Jerry and the Beanstalk

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Everyone's heard the story of Jack and the Beanstalk but this time it's from the giants perspective

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



Jerry and the Beanstalk

You’ve heard this story before. It’s about a boy named Jack, he has a magic beanstalk; climbs up it, steals from a giant, and saves his family from poverty, blah blah blah. Didn’t anybody ever wonder how the giant felt? Some random kid keeps stealing his possessions and then leaves him lost and stranded from his home face down in a cliff. But of course nobody ever thought of the giant. That’s what I’m here for, to tell the story of Jerry and the Beanstalk, no not Jack and the Beanstalk, Jerry, Jerry the giant.

Jerry lived in a house way up in the clouds. It got a bit lonely at times but people were so prejudiced against giants, he thought it was for the best. One morning, Jerry went for a walk on the clouds when he saw the most peculiar thing.

“Why is there a giant beanstalk growing through the clouds?” Jerry wondered aloud. He looked down and saw that it stretched all the way to the ground. It seemed impossible but he decided not to worry about it and went on with his day.

It was about afternoon when Jerry thought he heard something coming from his house. He was out working in his garden at the time, but decided to check it out. As soon as he stepped inside he smelled something.

“Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman,” Jerry roared. It was never good when humans entered his house.

A small boy (you know him as Jack) quickly ran out of the house clutching in his small fist a bag of gold. Jerry’s hard earned money! He was furious, he chased after the boy, who scurried onto the yard and down the beanstalk. Jerry decided it wasn’t worth it to chase the boy down the beanstalk, unsure of whether it would hold his weight (he had eaten one to many donuts). He just let him go, hoping it would be the last he would see of the boy.

For a few weeks it almost seemed as if it would be the last, but he appeared again. This time Jerry was in his kitchen, he knew immediately the boy was back because again he could smell him. Jerry ran to the door hoping to block him in but got there just to slow, as the boy slipped out the door and ran to the beanstalk, holding Jerry’s golden goose; the goose that laid golden eggs. It was worth a lot of money.

Again Jerry chased the boy to the beanstalk, but didn’t go down. He just stood there and watched as the boy scrambled down holding on to the struggling goose trying to escape the clutches of the boy.

“Boy you can take my goose, but don’t come back; you’ve stolen enough from me!” Jerry yelled down to the little boy.

Jerry hoped so much that this really would be the final time he saw him. He had already taken his gold, and his golden goose. All he had left now that was worth anything was his harp.

Months had passed before he saw the boy again. Jerry had been having some trouble getting to sleep, so his harp had played to him until he had finally dozed off.

“Master! Master! Wake up! A thief is taking me away!” Jerry instantly woke up at the muffled cries from his harp. He raced out the door just as the boy disappeared down the beanstalk, but Jerry had enough. He began the climb down the beanstalk. It swayed under the weight of him, but luckily didn’t break. He took step after step picking his way down.

He hadn’t gone far when he heard a chopping sound and the beanstalk swayed precariously. Jerry looked down to see that the boy had gotten an axe had was hacking away at the bottom of the beanstalk. He was trying to kill him! Jerry closed his eyes and hoped for the best as the beanstalk let out a loud crack and toppled sideways.

He was falling …. falling … falling. Splat! Jerry landed hard on the ground, but luckily the beanstalk broke the majority of the fall leaving him mostly unharmed. Jerry rolled over so he was facing the sky, he could just see the tip of his house through the clouds. Not that it mattered; there was no way of getting to it now. He was completely stranded from his home.

This was the tale of Jerry and the Beanstalk. It’s not a happy tale because really there is no happily ever after’s for the “bad guys”. Their stories are left untold while the heroes bask in glory. But there is always two sides to every story…

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