Dreams or Nightmares?

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What if you wake up from a dream only to find out that you are once again dreaming?

This is the first story that I've written a few years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012




I didn't edit this from how it originally was. I just pasted it as it is so as to keep it's original state from when I first wrote it. Hopefully I've done a good job with this in the eyes of others. :)


Everything was tranquil... It was very clement, very felicitous. I felt very indefatigable. I was epicurean that time…  Well, who wouldn’t be with such a pleasant environment? It was an auspicious moment...

From that wonderful moment, everything turned around… The celestial feeling went away and shifted into a very morose moment. It wasn’t tantamount anymore… I felt scourged inside and couldn’t be as resilient as I was earlier but I didn’t know what had happened. I guess what was happening was esoteric… I wasn’t one of the few who understood though… Even to simper was impossible. My pain was stringent and nobody even alluded what was happening to me…

I then woke up and once again, everything was tranquil, clement and auspicious… I hadn’t realized that I had fallen asleep that celestial moment… The dream puzzled me though… Why did I have that dream? I guess that was another question that would remain unanswered… For now…

The following morning, I had that seem tranquil feeling. This time I didn’t like it. It seemed good yet completely terrible. My mind was filled with obscure thoughts, that esoteric feeling came back but I still couldn’t figure out what was going on. In a while, I suddenly felt that same constricting pain I felt the previous day. I felt completely exhausted and I was in complete pain. I realized then I couldn’t move. Not even my finger could be lifted. All I heard was my own heavy breathing in this strange yet familiar dark quiet room. I felt like this all happened before, very recently but maybe this was all just my imagination. All I need is to close my eyes and I’ll get out of this mess – for sure.

“Cuckoo, cuckoo!” – Eight o’clock… I guess it worked; it probably was just all my complicated imagination playing tricks with me in my sleep. All that put me at peace once again but soon I realize that this was not the end.

As I get out of my bedroom, I enter a white room. I don’t remember this room at all… It was all white, nothing else. Even the door leading to my own room soon vanished from sight. Looking around I realize, I’m at this state – again. What is this supposed to mean anyway? I feel epicurean yet I can help but feel mystified, I can’t help feeling that all this has happened… Maybe in a book I’ve read? Or… A DREAM!

That’s it! I remember all this happened in my dreams these past days… but looking at my watch, I start to feel a chill crawl up my neck as I see the time and date. I began to worry… Wasn’t that the date two days ago…? And wasn’t this the exact time I had those weird feelings in my dreams these past days? What’s happening? Am I still dreaming…? All these thoughts started to circle my mind and catch my attention when I realized, I couldn’t move and I was in a complete constricting pain. What is this supposed to mean… Moments later my surroundings and everything else suddenly stopped abruptly, I couldn’t even feel my heartbeat nor could I hear my breathing. I tried to open my eyes again then I heard something. Was my mind playing tricks with me? This I could not explain.

Suddenly, I could move again and everything returned to how it used to be except, I still couldn’t lift a finger. Soon I heard a voice; it was a distinct yet unidentifiable voice. It was familiar yet I just couldn’t point out who it was exactly. It sounded stern yet loving – mom. This had to be my mother; I recognized it by the way she called me by “sweetie”.

After some observations, I realized where I was. It was the hospital. But why? I tried to move my lips but I couldn’t, soon my mom started speaking again. I tried to listen carefully to her every word.

“You’ve been in a coma for about two weeks now; I’m not sure what happened before then but the doctor thinks it was because you hit your head on something really hard that you lost your consciousness. I heard shouting from your room then as soon as I got there… you were on the ground… unconscious. As soon as I saw you I immediately called for an ambulance  to bring you to the hospital. There wasn’t any blood on the floor and you were still breathing so I was sure you weren’t dead but anyway, you’ve gone through a series of x-rays and all that so you’re probably tired by now. The doctor said you could get out of here as soon as you’re well enough to stand at the least so you won’t be here for long and there wasn’t much damage so you’ll soon get out, I promise. For now the nurse has to let you sleep, you’ll go through some tests again. Good night, sweetie.”

I was in a coma… That’s why I felt all those mixed emotions and all that pain but… I don’t remember why… soon after that, I fell into another deep but now more clarified and clement sleep.

After what seemed to be five years of lying in bed, I was able to fully recover though I couldn’t help but get feel those strange emotions but that doesn’t bother me anymore, at least I don’t care about it. As long as everything is how I know it should be I’ll be alright… hopefully.


Years after that strange incident, I felt a sudden pain then everything turned blurry… I suddenly woke up to the sound of the rain, nothing else. I was all alone in a cold dark room then I felt something touching my arm, then the touching turned to pinching. It was too late before I realized I was being injected by some sort of pain reliever then I soon fell asleep.

