The magic forest

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A beautiful beginning of a journey, a scary thought and an unexpected shutdown.

The sun now was hiding his face behind the hills and the high trees. I had 2 hours walking in this place in which i don't know how i got into.  Trees were so high and dense that all i could see was a very little piece of the sky. It looked like a painting...full of warm colors, the painter of this masterpiece was the sun. Its rays find a way to enter among the dense branches and neatly they had created beautiful light nets which make this place even more magical. Slowly the gold colors were replaced by those of silver. Now the moon was accompanying me as my only fellow in this forest. I was enchanted by everything. But then the idea of how to get out of this place shooked me off. Was i lost?

Then a sense of fear gripped me and made my heart beat so loudly as if it wanted to yell. Are there any wild animals? Of couse... so it wasn't very safe for me to walk in the forest during the night. I needed to find a place where i could wait safely until the morning comes. I began to look around. There not to far where i was standing was a little cave. maybe i could spent my night there. I bagan ti run towards that place and when i entered inside the cave i felt relieved. It looked like the claws of fear disappeared.

I was so concerned, so i started to talk to the moon.

"Beautiful and graceful moon of this night, how can i get out of this magical forest?"

And then an angle voice answered my question telling me that i couldn't because who entered in this forest was lost maybe forever. If the old woman would not approached me i would think that the moon talked to me. After all this was a magical forest, right?

The woman explained to me how she entered without knowing in this magical forest. She had lost the sense of time completely. Then after the short chat everything went in a paceful silent. Nor a sound, nor a word.

Suddenly a lightning caused a deafening noise. It looked like it splited the sky in twoThoudands of bats came out from the cave by issuing that penetrating, acute sound. The sky was falling down. The cave was destroying. Everything was disappearing and everything went blanke.

I understant everything.... Would have been a dauting experience if it wasn't only a dream.

Now i was in my warm bed. The most safe place for me.

Submitted: January 12, 2013

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Grammar and spelling need work, and It needs to be told just a little better. I know it's a short story, but the doesn't mean the character doesn't matter. Who is this girl, and the old woman too. How does she know the forest is magic. other than that it was great:)

Tue, January 15th, 2013 3:41pm


I will work on grammar and spelling, actually that girl is me, about the old woman.... well i will add a little more information. thank you for your honest and critical opinion.

Tue, January 15th, 2013 11:30am

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