Day In And Day Out

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Not my best, I guess I just wasn't feeling my best...

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012



Your perfect melody still chimes in my head,

Day in and out, I experience pain smouldering my body,

A rich laver of burning fire,

 Never long enough to catch onto my words,

And day in and day out, my silent mouth doesn’t move,

I only watch you grimace at my nonchalant expression,

Even alone, I don’t yet understand myself,

I dig deeper with the furthest part of my heart scared of the outcome,

Alone with those words, I still try to visualize day in and day out.


They’re always creeping in for my sight, the form of the beasts are hideous,

My silent screams reach none, but my ears pound day in and day out,

There’s no cure but still you attempt, to usher me out of my pain,

The strong dive of knifes dagger my chest inching away from my heart,

They scrape and sliver against my paralysed body day in,

And day out.


One day I dreamt of many dreams,

None with a specific reason, none with a purpose,

I dreamt so much because I wanted more than just day and night,

I didn’t know the purpose then, I was just searching,

Now, I scream day in and day out, my blood curling screech heard,

I explained the differences to you and why dreams were so special.


I guess I just wanted the pain to enrich you as it did with me. Now, with mercy, I leave you with no regrets. Just the selfishness of letting me be yours.









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