Females in Public Transportation

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I've noticed how females are treated and how they behave a lot of the time in public transportation. This piece is not meant to intentionally offend anyone, since I am a female teenager in NYC who rides the subway =]

Submitted: September 23, 2011

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Submitted: September 23, 2011



People Around Us


Groups of Females

Admit it; the weirdest things happen to you on the subway. This is probably because many different (aka. crazy) people are all in one confined subway car. These strangers...you get to know them. Trains are not like the street, where unknown people pass by you all the time, but you can't find out much about that particular person. On a train, however, much time is given to you to watch a person as the train stalls or pulls into a station. You can tell what kind of person he or she is, simply by seeing what they're doing (reading, perhaps) and how they behave in public (maybe dancing around to the music from their iPods). Oh, this isn't stalking, or anything of that sort; once a watched stranger disembarks, you can only hope (or not) to see that person once more in the future. You were simply observing. There's nothing wrong with that.

So when you're a female living in New York City, you are offered different responses from the people around you – though these reactions are very similar. Especially if you're my age, when you're wandering your eyes on the subway and your eyes happen to rest on, let's say, a couple with their child, they'd smile at you as if saying “have a good day”. Politeness and community-living is present to females often. Unfortunately, accidentally putting your eyes on an obvious pedophile will get you the same response as that of the couple's though much less appreciation from yourself. It also sucks when this works the other way around; someone could look at you and expect some kind of warm, soundless, greeting. Unfortunately, these expectant people are usually pedophiles, as well, and they'll look at you and look at you and look at you.... Until you're forced to get off at the next subway stop.


Admittedly, aren't always the ones in public transportation walking around with shining halos. Based on my many years of observation, I have come to the conclusion that females (mostly teenagers or college students with their friends) make the most amount of obnoxious noise on the subway. We females are of the socializing kind and, sadly, like to speak very loudly and giddily on the subway. We laugh. A lot. And, boy, are there some strange, obnoxious laughs. Just today on the E train, there were three friends that made the only comprehensible noise in that car.

(I can't exactly replicate the sound this girl was making...)

“Really? No way! Ahahahaha, yayayayayayayaya?!”

Sigh. How many times must one person asks for truth in what their friend just said? When males are loud on the train, it's scary to think about what they might be planning. For females, it's just annoying.

This has been a study of females riding the subway system.




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