Through The open Barrel.

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While I am aware of the strong inconsistencies, plot holes, and grammatical errors, this is more a showcase of the concept and characters. Mainly Marshall, Shawn, Sam and Micheal. Any feedback would be gladly accepted.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012




Chapter 1


  Hi my name is Marshall Folman, and I was normal once. I had a mom and dad, friends, and a weird fixation on every cute girl that walked three feet in front of me. That’s being sixteen I guess, But then it had to happen I had to find that stupid suitcase and ruin my life but I’m getting ahead of myself let me start from the beginning. 


  “Marshall get your lazy ass up and help me find my dog.” I was wakened by my sister Camille, drunken prom queen extraordinaire. She looked way too much like the dog she was desperately searching for, big eyes and skinny.


  “Cam what time is it?” I asked my sister not afraid of letting my bitterness show.


  “I don’t know about 7am, now where is coco?!” she screamed revealing the smell of old jack daniels on her breath. I looked down at my overgrown chest and saw that the dog had been laying on me the whole time.


  “What the hell man” I sat up and threw the little brown rat off of me. The 14 year old girl was too drunk to notice her dog on my shirt.  I looked around the piece of crap trailer I had saved up for a year to afford, a seven hundred square foot hellhole that got me away from the smoky house my parents paid the bills for. My parents where never home, my mom was always out partying and staying the night at some random scumbags house. My dad was always out on business, or so he said I knew what he was really doing the only way we could afford anything with my sister and moms drinking addiction was if my dad was either dealing, an assassin, or smuggling. After all on the border of Mexico anything is possible.


  “So, Marshall how’s life going?” Camille asked to break the silence that in her eyes was too awkward to bear.


  “Get out Cam, I have to get changed and meet up with Taylor in fifteen minutes” I demanded in a frustrated tone that even drunk she had learned to obey. As she exited I put on a green shirt that read ‘save a tree eat a rock’ and a black pair of skinny’s and was on my way to walk five miles to my friend Taylors. Taylor was a 15 year old kid with acne and a star wars t shirt, that’s right a typical high school nerd. Thing about him is that he unlike most nerds was cool and socially excepted out blake point high. Something I can’t say for myself. At school I was an outcast, I was that one kid who could never get a girl and got stuffed in lockers on tv. The worst thing about it is that I didn’t care, I could never get myself to care I just drudged through it. Before I knew it I phased back to reality to notice I had arrived. Taylor was waiting in the yard sitting in a chair.


  “Dude, your late” he stated the obvious fact in a whiny tone. He was wearing a red jacket and blue jeans, his bare feet had become dirty from walking in the yard of his 1800’s Mexican style house.


  “I know I know but Camille was being stupid and I had to get dressed and walk…And you don’t care” I eventually stopped rambling when I noticed Taylor getting frustrated.


  “Exactly, now come on I have your equipment in the van” Taylor answered me.


  “Dude its lawn work, not armed robbery” I joked but his face was stern and unmoved.


  “Let’s just get going alright man?” he asked, it didn’t take a shrink to see he was pissed off, Taylor had anger issues to the extreme. I had once seen him punch a kid for dropping his pencil. It was sometimes made it difficult to work with him, because he was a perfectionist, and I was ungodly lazy.


  “Ok” I replied so shortly to make sure that he wouldn’t flip out on me. Grabbing my stuff I was work bound willing to live in the same life, but longing for change unknowing that change would come all too fast.


Chapter 2


  Walking back home from work was always the same, wave at my fourth grade teacher as she sat on her lawn chair, trip on the same pothole, mumble the same swear, wonder why I haven’t made any attempt to get a real job and do something with my life. I am sixteen and I haven’t even got my permit. I never made an attempt to change anything, it’s like I was caught in a whiny quicksand and I just stood there letting it devour me. I hated my family, I hated my friends, I hated my house, and I hated my world. Then something unfamiliar happened, I tripped on a suitcase. It was one of those metallic ones you see on movies, the one that always had drugs or a gun or something menacing. “Ok then.” I mumbled evading the suitcase knowing that it probably was something of the illegal nature. I walked on this I noticed a name on the case, “M. Folman” “Dad?” I couldn’t help but wonder. Because my name was derived from my fathers, Michael Folman. I looked around scanning the road for prying eyes, realizing no one was around I grabbed the mysterious case and bolted back to the house that was part of my life that was about get turned upside down.


