The Humans Say They Are Free.

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The humans say they are free, they are safe, they are fine. This may not seem referred to the poem, but look closer and it is!

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




I felt their pain like I was burning too, a ripping of the life,

A searing pain throughout my body, until my venom was all out,

That was when they could no longer heal,

And the heave of pain of their wriggling bodies, did nothing but slow them down,

And the crisp feel of their heads, before they burst into flames again,

This time when they did, their body perished to nothing,

That did not stop me from grabbing the air, trying to snatch them back,

And a hoarse cry escaped my lips, they were really gone,

Nothing is as bad as living for an eternity in hell,

Only if they had listen, there would be no predicament,

And maybe we could have visited, Heaven a few times in that eternity,

But they left me,

With no other choice,

But to burn in hell,

It played out in my head, perfectly it seemed,

I wanted to suffer the same pain of them,

 Though there were consequences,

But to become an exile, was just another difficult plight.

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