Common Ground.

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A friend of mine had been writing an essay for school and showed me her progress, being as good as it was it put me in a writing mood. This is the result.

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012




 “In the ever changing world, nothing changes.” Life can be funny sometimes, it can also be a cynical pain in the ass, but in its moodiness, does anything ever truly change? 
  Lately I find myself questioning common morality, and a very curious question occurred to me, will we ever find a common ground? 
  Well in order to find the answer to that age old question, we first have to decide what we have evolved from. 
  In many cultures, gluttony was respected, because it meant you had something substantial in the bank. What was once a work of God has become a scientific discovery. A man educated, was once one of the rarest luxuries. But have we, at our core, ever honestly evolved?
  I’m a fifteen year old American citizen, I have an education, I have the right to speak my sarcastic mind, I have had conversations with hero’s and whores. Neither my spiritual beliefs nor my sexual preference are things I have to hide from. This is a luxury of the modern era, or is it? Yes, these are the customs of the free land that we live in, but some places, are not so fortunate. 
  Just today, I was watching stories of protests and strikes on the news. These types of human reactions are not based around liberty, but injustice. Our country is at war with a nation, because of what so few people believe. This war was triggered by an attack, an attack that was performed out of lust for power and kingship. 
  Even in our own utopia, there are corruptions, leaders rise with no intention but personal gain. Rights are being denied, and our hero’s are those we see on t.v.? I am not guiltless, in fact I’m one of the worst kinds of offenders. I know the issues at hand, yet I do nothing to stop them. 
  Teen pregnancy, truancy, hatred of hero’s, and these are the people who will be governing us in the near future. But despite my malice towards it, this is the way it has always been. 
  Leaders have always been corrupt, streets have always been filthy, and people have always idealized fools. 
  Innocent people tortured for their beliefs, women and elders being killed on the word of a child, students shot down for no valid reason. These are some of the monsters that we know.
  Just when I begin to lose my hope that we will ever find peace, I remember the greats, those who care, who find what they believe in and don’t lose their ground. Great men who have devoted their lives to making a difference. This is why I believe we have come far from the barbarians that we where.
  From the time we humans evolved from monkeys, we felt emotions. Emotions such as hate, fear, and revenge, but they are counteracted by those who love, who show compassion, who understand the concept of unity.
  We have come so far because of these emotions, the ones that guide us through these dark times. We are broken, we are bloody, but we are beautiful. We’re learning that eventually the bloodshed has to end. Perfection is no longer the goal, the goal now is to find a peace, and to do that we must find compromise.
  A wise friend once said to me that we all have our demons, but only when we focus on them do they hunt us down. If we stop dreaming of what could happen, and start working on making it happen, then we can find change within ourselves.
  I have come to the conclusion that despite our ever so prominent flaws, we are learning, and because of that, we will eventually find common ground.

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