Part Two: In The Midst of Evil

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Will Fear make this man give in to the dark one or will he allow the light to guide him?

Submitted: October 01, 2013

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Submitted: October 01, 2013



I awoke around 3 a.m. one fall morning with a sharp pain tearing its way through my chest. Panicking, I jumped out of bed, but the next moment I felt my body falling down into a dark abyss. Falling further and further, no bottom to be seen, fear pounded throughout my body as I made my way down this unholy pit.

I could feel my bones shatter as I met the burning bottom of the wretched world I had entered. A few moments later, however, as if nothing had happened, I was able to get up without a scratch on me. Unfortunately for me, this only welcomed a new pain, for with each step I took flesh tore from the soles of my feet as I attempted to make my painful way across this hellish landscape. As far as I could see in all directions, a bleak plain of semi-hardened lava rock stretched away into the dark horizon. Small puffs of steam and fire erupted where the lava was not yet solidified, and I picked my way around them as carefully as I could. Smoke filled my lungs with each breath I tried to take and the atmosphere was thick with the smoke of a thousand fires that burned with the intensity of a raging storm. 

Screams that can only be described as the sounds of chaos erupted from each direction, pleas of help and mercy that made my stomach turn. The landscape changed after a time, smoothing out and becoming like a sheet of glass, almost like obsidian, and it was smooth and sharp where jagged edges break off to form giant lava filled holes.

In a short distance, these holes change into pits, illuminated by fire, and tended to the souls of the damned. A great darkness came to the land then, blotting out the light from the fires and filling my soul with dread. Creatures in this new region torture relentlessly, ripping flesh from bone using tools not known to humans in order to inflict upon their helpless victims a pain no one living has ever felt. Giant creatures roamed this place, speaking in different tongues, yet I could somehow understand them. Their whispered, sibilant voices muttered words of hatred towards God and their loathing of the human race was fierce. They spoke of chaos and destruction throughout the earth and heaven.  A creature resembling a hyena climbed its way out of the ember emitting pit, and placed its yellow hateful eyes upon me; howling with anger it began to chase me. Running as fast as my legs would carry me, I frantically dashed away from the monster. Terrifying laughter erupted the beast's tooth filled maw as it loped after me.

“Your attempts at escape are futile, you pathetic waste of space!” roared the hyena demon.

I could hear the pounding of footsteps behind me as I made my way further into this hell attempting to escape the hyena like monster. My legs began to weaken, and I slowed my pace to a jog. Looking behind me I could see nothing, so I began to walk.  Within a second a powerful force sent me flying through the smoke filled air, and down into an icy pit.

I opened my eyes and found myself standing in an ice filled land, there was a thick mist that stretched out only giving me a limited field of view. More flesh was torn from my abused feet as I began to make my way further into this hell from which I feared there was no escape. The freezing wind tore at my skin sending waves of pain through me with each gust, and my blood froze to the ice as soon as it fell from my abused body. Tears tried to form in my eyes as I thought of what I could have possibly done to deserve this kind of punishment, but were frozen before they could escape. 

“God what have I done to deserve a fate such as this? I beg you please save me from this hell I’m in. I’m sorry for whatever it was I did to deserve this.”

I began to whimper once I began to think that I would not be saved from this foul world . A sound like a hurricane came from the distance, making its way closer with each second. I soon realized that this sound came from a single pair of wings as I was able to catch a glimpse of the beast soaring through the freezing mist. Multiple heads resembling different serpents stared down at me through the mist; the breath of the beast was that of rotting flesh, it made my stomach churn even though I only got a small whiff of it.  A deep rumbling demonic-like voice echoed from the distance speaking to me.

“Kirkland, do not pray to a false king, let my hatred flow through you as a creek flows among the trees. I will guide your way to an eternity of pleasure and joy. You will never need to feel fear again. Proclaim me as your true king and I will ensure you everlasting power.” A low booming sound followed when the creature fell silent.

I began to pray fervently once I knew what was speaking to me.

“Jesus, please don’t let him take me. Tell me what I did wrong, I swear I’ll make it right somehow. I don’t want to be here anymore, please!”.”

A great gust lifted the mist that had only moments before covered the land . The great serpent with its wings stretched as far as the eye could see, that had passed over me when the mist failed to hide it from view made its way down towards me . As it approached a blinding white light shone down on me blanketing me in warmth I had never felt before, lifting my fears away as it surrounded me. One of the seven heads this massive creature possessed coiled around the light surrounding me, and I knew that I was face to face with Lucifer himself. As the beasts’ crimson eyes peered into my soul, his deep voice erupted from the head that glared at me with hatred and disgust.

“Let my corruption enter your mind, and consume you as the light fades. I will take over the world of mankind, and you will be mine until the end of days. Our father cannot save your soul from my realm.”

“Why would I listen to you Lucifer? You think you can make me turn against our father like you did because you think you have a way with words? You are more naïve than I would have thought, especially for someone who thinks he can be king of everything.”


“You had best watch your fucking tone, mortal! We may be from the same father, but you know nothing of my power. Our father sits upon a throne of lies and arrogance. I have personally seen what you did while on earth you pathetic excuse of a being. Why would he love creatures such as you? Always causing wars killing one another, what is so special about your kind?”

“Yes, as humans, we do make mistakes. I know I have made my fair share of them, but at least we learn from our faults. People try hard every day to make the world a better place, we fight, but we also love, and our love is what makes us strong, not our hate, but yeah it may not always work like we would like it to. At least we try to fix the mistakes of those lost in the path of darkness.”

“Save your words human. You will need them when you beg for the mercy that shall never come. Your soul is now mine forever. Father cannot save you.”

Smiling, I looked into the eyes of Lucifer.

“Our father is a lot more powerful than you’d like to think.”

Rising from the ground, I began to make the journey out of the pit and into the heavens. The light provided safe passage for me out of Lucifer's hell, and howls of anger rose from each of Lucifer's seven foul heads.

I opened my eyes after a few moments to see a bearded man with long brown hair, garbed in a bright white robe, his arms stretched open, standing in front of a massive golden gate.

“Jesus?” I asked.

Smiling, he spoke to me.

“Yes, young one, you have nothing to fear, for now you are finally home. This is where you belong.”

“Why was I saved? Did I really deserve it?”

“You were saved because you embraced the failures that you made while on earth. Sadly our brother cannot see the potential humans have, and that is why he chooses to deceive and make them miserable. I am glad you did not let his twisted tongue lead you into a false belief. Our father is proud of what you did and you should be proud of yourself as well.”

A warm smile spread across my face and I walked towards Jesus and embraced him in my arms.  A peaceful soothing sensation made its way through me as I felt the loving nature inside of him with just a hug. He then walked with me through the gate into my new home in the glorious kingdom of heaven.

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