The confession of that night

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She is a talented and cruel ballerina. The ambitions have clouded her eyes until a fairy punish her turning her into a tree...until she make the confession of that night.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



The sun was lowering his head and was hiding behind the hill. His warm sunlight surround everything like a "goodbye hug". His touch fondle the flowers as to put them in sleep. While me,...this touch awakes me from a bad dream, reborns me. The breez touches the leaves of the tree where my soul is condemned, it looks like it is touching my face... i miss that feeling. Finally the sunset came, it seemed as if i had to wait for centuries. The tree trunk is returning in my body again. I can move, i can dance. Now the moon is smiling at me,she's my best friend. I used to be a full-time teen girl, but then...something happened and my world turned upside down. I used to study at a ballet school and one day we heard that we will play Swan Lake and every girl including me wanted to be the main ballerina, wanted to be Odeta. I must compete with my biggest enemy to win the role. She was Emilia. One of the best ballet dancers in our school. Everyone loved her, she was kind and talented. While i have always been cruel with other people. I behaved rudely and if it wasn't for my talent i would be the most hated person in the world. I don't know what makes me to behave like that, maybe it is the ambition. Life have give me everything a child needs. I am concious about that. I have 2 parents althought separated, who love me. I have a place i can call home. I have a vision for my future. But what i did that day was worst that everything i have ever done to people, worst that everything i have sayed to them. I still remember.:

"Hey Melany, good luck today,-Emilia sayed to me and my answer was rude,

-I don't need luck Emilia, maybe you do.- And with that i went to the cafeteria doing what would turn me into a tree. We were going downstairs but the stairs were slippery from the snow that had fallen that winter. I push her and she glided damaging the ankle. It all looked like an accident and nobody blame me for what happened and she couldn't dance so i was the main ballerina now.

The day of the ballet show came and i went up on stage not knowing that this would be my last performance. I started to dance and everybody worshiped me. At the final act i danced like never before. I relized that ballet was my biggest dream, a dream made of glass that soon will break. While i was at the backstage a beautiful woman approached me and said:

-Wow you were amaizing on stage.-and suddenly all went black. I felt in sleep and i saw a very strange dream, it was her, the woman but she looked like a fairy. When i woke up i found my self in a beautiful forest. The trees were so long that it looks like they were touching the night sky, it looks like they were tickeling the stars.

-Where am i, who are you?- asked scared

-You are in the magical forest and i am the fairy of justice.- i couldn't think, my eyes went to the trees and all i could say was:

-Those trees are beautiful.

-Don't worry Melany you would be a beautiful tree too.-Suddenly i couldn't move. I was... i was a tree. I wanted to cry but i couldn't. I wanted to scream but i couldn't.

-This is your punishment. You will be your self only when the sun comes down.-and with that she left."

After that night i lost everything, i lost my dreams, i lost my faith, i lost my everything.I am half dead. When the sun sets down i always dance the Swan lake. The music it's in my head like a repeating refrain. Now the sun is rising again and i will turn into a tree. I take the pose and be prepared for that to happen. While i am turning into a tree i remember that today is my birthday. I am 15 now. I start imagine how my birthday party would be i started to think about my future and the dreadful thought come into my mind. Will i always be a tree? I felt the sorrow in my heart scratching it with his nails. Then i felt asleep.

When i woke up it was evening. I have slept all day! But what suprised me was the place where i woke up. There was a crystal lake where i could see the reflection of my best friend, the reflection of the full moon. The stars have formed a shiny crown that embellish the forehead of that night. The colerful flowers have covered the ground like a carpet. I turn around fascinated by the view and i see a woman in a white shiny dress with long dark hair and with a sweet voice. She was the Justice fairy

-Hello Melany. Are you ready? She asked me.

-Ready for what?

-Ready for your confession.

-What should i confess?

-Your sorrow.-She said and then sat on a tree.-continue we are all listening.

-What do you mean by we are all listening?

-Don't you know, the moon, stars, flowers, water, trees everything has a soul. And today all those souls will decide your fate, that depend on what you will say to us.

-OK,- i said and i could feel my heart skips a beat. I could feel my hand palms sweating and i could feel my voice trembeling. I decided to start my confesion.

-I am Melany. When i was 14 years old i did something bad. I poisoned my friend, because i wanted to be the main ballerina. I was mean and rude with all my friends. That's why i was turned into a tree and when i was a tree i felt things i have never felt and i saw things in a different way. I felt sorrow, i felt pain, i felt remorse for all of those people who have been underestimated by me, but most of all i felt remorse for my self because i didn't regonize those wonderful people around me, standing there waiting for me to change. I didn't understant what i have until i lost everything.I have been blinded by ambitions. I didn't see how many people hated me. When i was turned into a tree it was like the whole sky dropped. I was scared.-I stoped talking for a second and took a deep breath. Then i continue:

-I miss my parents so much, and i am afraid that they have forgotten me. - a teardrop escape from the corner of my eye.- In my heart ,there is an abyss filled with pain, un cried tears, silent screams and repentance. I need a second chance,not for myself, for people who have been humiliated by me.

-OK Melany- thafairy started to talk. We will give you all a second chance.You have to ask for forgiveness to your friends. If you apologize within an hour you will be able to be youself again. Otherwise you will be a tree for your entire life.

-OK.- i said. i had no other solution. I brought myself up here.

Everything went dark and i had another strange dream. When i wake up i was in my bed. It was morning.

-Honey.- my mother said to me. Oh i missed her voice so much.

-MOM,- i scream and hug her tightly. Then i looked at the clock .8:00. I have to hurry.

-I will be back!- i said.I went to my ballet school and i hastened to the ballet hall. There were all my friends.

-Can i have your attention please?-I yelled. Everybody attention was on me.

-I wanted to ask for forgivness to everyone. I know i have been very rude with you all. Sorry for screaming at you all, sorry for insulting you and sorry for ignoring you. And Emilia sorry for pushing you at the stairs because it was not an accident.


-Yes,- i reply.-because i really am. Give me a second chance and i will prove to you all that i have change. Everyone deserved a second chance. I was blinde and i couldn't see how wonderful you guys are. I am sorry.- and with that i run outside hopeless that they will forgive me.

-MELANY- i heard a voice calling my name. I turn my head and was her, Emily. - At 9:00 a'clock at the theater. We are going to choose the ballerinas for Cinderella classic ballet. Don't be late.

I smile. What happened to me was a strange long dream that made me think for a lot of things. Was it real or it was just my consciousness. It doesn't matter.What matter is that i can start over again and be a better person.

Years past and i was the prima balerina of the most famous theater in europe. I travel a lot, and everybody knows me. I never saw the beautiful woman again, the Justice fairy who changed for ever my life.

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