The next morning – I think it was morning – I heard my mom, she was crying but I don’t have the slightest idea why so I started to squint to see what was going on before I could let anyone know I was awake. From that little squint, I could see a blurred image of what seemed to be the doctor and probably my mother talking with him.

“I… is there anything else you can do?”

“I’m afraid not, ma’am. Your child’s going to be like this for the rest of his/her life. The most he/she can do is grumble but apart from that nothing else. I’ve also learned that his/her days are numbered with that condition unless his/her operation is a success…”

With that I struggled to speak; once again, I couldn’t. I managed to get a grumble out but that was enough to catch both of their attentions.

“Oh sweetie, you’re awake!” my mother’s voice sounded fearful and weak as if talking to a ghost… “Don’t worry, you’re alright, you can go back to sleep now.”

The doctor cut in – “I don’t mean to cut into family business ma’am, but don’t you think he/she should know his/her condition.”

“N – no… not just yet.”

“I do think he/she should know what you’ve hidden all these years…”

Hesitantly and very slowly she turned to me. “Sweetie, remember the time you fell unconscious…? …umm Well…”

The doctor explained to me seeing my mother in a time of despair. “You see, several years ago when you got into a coma your brain had taken some – well a third of your brain actually has gotten seriously damaged but after running some tests we were pretty sure you’d come back to normal after a few operations and you did but I’m afraid after that incident last week, the damages to your head worsened. I’ve never seen anything that complicated and I have consulted some experts on this matter. None of them have seen anything this serious either so tomorrow at six am, you will undergo a series of operations and all that stuff. We’ll just have to see if that does any help but if not… well you only have five days –”

“Oh I’m so sorry, sweetie! I didn’t want you to worry –”

Forcing myself I managed to grumble “Mmm…”

Hopefully that assured her that I was alright and she was forgiven but now that I know questions began to stupefy me once more. Am I going to die? What will happen to mom if I do? I can’t die, this can’t be happening to me! No, it can’t…

The next morning my mother woke me up. She seemed quite terrified as she was looking into my eyes wiping her tears. Even if she said nothing I could see that she was afraid that we would only have four days left together. I was scared this time, I wanted to cry but I didn’t want my mother to see me cry. I wanted to be strong so before I was brought to the operation, I managed to let her feel that everything would be alright.

I soon woke up and as I did I heard wailing. It was my mom… Why is mom crying, was I going to die? Looking around, I saw my mother; she looked distressed and completely unwell. She noticed me and stopped crying for a while, her face looked pale.

Terrified, she turned to me saying “Sweetie… I love you don’t forget that! Even when…”

Politely the doctor added with a sad tone “I am really sorry to tell you that you only have three days…” with that the doctor turned and left the room.

I’m dying. I’m dying. I’M DYING. NO! I CAN’T DIE! I can’t! I… Then, another painful shot was injected into my body and I fell asleep.

It was a morose sleep. Even in my dreams I was at distress thinking of my fate and my mom. If I could toss and turn, I would’ve but every now and then I would give out a loud groan then get another shot then another groan until I grew tired and fell into what seemed to be the longest sleep I’ve ever had.

“Sweetie… sweetie, wake up! It’s time for school, you’ll be late again! C’mon.”

“W-what? School? I don’t get it” I suddenly blurted out.

“What are you talking about? Today’s Thursday and it’s eight… Oh no! Hurry up, the bus is coming, no more questions now. You only have ten minutes to get ready.”

Quickly I followed my mother’s orders though I had the slightest clue of what’s happening. Wasn’t I paralyzed… and DYING? What am I doing talking and walking and everything?

In the bus those same questions were roaming my mind. Am I dreaming again…? Why of all times when my mind would play tricks would it be today? I thought I was in the hospital, so what am I doing inside this bus?

I pinched myself “OW! Wha—“

It’s real! Was that all a dream my mind made up…? I checked my watch to see what date it was… Wasn’t this four years ago when I started having those weird emotions surging my body? Was all that weirdness – even the coma and brain damage thing all just a dream?

As I got home I approached my mom. “Mom, have I gone through a coma – even once and was I ever in the stage where my days were numbered?”

Giggling with a puzzled expression my mom said “What kind of questions are those? ...Oh yes! I remember.”

“So I WAS in coma before?”

“Sure you have, remember when we were playing that board game when you were really young? Three more steps and you would’ve lost to me! Hahaha! You were even trapped in that black and white box because you kept getting the ‘skip one turn’ card. You were crying so hard then.”

“I remember that but… everything was so real to me. It was like it happened before… so it was all just a little board game?”

“Yes. I guess so; you have such a crazy imagination sweetie!”

“Ohh. Okay. I guess it was just a dream.”

With that I headed to my room still puzzled by that “dream”. My mind just exaggerated a board game I used to play when I was little? Everything’s so strange… I even had dreams within my dream and within that more dreams…? What if this was all a dream and I was really in a long coma… Maybe...

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