Why do people lie?

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Sometimes people lie, and this frustrates me. It frustrates me even more when they lie about me.

Submitted: January 14, 2011

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Submitted: January 14, 2011



Dear Journal, January 14, 2011
Have you ever had a person that you just could not tell anything to? A person that loved drama in life? When there was no drama, had to create it some how and some where. Well, I have and it frustrates the crap out of me!
This person means well, and is an extremely nice person. I'm so glad we met, but then, there are times I just need my space. It's gotten so bad that this person actually makes things up in their head! I cannot believe how someone who is so dedicated to God can make up such lies! They put words in my mouth that I never even said! Frustration. Like I said, this person is not a bad person, and most of the time they are a lot of fun to be around, but than there are other times that everything they talk about is so dramatic and so unrealistic, but they believe it actually happened the way they say.
Not sure if you know this about me yet, but I'm a realist. I can also read people very good. And this person that I'm talking about loves the attention. They love being critical about everything. For instance, I'm really good friends with one of their family members, and this person talks a lot about me “dating” this other person. Sure, I joke around only when they joke with me because they are that kind of crowd. But I would never date this person... EVER! Just not the right person for me. And not only that, I'm not even looking. Why? Because I've had my share of girlfriends, some ended badly, some ended on a mutual level and we are still friends today. I'm just tired of looking, and when God brings the right person to me, than maybe, just maybe I will go out with that person. But honestly, I am very content with where my life is right now. I live in a really nice condo, and I own just about everything in it myself. I have a great roommate. I can work as much and as little as I choose without anyone jumping on my back. I go out with friends or just sit home and do nothing. I don't have to be bothered by anyone. My relationship with God is great! I love my church family! My life is awesome right now, and I am extremely happy.
But this person has the audacity to make such lies and tell my parents that I'm heartbroken because this person has entered into a relationship with someone else besides me. Are they kidding me? I never said that at all!! I never had any intention to date and yet, they put such a bad spin on things and go around blurting out that I'm heartbroken, poor me.
Next time this happens, I'm going to drag them to the person that they lied to and put them in an awful awkward conversation telling them that they lied to their face! If you don't like it, than you better stop telling lies! You know who you are!

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