Hate or hate

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hate? or love?

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012



Hate is a strong word but everyone has it inside there heart somewhere. I hate alot of things. i hate my friends. I hate this feeling. Help me Help me. My heart is being crashed by you. Why are you doing this to me? I hate you i hate you i hate you. Tell me that im not the only one who feels this. I just need a rest from life. Rest in the grass looking at the sky and imagine the things i could beecome. I mean to run away from my life into my dreams where i am everything and i am number one. Help me.

"Hey" a guy asked me.

"what?" i asked. I just wanted him to leave.

"I know why you come here. I do too. To run away from the world into my fatasy" he said.

"I thought i was the only one" igot up andsmiled. "yups. Dont you just want the world to end?" I contiued.

"...no. People just need to change that all" he said.

"W-what? change? how stupid are you?" I joked.

He laughed and said "looked at it this way life is a game where we all find happiness and love. Life is aplace to change and live long." I didn't say anything. "I see you here a lot but I never got to talk to you, you know? Im glad. Today was a good day" he contiued.

"oh" thats all i could say.

"my name is tobi. I alway loved the way i felt like we connect" he said smiling. I was silence for a mintue.

"my name is hazel." I didn't know what was going on but It was a begining of something...

To be contiued. >.<

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