A deadly beast, Or true love?

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No matter what you are, everyone deserves to be accepted.

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012



The moon was right above my head it seemed, shining down on me, casting shadows. Yes, that was all it was a shadow, my eyes were playing tricks on me.

My gaze moved back down to him, with my teeth clenched I tried not to scream, with what was real. He really was one, all those years of lying to me. I shook my head feeling betrayed, but knew he had no other choice.

His eyes meeting mine, I saw something else in them. Something I did not except. Instead of the hungry vicious look I had experienced directed to the guy standing before me a few seconds ago- which was now dead. He looked nearly happy? Well, as happy as you could get with his bristling, dirty and heavy body shaking side to side as he pushed the ground with massive paws. I looked back down to his hand, seeing his sharp claw shaping something into the brown dirt. “I’m sorry?” I read aloud from what he had written. Confused I looked back up to his neutral face, dried blood sticking to his coarse fur. I swallowed- it wasn’t his blood.

I shivered, not cold but frightened of the truth being revealed to me. I did not regret anything though. I slowly walk over to the ‘monster’ placing my shaking hand out to touch him. He winced as I touched him; his body looked tense from human contact. The only time he came in contact with a human was when he was feasting. In this form anyway. I watched him calm down stretching his long paws out in front of him, and snuggling his head on top of them. I heard something escape his mouth, something sounding just like a sigh.

I relaxed with the knowledge he was fine for tonight, he was fed. He wasn’t going to kill me.

A werewolf is a very powerful creature, they were born to kill. I could leave now, forever and not have to worry ever again. But I knew it was worthless saying that, I loved him too much, and would not leave him now nor ever. I nodded my head to myself confirming what had been thought and in the some way when his blood red, blurry eyes looked up into mine I saw an agreement silently being placed between us.

Nobody would ever come between us; no one would ever hurt us. We will never hurt each other. I saw truth in that-

Werewolf or not, he wouldn’t hurt me, he loved me too much.


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