  “What’s that?” Camille questioned now sober. She ran her hand through her curly blond hair.


  What do I say here I wondered do I lie something I have never been good at? Or do I tell the truth and possibly risk whatever I just found? I did what I had to. “Oh it’s just something I got as a gift from one of my clients.” I lied horribly.


  “Clients?” She laughed. “You get paid for cleaning lawns not solving crimes” she sarcastically remarked.


  “Yeah yeah I know anyway, how’s your head?” I asked to change the subject.


  “Well lets just say it hurts” She replied in a joking tone.

I heard a loud noise outside, something obnoxious that dropped the conversation completely.


  “What was that?” Cam asked. Although I was already looking outside the window. It was a car, a little black Porshe. Next to the sports car was a tall well built man in a leather jacket and blue jeans. He was holding a gun. I turned to my sister to give her directions


  “Camille go to the kitchen get a knife and hide in the bathroom this is important when I come get you or I’m not here call 911.”


  “What’s going on Marsh” Camille questioned in a scared tone.


  “Do it!” I hated yelling at her, but that guy had a gun what was I supposed to do? I don’t know what possessed me to do it, maybe it was a sub conscious reaction because I knew that case was trouble, but I opened it and sitting inside where two items, a syringe, and a gun. I grabbed the gun and the needle that I assumed was used for drugs and ran for it. At that point something triggered in me, maybe it was adrenaline, maybe it was pent up rage, but for once in my life I felt alive.


  “Hey kid what are you doing?” The man yelled revealing a thick Irish accent. “Kid?” The man lifts his gun and fires. The noise alone was shocking, but the pain in my calf was something I had never felt. I had been shot and it was excruciating. Naturally I dropped and held the lower back of my calf where I had been shot and was not surprised when everything went black.


Chapter 3


I woke up in a building I didn’t recognize. It was big and grey with shelves stacked with books. There was what appeared to be a gun safe in the back corner of the room. It took me a minute to realize I was on a bed. A bed? Somehow I imagined if I woke up I would be in some sort of torture device. I also expected to be gagged and tied up but nope I was on a bed wearing new clothes.


  “Hey the brave little gunman that could is awake” joked a familiar Irish voice. The man was standing over me with a smirk.


  “Look I don’t know who you are but you shot me, I have a sister who I need to get home to, obviously you don’t want me dead so what do you want?” I asked urgently. The Irishman laughed and started to talk.


  “All in good time lad And I can assure you I didn’t want to shoot you but it was the only way to get to you and it’s patched up now.” Who is this guy? First he shot me and now he’s saying sorry and ‘patched me up’.


  “I can imagine you’re confused right now but I will explain just do me a favor and well, not move.” He whispered as he walked off. Ok I was pissed now but what could I do if I ran I’m sure he would catch me and drug me, but if I somehow was able to get out and did I could get out of here and change my name. Then what about Camille? My train of thought was interrupted by the Irishman accompanied by a very familiar looking man.


  “Dad? What’s going on? Who is this guy? Who are you?” I couldn’t help but bombard my father with questions, they just poured out of me.


  “Marshall thank god, this is Shawn O’Donnell, he’s the guy that just saved your life, That house was going to be invaded by people you never want to meet, as for your last question I can’t answer that.”


  “Ok, Shawn I’m sorry but you shot me, my natural reaction is not to like you,”


  “Hey none taken I wouldn’t like me either.” Shawn replied with a small little smirk that I expect he will almost always be wearing.”


  “Dad, if you think all of this is going to excuse you are severely mistaken.” I would be stressing this fact all too much soon. Call me cold and heartless but I never regretted saying that. I am a person who says what he feels if you don’t like it, stop reading this right now.


  “Does the phrase ‘a boy named sue’ mean anything to you?” my dad asked as if it should have.


  “Anyway I told you I would explain things and I give you my word as an Irishman that I will but your dad and I have important business to attend to.” Shawn spoke. He seemed much younger and less intimidating now that I wasn’t in fear of death from him. He had kind of a boyish face hidden behind a scruffy brown beard.


  “Your free to roam the building or get some rest we have a lot to tell you when we get back.” He handed me an old kabar knife and a key. Shawn noticed my confusion and tried to answer to the best of his abilities.


  “You’ll see when we get back but lets just say its insurance.” He responded my expression cryptically.  Then they left out the door leaving me alone in this foreign fortress, surrounded by unfamiliar sights, dangers I couldn’t imagine, people who could kill me in an instant and no sense of comfort at all. At that very moment the moment they left, the feeling came back, that feeling I have missed for so long. A feeling of excitement and adrenaline, and as I felt so rarely in my life I felt alive.

