The winter's fear

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Its was a cold winter. Im alone in the house. I hear noise *step, step, step* footsteps? i thought. WHO'S THERE?! I yelled inside my hand but I couldnt speak. He was carring something. *chhaaa, chaaa, chaaa* What is that? I can hear a man breathing hard. "haa haa haa.." Why i be able to find at who it is and what it wants?

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



It was a winter night. I woke up by the cold wind blowing in my face. It was as cold as the heart of the man who killed my parents last summer. He killed them right in front of me. I could not fall asleep imagining the terrible things that the man did to my parents and whatI could have done to help... I heard a noise *step, step, step*

WHO'S THERE?! i yelled in my head. I could not speak buti heard heavy breathing.

"Haa haa haa..." a man? he had a deep it was terrifing just by his breathing it gave megoosebumps. I can hear him dragging something. *chaaaa. chaaa. chaaa.* What is he dragging? **squeak* He opened the close. I pretented to sleep. My heart beated faster than speed of light. *ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump* He touched my face with his bare hand. It was cold as ice. I spazzed a little but he didnt notice it. He walked away andI opened my left eye to see who it could be. I coudn't see him face butI say what he was holding. It was a axe. He dragged it slowly. It was covered in... blood. I couldn't stop my heart. I was afraid he could hear it. Then, he vanished...

All of a sudde,the man popped right in front of my face. His face was smelled rottened, his skin was melted, andI could see the inside of his face. He was smiling, pure evil but soft with sadness. He didnt seem like he had a eyeball. Its just a black hole. Have you ever heard of the term "frozen in terror"?That's exactly what I was.I was stared into his "eye".I snaped out of my frozen state then fell offmy bed screaming. I got back up andI couldn't stop my tears from flowing. He was gone. "W-was it m-m-myimagination? I don't felt so real...".

To be contiuned >.<

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