Carbon Monoxide

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a combination of old poetry done to show a total of my work for a writing workshop. If you see some poetry repeat from old poems, that is because I was told to use pieces of old poetry and merge them. Don't judge my "lack of individuality" or "redundancy".

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012




I was the folly’s perfect key- naïve to your abilities

My leaves for lashes, falling like autumn, falling like fools do
My lungs were mazes- longing for air they can’t seem to find
We were blazing, ardently in love, or so you said
But you made sure to stomp on the flame, didn’t you, dear?

I paint on my profanity; dancing on the seams of insanity
That joy that whispered on our breath, wrenched from my grip
And here I lie- swimming in the poison you left behind to replace my air supply
I’m your darling disappointment girl, I yearn for your affection
The downward spirals in my eyes- more lethal than injection

They tell you “if you hold your breath, it hurts less”
But I’ve been underwater for days
And I know pain like the back of my hand
My fingers shake like I’m terrified, yet the plaster smile holds its place upon my lips
Your blades for eyes- slice into my interior with every glance
As your lips tap dance on mine in their Darwinistic dance

How foolish, to think myself significant.
The slightest burst of vivacity in your emerald eyes
You strung your lies, oh yes, strung them from the beams above my head
What of love? That delightful bit of falsehood I was fed.
Perhaps I was a bit confused- perhaps my view estranged
Perhaps my heart too reckless- did I overshoot our range?
However way my hate occurred, the anger now is seething
You don’t believe you harmed a soul; it comes to you like breathing

But I suppose my happiness was just a thought of fiction
And darling, how I craved your contradiction
Here I am, wallowing in wicked self pity
How cruel- to think myself important to be thought of
But my scent billows up your nostrils like carbon monoxide
And I’m just as deadly.

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