. . .


The place was huge and grey. It was like being in a giant storm cloud.  I passed some people and got some odd stares but nothing hostile, they must have been informed I was there or something. I wandered into a room full of giant computers, all of them seemed to be wired into one control center, and naturally I followed them to find a girl who looked about my age controlling it. She was a little shorter than I was, but she had shoulder length blue hair and a neon green tank top on. Before I could say anything she spoke first.


  “Hey, Marshall right? Come on in.” She had a smooth but high pitched voice.


  “Hey, um hi…who are you? I don’t mean to be rude, its just you know my name and I cant say I can return the courtesy.” God damn it why am I so awkward. She chuckled and then spoke.


  “Don’t worry about it my name’s Sam and your Michael’s son I heard about the little scene that happened earlier with Shawn, sorry about that.” she said sympathetically.


  “Don’t worry about it he seems…interesting.” I said because I couldn’t think of the right word.


  “Yeah he takes some getting used to just try to think of him as Murphy from Boondock saints. She joked. I chuckled but it was fake, what the heck is Boondock Saints?


  “Anyway what is this place? I mean apparently its some sort of secret agent headquarters or something” I asked showing my ignorance to what was going on.


  “Oh they didn’t tell you where an ancient assassins guild and your our next target.” She joked again. “But seriously where a pharmaceutical company”


  “Drugs?” I had to ask


  “No but it will all be explained later, in fact they just got back, I think its time you should be introduced the gang.” I knew at this moment any sense of normality I once had was gone now.



Chapter 4


  I met up with dad and Shawn in what looked to be some kind of annex, Sam showed me the way. Dad seemed a little nervous. That made me scared, but for some reason Sam and Shawn seemed excited like something good was about to happen. Within a couple minutes the room was flooded with people and my dad got up on stage.


  “Hello everyone as most of you know I am not good at public speaking so I will make this as short as possible”. I heard a couple people chuckle. “Also as most of you people have either seen or been notified my son is with us tonight and he will be joining the company”. What did he just say!? I couldn’t have heard that right. “Shawn and I will be preparing the introductory process within the hour, thank you.” There was a small round of applause.


  “Pharmaceutical company? No I am thinking cult” I whispered in Sam’s ear.

  “It’s not a cult, and it is pharmaceutical, but that’s on the side, Marshall tonight you will be joining the greatest organization in the world.”


“Thanks for the specifics I really appreciate that.” I replied sarcasm flowing my mouth like a river.


  “That’s my job.” My father spoke to pronounce his presence.


  “Well then get to it cause I am dying to know what’s going on here.” This is the point where I was supposed to be angry? Swing at my dad? No because I knew whatever just happened was getting me away from whatever you would call my life before it.


  “Marshall, We are not good people first you have to get that in your head, we are needed though. We are a group known as the illuminati believe it or not we are kind of infamous. We are what most people refer to as assassins.


  “So I am now going to go around killing for the highest bid?” I had to ask my father


  “Not exactly we don’t kill for money, we kill those who need to be killed.”


  “Well I said I would explain thing they are explained now time to welcome our newest member” Shawn who had just walked up spoke. “Still have the knife?”


  “Um yeah?” I answered now very scared.


  “Follow me then” He said gesturing to the other room.


 This next part gets even better.


  “This is going to hurt Marshall, prepare yourself” Shawn whispered all traces of that boyish grin far from his face.


  All of a sudden there was something going through my neck. I couldn’t see what it was but I had a feeling. That same syringe I found with the gun. Was he killing me? Was this all a giant trick a sick joke to them?

Then I felt it an almost what I imagined was heroin like feeling coursing through my veins and then…nothing and I blacked out.


Once again I woke up somewhere foreign area. The difference is this one was outside. Of course its outside isn’t it always in the movies. I scanned the wilderness for some sort of clues as to what was going on. Not to my surprise I found a gun and a canteen, beside the items with a note that read.



 ‘The gun is yours as is the knife, the canteen is filled with a specific liquid DO NOT DRINK IT. Roam the area it will be dangerous. Far to the west there will be a fenced in area you will find your answers there. I will be waiting for you do not expect to see me till the time is right


With respect



  Oh great looks like I’m loved. Oh well looks like I’m on my own this time. I grabbed the 9mm handgun and the old fashion canteen holding the mysterious substance and started walking.


