Angels Of Dark, Demons Of Light.

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When I first wrote this, I didn't mind it. Now I don't think it is to good. I uploaded it for you to set your opinion on it.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



The wind whipped around the corner, moaning and warning me that Isaac was here. He held a golden dagger in one hand and the other empty. He was brave enough to travel around with only one weapon and his courage was wanted by many. He had salt and pepper hair that twisted into locks woven down to his chin. The wind pushed it back revealing his sharp features. He had wise blue eyes which held no empathy in them towards others, a squared nose and skin the colour of butterscotch. Even a freckle or two was planted on his face, but all from above knew he was just trying to hide his real identity from mortals. We also knew that his secret was growing uncovered leaf by leaf.

“I hope you know why we called you” questioned Storm. He slowly walked up and down the pavement with his hands behind his back. He stopped when Isaac hesitated to reply “Really Isaac?” Storm shook his head side to side disappointment enveloping his face. But Isaac just stared at the ground, emotions hidden.

“What have I done to fail you?” Isaac asked breathing heavily like that was a hard question for him to bring out. Even though Isaac seemed fragile and sad at that moment his hand tightened on the dagger he was holding.

“You have not failed yet Isaac” Storm corrected. “Many humans are seeing through you, your barrier is weak, weaker than ever. You need to keep your guard up and hide yourself.” Isaac just nodded seeming relived he had not yet failed. “Be careful Isaac. If you fail this time will come for you to die.” and then he added “Don’t be mistaken though, it will be me.” A sly smile whimpered across Storm face, stretching his mouth out.

“Thank-you for explaining Storm” said Isaac sincerely as though he actually appreciated being informed.

Storm just nodded and started to walk away his green eyes burning with intensity. His black hair settled across his forehead, gently because the wind had stopped. “We’ll be in touch” he reminded Isaac before half grinning. He continued walking until he reached the end of the pavement. Storm with one final wave, clicked his fingers and was zapped away.

Isaac let out a big breath of air and loosened his rigid self. “I will fix you brother” he murmured to himself. “If I do fail, I will not only save myself from you, I will fix you.” He signed his features tight, wary looking. “And I am prepared to kill you, if it comes down to that.”

Isaac shoved the golden dagger deep, into the smooth road. He wrenched in back out wiping it clean and locking it back to his side. He waited for a few moments staring down at the ground before it opened up. Bursting open the town crackling along the houses disturbing others, but right now he really didn’t care.

Chapter one-

Yes. He had just thrown a pot plant onto the ground. Quite hard. Purposely of course, Isaac was frustrated and was growing tired taking orders from Storm. For all he knew, there was nothing out there. Three weeks he had been down in Earth and nothing strange or eccentric had happen. But it wasn’t the face that he was stuck down on earth trying to discover an unknown mystery that annoyed him, in fact he quite like the friendly humans. He just didn’t like taking orders from storm. His whole body ached with betrayal, even though he was betraying no one.

“Unintelligent messenger” he snarled. It was a below level messenger who had welcomed Storm into heaven. Even worse, God allowed it. ‘Apparently there was something beyond evil brewing’... Isaac quietly mocked to himself. ‘That the demons and angels needed to work together’. He signed and plopped himself down onto the couch. “How can I fail when there isn’t even anything to fail at?” he cursed. The truth laid it front of him though, several times it had failed to be significant. He knew Storm was up to something, and everyone was going to end up dead soon if he didn’t-

His silent rant was suddenly irrupted. A hollow knocking of the door awakened his ears and his bones stiffened. His breathing became shallow and he squeezed his eyes shut hoping it wasn’t Storm again.

The knocking continued.

Isaac slowly got up from the couch and crept forward to the door. He stopped for a second in the middle realising he hadn’t even taking in any detail of his new hotel room. This wasn’t too bad, it was quite bright and the essence of energy was strong in the string of the building. His other one was shit- a slang word- he had got used to saying. Isaac cocked his head to the side, his ears pricking up the sound of movement. There was someone still outside but they had stopped knocking. And then it went too quiet. Isaac gripped his hand on the golden dagger and backed into the corner of the room. The scent was caught; he was now able identified them as someone dead. They weren’t ghosts though, they were as fit and as healthy as human beings. He knew because as they slammed the door open a small group of people with ashy skin and chestnut hair walked in. Their expression looked grim as there surprised entry was failed. If I hadn’t been able to catch onto their roasted dead beetle smell, I would have thought they were perfectly normal. But with their firm glances and graceful balance my guess was confirmed. They were dead.

Something about thing scared me and nicked me in the head. If they were already dead could they even die?

“Come on Isaac!” The boy at the back of the group spoke voice crystal clear. “No need to hide” he rolled his shoulders and twisted his neck. “Where not going to hurt you” he said sarcastically and put his hand in the air pretending to wave the very thought of it away. The others laughed.

“Amateurs”he whispered.And every head in the room rolled toward the spot he was hiding behind.

“Yeah, It’s fine not to hide” Isaac crawled away from the cabinet. “Really” he prompted.

Flashing them a smile Isaac said “I am sorry you chose to live your life this way” he bit his bottom lip while tightening his grip on the dagger. The other faces were puzzled and they were not expecting what happened next.

The golden dagger slit their throats and darted their hearts.

Isaac went to wash it off, whistling the whole time.

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