the day that incorporated toilet paper

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My day that incorporated toilet paper

Submitted: March 04, 2010

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Submitted: March 04, 2010



Finally went to work after a few days of being sick.  Although I still had a headache, my stomach was still uneasy, and I felt pretty miserable, I persisted and went to work.  I had to get out of the house, I just couldn't be cooped up in the house any longer!
All day I just wanted to be home and continue relaxing, but I knew that time would soon come when I would fine my way back on chapel street... home sweet home. 
Alas! 4:30pm!!  It couldn't be!!  Time to go home where I could finally relax once again. 
Finally home, took off my boots, my sweatshirt, and I plopped myself on the couch watching some TBS (King of Queens).  No roommate home yet, he gets home around 5:30pm so I have about an hour all to myself. 
Uh Oh!  When nature calls, it calls!! I run around grabbing anything around the house to read, can't find anything of course... a magazine that came in the mail yesterday about lumber liquidations will have to do.  (By the way, i'm pretty much an expert on different kinds of lumber liquidations now.  From exotic lumber, stained lumber, ohh the list goes on!)
Here's where the dilemma lies... only enough toilet paper for me to use to finish up. Surely my roommate noticed before he went off to work this morning, maybe he will pick some up on his way home.
Its pretty amazing how a small thing like toilet paper can be on your mind constantly.  I couldn't even enjoy my King of Queens show without thinking about, Charmin extra soft toilet paper. 
Josh walks in, "Hey there, how was your day?" Trying to be polite.  "You didn't happen to buy toilet paper today, did you?" He just looks at me.
"No, why, are we out?" (Josh)
"Yeah, maybe I should run out and get some." (Me)
"Yeah, you should." (Josh)
I don't want to put my shoes on, jacket on, and go out just to get toilet paper.  We won't need it, I ponder to myself.  But what if...
I look at the microwave clock: 6:22pm. I'll just walk over to the Lil General.
I can't buy toilet paper there, $3.64 for ONE roll.  Are they crazy?! Now, this short walk to the Lil General has just become a chore... I have to walk back and get my car, and go to, CVS in pascoag.  Finally, the aisle of heaven (or in this case, toilet paper).  I get my favorite, CHARMIN. Since I'm here, I mine as well get myself a treat... peanut m&m's will do the trick. 
Finally get home, take off my jacket, slip my shoes off and put the toilet paper in the bathroom and now I can relax with m&m's at 7:42pm.
This was my day.  How was yours?

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