  The desert wilderness of Texas can be brutal. It had to be at least 90 degrees out, In the estimated time of four hours I had been here I had run across several rattlesnakes, seen no lakes or bodies of water, and had avoided some menacing looking people to get to where I was now. But what was in front of me now seemed the most harmful. The fenced in building was within eye sight, as was the guard a big guard, with a really big gun. How could I get around this guy? I could try to sneak around him, but the place was huge that would take too much time. If I tried to shoot him I would get killed. So I just went with what my gut told me to do, my first murder.


  I went up to the closest guard and took a breath scared out of my wits. He just looked at me and laughed he obviously didn’t see a threat in me, his mistake. I grabbed my gun and shot him right between the eyes. He just fell, dead. It changed me, something inside of me seemed stronger, hardened. I was a killer and I liked it. It was nothing like what you would have imagined. No one crying nothing that drastic just someone who was once alive is alive no longer. From there on out I was different. I wasn’t that same skirt chasing loser I used to be I changed into someone else. I wasn’t sure who yet but Marshall Folman was different


  Seeing as all of the guards that I saw wore the same clothes I quickly changed into his uniform and grabbed his gun. It was weird how comfortable it felt in my hands. After climbing the fence I found my way into the building. It was old that was for sure maybe seventy years old. Big and black. It looked like an old military outpost. I was unsure of what to do at this point. After all I had no idea where I was going. Then I saw someone with familiar bright blue hair walking into a building that had a strange glow emitting from it. She was not wearing the same grey Nazi like uniform either. She was clothed in all black.


  “Sam?” I mumbled too quiet for anyone to hear.


  I followed her through the old building, through different room although they all looked the same. Eventually we came into a computer room, Computers seemed to be her specialty. She sat down and spoke.


  “You know I don’t appreciate being followed Marshall.”


  “Sorry I just didn’t expect you to be here.” I replied beating the crap out of myself internally.


  “Why are you here?” She came back to the conversation.


  “I really don’t know” I paused. “My dad knocked me out and left me out in the desert with a note saying to come here.”


  “Oh well if that’s the case any idea how to break a military code?” She asked her voice much more cheerful now.


What did she just ask me?  “Sorry kind of clueless on that type of thing, that seems more your forte”


  “Well it is but I have never done anything military grade”


  “Well is there anything I can do to help then?” I asked trying to help out.


  “Was there anything they gave to you that seemed weird or mysterious?” She asked


  “Some sort of liquid in the canteen”


  “Let me see it” She demanded.


I gave her the canteen and she took a drink of it. I was about to tell her not to, but then I remembered I’m new at this. She seemed to have gotten passed the code. I had to ask.


  “So am I allowed to know what’s in there?”


  “Remember when I said we where a pharmaceutical company?” she returned my question with one of her own”


  “Yeah” I replied


  “Well I wasn’t lying, but we don’t make medicine or drugs, we make enhancements.”




  “Yeah they are like a drink to give us certain skills or strengths, Problem is they are temporary and their side affects are a pain in the ass”


  “What side affects?”


  “Try a three day hangover” She seemed to be finishing up.




  “Yeah anyway we are trying to create on that makes a super assassin invincible and unbeatable”


  “Any luck?”


  “Kinda like I said they are temporary and with one so strong the after affects would be hell, my guess is memory loss, alcoholism, and mild insanity.”


  Those symptoms sounded familiar. I guess it was a family business.


  “Anyway I have the info we needed lets get back come on I know the way” Sam spoke.


Something about this girl was different. Of course I had met some pretty cool ones but Sam she seemed, special.


  “What are you doing?” She asked noticing I was thinking about something.


  “Don’t worry about it” I answered laughing at the fact I had a crush on an assassin.




Chapter 5


  Somehow the tedious walk wasn’t so bad when you weren’t alone. The sun had set about an hour ago and there was no way we where making it back to the compound, even with a navigator.






“How long have you been doing this you are about sixteen or seventeen right?” she laughed and poked the campfire we set up.


“Yeah, my dad has been working with the illuminati for a good 20 years which means I was raised into this”.


  “Gees and I thought my childhood sucked”.


  “Ehh its not so bad after all it’s how I discovered tech work, my passion and I hope I’m not being too arrogant when I say I’m good at it.”


  Dude who was this chick, who was my dad, who was Shawn, and who am I?


