No mere melody.

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what the first song ever sang was inspired by? Regardless of its age, everything starts somewhere.

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



Tis an inspiration and infatuation.

A saviour to some and life to others.

We crave it, we save it.

Above all we play it.


Scream it, sing it, speak it for you know,

barriers do not belong.

Only the understanding,

that no one person is the same.


Oh, the echo of long lost ballads.

Or the freshness of a newborn tune.

The correlation between the melody and the sping of life,

is strong enough to last.


Is love not compared to a phenomonal song?

Are the punding of drums not used in war?

We sing compositions of joy to lift our spirits.

And we compare the wind to the sound of a song.


No one man can create such wonder.

No group could sing this great soul.

But nature is a dancer,

so let your mind be free with the rhythm of her sway.

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