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This is just a short story I wrote months ago, relating to someone I know. She asked me kindly to write about a painful memory and let her read over it. Everyone has enjoyed it so much I wish to share with everyone else, with the girl's consent.

Journal Entry #1

Suddenly I know I"m not dreaming. It all became so real. Everything was gone, I was left with nothing. I'm still in shock. Why me? I'm now just sitting here, dying ever so slowly. I want to be saved. Oh how I want to be saved. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of misery. I never thought that this would happen, not like this. My heart is trembling, my tears keep falling, my life is slowly ending, and I sit here and think... Why me... Why is my boyfriend being punished as well? My blood is coursing through my body, no way I ever want it stopping. But sometimes I wonder what would be the outcome of my heart not beating, my brain not working, my body showing no sign of life. My heart is racing... My body has gone numb. But I promised him no more cutting. Don't cry, because in the end... You will survive

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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