“So what exactly was the information we just stole”? I had to ask.


  “Don’t exactly know, Shawn just said it was vital. I’m not exactly informed on this stuff”.


  I started to wonder what we just stole. “Hey what if it was nuke launch codes”. Why was I so stupid around pretty girls? She really was pretty I don’t know why she was simple yet unique, not the face of an angel or body of a goddess or any cheesy stuff like that but I don’t know, something about her was fun and cute.


  “Somehow I doubt that but nice guess”. She was kidding…I wasn’t. I wasn’t about to tell her that though. She poked the fire with a stick she had found. What was with all the firewood weren’t we in the desert?


  “You know I really wish your dad or Shawn or somebody would pick us up its hot I’m tired and I’m no fan of the outdoors especially the desert”.


  “Sorry it’s not like I have a psychic link to my father.” I think she was surprised at me saying that. “Sorry I speak my mind”. God damn it Marshall pull it together and stop acting like an idiot. I was extremely relieved to hear her laugh.


  “It’s all good your dad is the same way”. “Anyway it’s late you should get some sleep I’ll stand guard”. I was going to protest that but decided against that due to the fact she would probably just argue. I found a good place in the sand took off my jacket and carefully folded it into a pillow and slept.


  Chapter 6


  Have you ever been waken up drenched in blood? Let me tell you it’s not a pleasant experience. I hadn’t moved from my original spot in the sand, but I was sleeping in a wave of red. The whole entire camp was soaked in it. It didn’t take me long to realize the entire desert had been covered in a menacing crimson. You know this is the sort of thing anyone would freak out over, but as I sit there screaming I still feel like an idiot. Sam was lying in the sand staring at me with cold menacing eyes. Except her body had been contorted and twisted, like a human spider web. Though she was obviously dead she was still screaming. I couldn’t fight the urge to laugh. This sick, demented vision. I laughed because I survived I was the sole survivor of an infernal bloodbath. I laughed because Sam accomplished assassin was dead while I the nerdy kid from San Antonio was alive. I laughed because her throat was slit and I held the knife, and finally I laughed because I have had this dream before. The usual Camille was replaced by Sam but everything else was identical.


I sat up from the sand now its regular tint and stared at Sam safe and sound, her hair now a purplish tint instead of its regular blue. Her laying down made her seem asleep, to my alarm she opened her eyes and stared back.


  “Nightmares?” she asked in a rather devious tone.

  “No…just couldn’t sleep sorry” Lying was one of my few talents. “Do you have the time?”


  She ran her hand through her hair and sighed. “It’s about four forty five, as much as I hate to say we need to get up if we want to be at the command center.”


  We both got up grabbed our things and where on our way.


  “So free masons huh?” I asked just to strike up conversation, after all it was going to be a long walk in the early morning heat.


  “What?” Sam answered his question with one of her own.


  “Well I was watching this thing on T.V. about this cult called the free masons who where like the builders of the world or something but that’s not the point, the thing is there is a sub cult within the free masons called the illuminati. They are supposed to be some satanic assassin group.” Not one of my brighter moments


  She busted out laughing so hard she cried. When she finally calmed down she looked at me and said.


  “Don’t believe everything you hear on T.V.”


  The rest of the walk was pretty quiet aside from the occasional stomach growl or yawn. We finally got back to the building at about 7a.m. and Shawn was waiting for us at the door. He was wearing his same leather jacket for some weird reason, but I didn’t ask I was just grateful to be back. He smiled at us and opened the gate with his key card.  We Shawn, Sam and I where heading back into the annex, and Shawn held the door for Sam and I but stopped me as soon as I entered. He kind of took me of guard with his next statement.


  “She’s a beauty ain’t she?” in an Irish accent I was growing all too familiar with.


  “Sam yeah, but I think you’re a bit old for her dude” my joke was recognized but not laughed at.


  “Marshall I will give you my word as an Irishman we will get along, but please stay clear of my daughter.” For the first time I saw a deepness in Shawn, one I did not want to dig into.


  “I’m sorry sir I didn’t know” I felt like a kid talking to his dad.


  “I know you didn’t so don’t worry about it” he lightened back up. “Oh and by the way.”



“Don’t call me sir it makes me feel old.”



 Chapter 7


  We got back to what was going to become my home and I could not deny that. I never in my entire lifetime could guess that I was going to become an assassin, who would? Here I was though in a room with my father following in his slightly evil footsteps.  The room we where in seemed almost like an interrogation room, it was low ceilinged, dark and empty. My father was dressed in a grey business suit, his long black hair combed backward into a ponytail.



