The winter's fear (different)

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The little girl is following me. Why? Because she wants to play.

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012



It was a winter night, I woke up by the cold wind blowing in my face. It was as cold as the heart of the man who killed my parents.  i could not fall asleep imagining the terrible things that the man could have done to my parents. What I could have done to help…. I heard a noise *step, step, step*

“WHOS THERE?!” I yelled at the footsteps.

“Hahaha hello…” a young girl was smiling at me.

I could not speak but my heart continues to beat fast and fast.

“H-hello? Who are you?” I said with fear.

“Hahaha I’m here to watch you” the girls smile was pure evil but soft. I could not sleep. I hid under the bed sheets but the girl continued to giggle. The girl just continued to watch me. The girl is next to me in the bed smiling and I screamed. I ended up falling asleep. Was it nightmare? No…

I ran at the door, it was snowing. ”wow!” All my fears disappeared like the wind. The snow is cold but my heart is as warm as my mother’s hugs… my happiness disappeared faster than my fear appeared. “I miss you mom...” I said looking at the sky. The morning turns to dawn than to night. “Why is it late so soon?” I went back into the house and forgetting the terrible event I have at night. I am always alone of I did not care about anything. I decided to go that a shower. In the shower I hear footsteps. I didn’t care so I ignored it. I heard it again but the footsteps were louder, heavier, and closer.

“W-who’s there?!” I could not think I was full of fear.

“Hello… I want to play” a girl said.

Girl shape shadow was all I could see.  A-a girl...? I thought.

“… Play? Why? W-what game?” I said not thinking. I heard giggling again.

“Play… a fun game. It’s where I catch you and if I catch you….. you lose.” She said giggling. W-what? I spoke mindlessly “okay”. She giggles and her shadows disappear. W-what was that? My imagination? Well… time to sleep… I went up to my bed room and tried to sleep when I heard a girl counting

”… 100…99…98…97…96” what? I couldn’t help but ask “why? Why are you counting little girl?” she responded immediately “We are playing a game. You said ‘yes’ remember? If I catch you…” she giggled. oh… I thought. I just sit there mindlessly and waited till the girl said 69 and giggled a little. “65…64…63…62…61…60…” said the girl.

“… Why are you not running?” said the little girl. “All I want to do is play” the girl appeared next to my bed. My heart beats faster and faster. “why?” I asked. “Because I like you and I want you to die so we can be my sisters” the girl stared at me. Her eye is soulless. “59…58…”

To be contiued >.<

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