Impossible - Part One

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Seth Clearwater has always felt out of place when it came to imprinting. But once Renesmee and Jacob's second child come along, everything changes. Will Jacob let Seth be with his daughter,or will he forbid him from seeing her? What will happen to the girl's brother, who also has imprinted on her? Find out in, "Impossible."

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



A/N: Hey guys, I don't think that my writing is any good... But tell me what you think! I would LOVE it if you would review this and tell me what I need to do to make it better next time! Please subscribe and review my writing. ~Littlewolfpeople~



Screams of pain echoed throughout Jacob’s house, and boy, did it hurt my ears.

“Come on Nessie, you can do this.” I heard Jake comfort Renesmee in the other room.

Why did everyone have a perfect soul mate but me? It was just not fair. I glanced around the living room and saw each and every single one of my brothers with his imprint. I heard one last scream, and then all went silent. Hearing laughing from the back room, I figured that the little ‘bundle-of-joy’ had arrived. 

Everyone stood and made their way to the room that Jacob, Nessie, and the baby where in but me. I was fine sitting on the couch. I closed my eyes and started to enter my little world in the back of my head. It is cool there, and you float like a speck of dust. You don’t have to worry about anything; you can just clear your head and take a break from this world.

I was jostled back to reality when I felt a tug on my sleeve. I opened my eyes to find Lucas staring at me wide-eyed. He had his mouth open, and he looked as pale as one of the Cullens. Scooping the three year old into my arms, and transferring him to my lap, I searched his face for an answer to his odd behavior.

“Hey bud, what’s the matter?” I asked him, tilting my head.

“What is it like to imprint?” Lucas asked me, sounding too grownup for a three year old.

“Imprint? You want to know about imprinting, huh? Well, I haven’t imprinted myself, but I have heard what it is like. It is where you would be anything, do anything, for that person. The world doesn’t seem to revolve around the sun anymore, it revolves around that one special girl, and it isn’t gravity holding you down, it’s her and your love for her.”

I could have sworn that Lucas became paler, and he started to shake his head.

“No way. No way!” The little boy on my lap started to tremble, so I picked him up and made him look me in the eyes.

“Lucas Jacob Black. You tell me what is going on now!” I almost screamed at him, but the others were too busy cooing over the new baby to notice.

“Seth.. I-I think that I just imprinted on my baby sister.” Lucas stammered and started to shake his head. Tears fell from his eyes, and rolled down his cheeks like plump little raindrops.

I wiped the tears away and led him to the back room. I glanced from Jacob, with his huge arms around the tiny porcelain Renesmee, to the wolves lining the wall. My eyes came to a rest at the baby, and she turned our direction. I looked into those eyes and something clicked inside of me.

I felt a glowing warmth inside of me, and a smile broke across my face. It felt odd to have a smile plastered there, because I have been depressed ever since my sister and mother died in a house fire.

Taking a step forward, I fell to my knees. Everything else in the world meant nothing, as if it had been cut away by a giant pair of scissors. Snip. Snip.  I couldn’t take being this far from the little girl, so I waddled over to her on my knees. I took in every detail of her perfect little body. Her tiny hands looked as if they had been crafted by angels, each tiny finger had a tiny nail, and her russet hair fell in wispy little curls. Her eyes were the same chocolate brown that Bella’s had been, and that Renesmee’s were. My mouth fell agape and I could only stare at the little round face.

I heard laughter from behind me, but I could have cared less about what they had to say. I reached my hand out to touch her, see if this perfect little being was truly there. Suddenly, I was on my back, a huge russet wolf snarling in my face.

“J-Jake.. I..” I was at a total loss of words. What had just happened to me?

A voice like bells chimed in, “Jacob, dear, let the boy up.” Renesmee. My savior.

Jacob, who was always doing what Nessie said, phased back and went to sit behind Renesmee. He sent me death glares and I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened to me if Renesmee hadn’t of stepped in.  

Lucas screamed something I couldn’t understand, and he ran at me, throwing his arms onto me and pounding on me with his little fists. Wait. Had Lucas imprinted on her as well?

Jared pulled the screaming Lucas away and held him on his lap so he couldn’t attack me again. I looked from the baby to Renesmee and Jacob. Had I imprented on Jacob’s child? What was he going to do to me? Then it hit me. I was going to get killed by Jacob.

“Seth? What… What just happened?” Nessie asked me, wide eyed and tilting her head a bit to the side,

Shaking my head I whispered to her, “I’m not sure Nessie.”

Lucas screamed from behind me and started to cry. “Not fair Seth! She is mine! No matter what you do, she is MINE!” His sobs became more intense and he and I both knew at that point that the child would choose me over her brother.

Nessie gasped and an image flashed over my eyes. It showed me on the floor, mouth agape, staring at the child in her arms. Her voice rang through my head, ‘Did you imprint on her Seth?’

I nodded at her, and the vision disappeared. The baby started to cry and she waved her arms through the air.

“Shh. Don’t cry my little girl.” Nessie cooed at her.

“Nessie? What… What is her name?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the squirming little girl in her arms.

Renesmee smiled at me, and then glanced back down at her baby. “Sophia Grace.”

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