“Marshall, what the hell where you thinking?” he yelled with a surprising anger.


  “What” “I did what the letter told me, the letter that YOU wrote.” I was really surprised at his next answer.


  “I never told you to kill a man in cold blood, that’s the type of thing we fight against!”


  “I never signed up for this, you sent a big Irish goon after me and my sister to what? Defend us from bad guys, you said yourself we’re the bad guys, and going back to that what about Camille you don’t seem to care that she probably got killed by them.” I have never regretted anything I had ever said, I was and am a strong believer in speaking your mind…but I regretted that. A hand came at my face so fast it would be futile to try to get out of the way.


  “Don’t you ever assume I don’t care about your sister, EVER.” With that he walked out of the room.


  What just happened? Where was my life going? I did exactly what he told me. Now he’s hitting me because of it, god who the hell was this man.


  I decided to step out of the room and venture the base and try to clear my head, but I was immediately stopped by an unfamiliar face. It was a kid about twelve years old; he had black hair and brown eyes. It looked like he had just gotten out of bed because he was wearing a gray wife beater and some pajamas.


  “Are you new here?” the kid asked. His voice was much deeper than I expected.


  “Yeah I am, sorry did we wake you up?” I don’t know why be he just gave off a feeling that made you feel bad for him.


  “Yeah but it’s alright, I’m Ramon.” He extended his hand to shake. I shook it then replied


“I’m Marshall, Michael’s son.”  For some reason he laughed.


  “How many kids does he have?” Ramon walked away after that. My curiosity was peaked but I didn’t want to bug the kid, so I let him walk off.


  Chapter 8


 A few hours had gone by since dad and my little pissing match and it was lunch time so I decided to find my way to the mess hall. With some direction from some guy in the hallway I found my way there. It was a lot like a school cafeteria actually, which kind of scared me. After getting my food which looked like slopped Pop Tart I sat down at one of the round uninhabited tables. It wasn’t till I saw food that I realized how freaking hungry I was, I hadn’t eaten in days and it was starting to show. Seeing as before all this happened I at four meals a day. I’ll admit it I have a bit of a belly but honestly I couldn’t care less about it, I was an assassin what other kid my age could say that. I started to eat and then laughed a bit, it was funny now matter how hungry I was, bad food was always bad. After a couple gulps I noticed a flash of familiar blue out of the corner of my eye. She sat down next to me made a disgusted face and made a weird noise with her mouth.


  “Ew how can you eat that stuff, honestly I think the cooks make it more as a joke than anything?”


  “Familiarity I guess looks…and tastes just like my school food, that and it’s the only thing I could find.” A thought then just passed in my head. “Hey how come you didn’t tell me Shawn was your dad?”


  “He told you huh, I guess it just didn’t seem important.” The sighed then continued. “He’s my step dad actually my real dad died in a house fire about a year after I was born, Shawn being a friend of the family took me in, I didn’t realize he was part of a secret organization till I was about fourteen though, I only joined about a year ago.” Her story was kind of depressing but as weird as it was to be going against my nature, I didn’t say anything about it.


  “How did you not notice something like that?” it may have been rude but I had been playing nice too much lately, I hated holding my tongue.


“I knew something was up but if there’s one thing you don’t want to do its piss off an Irishman.” I couldn’t argue with her there “As awesome as Shawn is though he’s always been overprotective about my condition.” Her condition? What?


  “I didn’t realize you where sick” that sounded really bad.


  “I’m blind Marshall, have been since the day I was born. I learned how to see through sound and smell though, so please don’t start going all crazy about it.”


  “Well we learn something new everyday don’t we?” Thank god I was used to dealing with sensitive subjects. Being that I had two drunks in the family.


  “That we do what about you? Any interesting family super duper juicy secrets?” I had to laugh the way she said that was terrible.


  “Well my sister and mother are both probably drunk right now if not dead, my friend Taylor and I own a business…kind of we mow lawns and my dad is leader of a secret society of killers and well that about sums it up.” Wow I sounded really winy there. “Oh and speaking of which, do you know why my dad went all morally challenged on me earlier when he heard what happened at the fort?”


  “Well you killed someone who didn’t deserve it Marshall, I’d say that’s ground for a little domestic show down don’t you?” Her answer surprised me.


