..Tobias is my name nice to meet you’. The bus ends up coming late so Tobias and Auli`i end up getting to talk for a little bit, and when the bus comes they sit close on the bus so they can chat. As they arrive at school, the hallways are packed and very loud and busy.’ This is your school there’s so many people wow’, with sparkles in his eyes it was amazed. ‘My school never had all these people, went to an all-boys school”.” Really that sound boring no girls just boys twenty four seven”.” Well there was an all-girls school like almost next door”. A boy runs up to both boys he very excited, named Cole. “Hey are you new, you are, aren’t you my name is Cole nice to meet you”.” Hi nice to meet you too my name is Auli`i I’m from Hawaii”. “That’s so cool but why did you move here? “ Because my mom’s jobs moved here and choose to stay with my mom”, “to japan?”

The school bell rings and it’s time to go to class, it just happens the both Tobias and Auli`i and Cole are in the same class. “Do you like this school” said Cole, “I don’t know I just got here”; Let me tell you about this school, a lot of the students here are immigrants just like you we have children from all over moving here, this school was designed for foreigners who of can’t speak our language, they can learn our language, although I go here because my family is from Africa but I was raised here in Tokyo. “Wow really how long have you lived here?”, “all my live!” “But my family still has its cultures, but do enjoy that Chinese way to. Auli`i turns his head and looks at Tobias with wonder. “Where did you come from, Tobias?” Well I’m from Paris France well my parents are and my older sister so I don’t have an ascent like they do, I was here for eight years now I was eight when I moved exactly I had an ascent but I lost it a little because I had to learn Japanese language”. “Why did you move here?” “The same reason as your mom, because of her job.” Because where in a whole different country.

After class all the boys went to lunch, Tobias went to the salad bar and also a boy named Kai came also to get a salad. Kai is a cold hearted boy with spikey hair and a rude personality, blue eyes and tanned skin his family comes from Jamaica his been at this school for five years now. “Hello Tobias what are getting for lunch”, “hmmm a salad I’m at the salad bar”, “so you are”, he said with a promiscuous vibe. “Did you see that new kid hot right, right (winking) he’s from Hawaii right, oh right you live right by him lucky”, “I’m not like that”, putting his hands up in caution. “You’re no fun at all; you’re just a real goody aren’t you”, “I know you better than anybody, to be honest I think he likes you”. “And why do you think you know me so well”, “don’t play with me Tobias”, Tobias starts to blush. Tobias grabs a chicken salad and an ice tea and starts to walk to his table, “Why you always actin’ like someone you’re not”, “I don’t understand what you mean by that”, “Tobias!”, Tobias turns his head and glazes at Kai in great frustration and puts his tray down and grabs Kai shirt. “Ouch! I never know how much stronger and taller you were then me”, “I hate Kai why can’t you ever just keep sure mouth closed, why!”, “because I love you Tobias. Tobias puts Kai down and looks down at the floor and picks up his tray grabbing it with frustration gridding his teeth. “Are you mad at me now”, Kai starts to cry, “No I could ever be upset at you, but I…………..don’t love you. Tobias goes to sit down the crowd staring at him he felt so popular. “It Took you a time long to get your lunch and you look so tired and…..”, “just stop talking I’m not in the mood okay, “oh iight”.

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