True BLIND beauty

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What we see with our eyes isn't necessarily as beautiful as what we see with our hearts. We can truly be BLIND to beauty and all the wonderful things this world has to offer. Sometimes we forget that our eyes aren't the only means of us seeing the world.

Submitted: April 30, 2012

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Submitted: April 30, 2012



Over the course of life I have learned many important lessons that no matter what I will never forget

The one I remember the most is when I worked at the local diner, this was a day I could never regret.

It was a slower day, and tips were not the best but a man walked through the door with a cane.

I greeted him with a smile and seated him by the window, he and his Great Dane.


As I watched him settle himself and pick up the menu he didn’t look at it or read it like most people did

So I went to him and poured coffee in his cup, he titled his head up at me much like an innocent kid.

I asked him if he needed a few minutes to look over the selections on the menu he replied no

I then asked what I could get him and he smiled the sweetest smile and his eyes truly did glow


He replied I am terribly sorry ma’am but I cannot read do you think you could help me?

I looked at him catching his head down again and it was clear this man truly could not see.

I asked him how I could help, he said, if you could tell me your specials or maybe what is good.

I picked up the menu and though I was nervous I maintained and there I steadily stood.


After I had finished reading, he titled his head back up toward me and said is it my blindness?

Because as you were reading to me, I sensed uneasiness underneath the overwhelming kindness.

Everyone feels so bad that I have lost my sight but the thing is I never have been anything but blind

People act like I have a disease or that I really have no clue and so they are too gentle and way too kind.


Please don’t feel guilty or bad for me for I see much more than you could ever think.

He paused, I see the pain and the happiness and I see how it can all be gone in merely a blink.

You need to understand the gift of sight is not a gift at all because there is so much you will never see

I mean how can you see when it is clear that everyone is too forced by the utter and undeniable reality.


When I look at something though I have no physical image, I see what it is by my own mind.

I see the beauty within in the mundane and there is nothing in people’s spirit I do not find.

Seeing with yours eyes is merely an illusion because there is so much to be seen in what is out of sight.

When I talk to people on the street I don’t see the lines or the wrinkles in their face nor the day or night.


You know what I see, I see the people as individuals and I don’t get caught in an awkward stare.

I get to know them better than most because I can see what is inside and it is because I care.

I don’t see the black/the white, all the colors of skin for it is not really seeing the person as they are.

There is no judgment based on what is physically there I have never had that, you know, awful scar.


When I go outside and I feel the sun shining down on me I don’t see what you see I see more.

So all the violence and al the pain it really is not part of who I am or what is at the center of my core.

I see what I see through my eyes and it is much better than what I could ever see through your eyes.

I don’t have all the questions, confusions, all the what ifs and long standing series of whys.


I see the world truly and clearly because I know more than you ever will because of my gift.

If we all were blind and had no memory of what it was like, maybe then we would be void of that rift.

You are talking to me right now physically judging me because my eyes look truly empty.

But if you look closer there is so much more that is hidden and there you will find a lot more to me.


Does it make me less than you or maybe it makes me more because what I see is what you never will.

Sometimes when I think about the horrible people we become it is truly enough to make me ill.

You all walk around truly thinking you see but all you have is an illusion based on physical looks

I see the beauty in a tree, a flower, an insect or a summer’s day and I see it all even the tiniest nooks.


I could feel the tears that must have been collecting inside him but his sunglasses hid his pain

If I could tell you one thing, and trust me when I leave the memory will be hard to let remain.

When life gets so horrible and becomes something you cannot bare for it hurts too much

When the light in your heart dims and your soul seems so lost and too far out of touch.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath, you fill peace within your heart and it will ease your pain.

This is when you know you truly are seeing and I know to you it sounds unreasonable and insane.

Know that what you see with your eyes closed is truly what you yourself see in your own mind.

One day if you do this, if we are to meet again, you will never think of me as the man who is blind.


What you see with your eyes is merely scratching the surface of what is truly there

Your heart is where you truly see and it leaves what you see with your eyes void and bare.

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