  “Everyone keeps saying that but we are assassins aren’t we it’s what we do.”


  “I think you enjoy that title too much” She replied in a cautious voice “And besides it was strictly an only kill if necessary mission.”


  “I had to kill him there was no other way in.” It was true what I was saying but I still felt a little guilty about arguing with a blind girl about killing.


  “There’s always another way I learned that the hard way…” She got quiet and sat there for a couple seconds silently as if she where reminiscing an old memory. “But that’s a story for another time and I’m not the one to be giving you lessons on morality.” And with that she parted leaving me to wonder what the hell she was talking about.


Just as I was about to get up an alarm rang and the room cleared. Wondering what was going on I grabbed my gun which I now intended to carry with me wherever I went. Aimlessly wandering was something I was good at, but I think it was a good thing that I heard that scream when I did. I followed it into a room full of people and as soon as I entered everyone shut up. Which made me very nervous. I walked through the crowd and they parted for me, making me more nervous. Then I saw him lying in a pool of his own blood, in the same gray business suit he was in earlier, my father dead. I sat next to him for a good long time a mourning and remembering the last thing he gave to me before his death was a bruise on my face. I stood up and spoke in a calm voice.


  “Who did this?” No one answered. So I asked again. “Who did this?” Once again silence. “ANSWER ME!” Then a laugh arose through the crowd as it grew closer and closer I readied my gun to kill whoever just murdered my father. Eventually a face came through the mob and depression and anger. A face I knew all too well. A face that appeared in my nightmares and in my trailer. The face of my sister.


  “Really Marshall are you that naïve?” She asked as she drew a gun of her very own.


  A shot was fired and Camille my sister was dead.


  The bodies had been removed as had my family. I had to find the god damned suitcase in the middle of nowhere. I had to have let my father join me into this stupid cult. I had to have left Camille at home for god knows what to brainwash her. I laid in my bed fully expecting Sam or Shawn to walk through that door and tell me about how they where all so sorry and would offer me whatever I wanted, but in the end no one came. I was not sure if this was for better or for worse. As much as I wanted to I could not sleep, I could not eat. My sister killed my father and I killed her, and for what for the thrill? No for revenge, Camille didn’t just walk in here. She would have had to have been here before to have been let in. She did not just kill her own father for no reason, she was working for someone, someone who had a vendetta against my father, the same people Shawn tried to save us from. Why was that suitcase in the middle of the road it had to have been planted there for some reason, but why? Why was I so important? Oh and why was I sitting in my own pity party instead of getting up and figuring this out? I sat up I grabbed my gun and walked out of my room. I wasn’t going to mope around I was going to find my fathers killer, because it sure as hell was not Camille, not in the end. I was going to survive this on top. I had purpose, and for the very first time I knew who I was, and it was no yard worker, nor was it a cold blooded killer, it was and is who I am today. Marshall Folman and that is a title of its own.


  Chapter 9



AS determined as I was I was still just a kid with a gun, not exactly a hero…or villain depends on how you look at it. I needed to find a way to get ready. As it had been a planned there was a knock on my door, then Shawn and Sam both walked in my room and Shawn said in his accented voice.


  “I know you probably don’t want to hear this from the guy that shot you but it has to be said, I know you want revenge, you probably want to march out of this well fortified building full of trained assassins, but your not going to because if you do your going to spend the rest of your life searching for these killers and on the slight chance that you find them you are going to get killed.” It was scary how much he had right. This time though it was Sam who spoke.


  “But it would probably speed up the process a bit if you let us help you, Michael was our friend too, and we are not just going to stand around looking stupid while you waste your life.” Maybe it was the Folman in me talking but I knew I had to say it.


  “I know guys, I know. Before we get too far into this though I need some answers that I know you two know.” I was far too comfortable with this.



  “Who was my father really? Why did I find a suitcase with a gun and a syringe in the middle of the road untouched, why am I so welcome as if I was a hero, who are the people that captured Camille, and why is this so natural to me like I was born to be a killer?” It was Shawn who spoke first.


  “Marshall, as your father once said the illuminati aren’t good people, we are killers and that’s not a good thing. Long before you where born me and your father where friends, our parents where business partners for some insurance company, they owned it. So your father and I grew up together, even then he was kind of scary in his ideals, he was always a bit sociopathic and idealistic, but he was a kid and could never follow through with what he planned. Years later His parents had both died, spontaneously, it was extremely suspicious. He inherited their share of the Folman family fortune and then left Ireland never to be seen there again. A couple years go by and I had worked several years in the I.R.A. I was just about to retire when a got a call from a familiar voice except he now had a strange American accent. He did the usual how’s life been question then asked me something dark. He asked me how I felt about killing for a better world. I assumed he meant the I.R.A. so I tell him that I didn’t know what he was talking about, and then he asks me to go to America. Being that I had just adopted Sam I told him no but he refused to take that for an answer I eventually give in. I arrive in the El Paso airport and there he was. I don’t know what it was about him but from there on I was going to be an American serving under him. That’s all I can tell you about your father… I’m sorry I don’t anything else. As for the suitcase I think Sam can tell you more.” Sam picked up the story telling from there.


  “Honestly there’s not much to that, it was a simple pick up, the woman who lived in the house net to where the suitcase was found was an informant of supplier of ours. I guess she had expected your dad to come by and pick it up soon.”


  “The reason you are welcome here is because you are Michael’s kid, easy as that.” Shawn answered.  “A group doesn’t go this long without making a couple enemies let’s leave it at that.”  “And as for your last question well, you’re a Folman it’s in your blood.”


  “That’s bull and you know it.” It was wither he wanted to admit it or not.


  “I guess you have the right to now know don’t you.” Yeah I do. “Marshal you have been here before, Sam wouldn’t remember but I do, I assume you know about project Samson.”


  “Maybe I don’t know.”


  “Well we have been making what you could call ‘enhancements’ for years now, strength marksmanship, intelligence if it can be improved it we can improve it, but nothing lasts forever and the repercussions are terrible. Listen Marshall I begged him not to do it.”


  “Begged who not to do what?”


  “We found one patient who can permanently be enhanced, Marshal normal human beings have blood running through their veins, you have gel. You are the one success, that’s why you feels o natural at this, that’s why you are our youngest member. Because at birth your father injected the serum into your veins. 



  Chapter 10


  At first I thought I heard wrong, then I thought they where playing some cruel Irish joke on me, but no I couldn’t deny it. I was a super solider, without training or moral dilemma I had successfully infiltrated a military base, killed a man to do it, helped steal military secrets, and help the blind girl, all without questioning my superior. I wasn’t even eighteen yet and I had killed my sister.


  “Did you guys know the last thing my dad said to me was?” “It was to never assume he didn’t care about Camille, right after he hit me in the eye.” I don’t know why but I started laughing, uncontrollably. Looking back I probably seemed like I had gone insane, it was that kind of scary laughter. “And I don’t even care, that he brought the fact that he condemned me to this shit the day I was born…In fact thank you dad for ruining me, and my sister and most likely my god damn mother. Thank you for making me a murderer. Thank you.” In fact I think for a moment there I did lose it. Then something really weird happened, I did something, something I had never done even when I was a baby. I cried. It felt like boiling water was running down my face, it felt like my throat was now a host to a black hole sucking all air into some abyss, my stomach felt like I got hit by a truck going 300 miles an hour. After all that had happened, I finally cried, and cried. Eventually I had a bit of an epiphany and realized this was getting me nowhere. So I grabbed my gun wiped my face, and stared at Shawn and said.


  “What are you all mopey about we have things to do.” Shawn seemed awestruck and slightly confused but also proud he looked at me and answered.


 “Righto boss.” It was good to see him back to being the Shawn I had missed, goofy and strong. This next thing I said…well just read.


  “Don’t call me boss it makes me feel old.” He died laughing then left my room whistling a country tune.


  Right when I thought this touchy feely crap was over, Sam had to ruin the normality. She walked over to me and felt my face.


  “What the he.” I was gladly interrupted. She kissed me, not long but not just a peck either it meant something. Right as I was about to kiss back, she walked away leaving me in the dust. With all that had happened within the last two days emotions where less of roller coaster, more of a cliff dive. I realized something now though. I wasn’t alone as much as I hated it, that blind tech geek and that Irish goofball where going to become the closest thing to family I had. This gun in my pocket was going to become my best friend. This giant military base was going to become my home, and this assassin leader was who I already was. Whoever kidnapped and brainwashed Camille is a story for a different time. As is the story of Sam and I. My name is Marshall Folman and I was normal once. I had a mom and dad, friends, and a weird fixation on every cute girl that walked three feet in front of me. That’s being sixteen I guess.” But then…What is normality and why is it so important.


  To be continued








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