The House. The boy. The End.

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My attempt with dialogue.
Still not sure about it.(:

Submitted: December 17, 2010

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Submitted: December 17, 2010



Life works in funny ways, when you have one, when you’re living. Even if you’re not, it’s so strange. I never thought I’d be so excited for such a thing.
It was when I reached the top of the hill, it was dusk, and it was late summer. There were fireflies already out for whatever it was that they were looking for. The last bits of sun were giving the dry, gold weeds a slight glow. Trees hung thick, some very green, others dry. It was gorgeous, really. I could see the small abandon house, tattered and worn. No windows, rotting boards, I loved it there. That’s when I first saw him. He was sitting on the old steps smoking a cigarette. His hair was deep brown and messy, it hung around his head. I could see his eyes from the bottom of the hill. They glimmered bright emerald green. He wore worn Levi’s, simple slip on’s, a dark gray V neck and a black beanie that hug slightly off the top of his head. I froze for a moment, of all the people I had encountered, all the people I had considered friends, trusted and nearly ruined my life with, I had never seen this being before. I would remember him. He was the type that never leaves your mind, due to his physical appearance. I snapped back to reality and noticed he had spotted me. He stared at me and continued to nonchalantly take puffs from his cigarette. Something told me to go elsewhere. Another told me to turn and run. And lastly, something else told me to go to him. That’s what I did. He didn’t act surprised or bothered. Interested or disgusted. He just...sat. He looked up at me, squinting from the sun in his eyes.
“Come here often?”
His voice was deep, slightly scratchy.
“Daily, actually.”
That’s all I could manage to get out.
I sat next to him on the stairs.
He offered me a cigarette. I lit it up and inhaled slowly, blowing the smoke from my lungs out into the warm air.
I should have been frightened, really. In an abandoned area of the woods with a stranger who could easily overpower me. But, I wasn’t. Not even a little.
“I’m Christian.”
He offered his hand for a shake. I took it in mine and got chills.
“I’m Emily.”
I pushed my long, blonde hair to one side and took another drag.
“Why do come up to this place daily?”
He stared at me.
“To write. To think. To be alone, I guess.”
I laughed at myself. I sounded absurd really. I waited for a smart ass remark.
“That’s cool.”
He smiled at me, exposing set of perfect white teeth.
I blushed, like a fool.
“I haven’t seen you around before.”
I looked at him quizzically.
He shifted a little awkwardly.
“Yeah. I just moved here. I live like, a block away. But, being home isn’t exactly my favorite.”
He glanced at me a few times as we sat in silence, finishing our smokes.

Night fell and it began to grow colder.
“Can I walk you home? Would that be alright with you?”
A twinge of excitement came alive inside me, along with a sudden twinge of nervousness.
We walked down the weed infested dirt hill onto the small main road.
“So, will you be going to school here or what?”
Honestly, I was hoping that he wouldn’t. That he’d go elsewhere or not go at all. I didn’t want my ex friends to see him, to attempt to take him away. Not that he was mine by any means. But, I didn’t want him to be anyone else’s.
“Nah. I dropped out last year. As soon as I turned eighteen I was done. Kinda regret that shit. What about you? You in school?”
“Yeah. I’m getting as many credits as I can this year, so I can go to night school and get my diploma through the state. I messed up pretty bad the last two years.”
“It’s all good. At least you’re trying.”
We continued talking. About everything. From religion to relationships. Life and death. Finishing each other’s sentences...
We reached my house. A little old Victorian home, with a pointed roof and vines up the brick. My cottage. My dream home. My hell.
“Look, I know we don’t know each other very well and all, but I’d like to see you again. Maybe we can meet tomorrow, same time at the abandon house?”
He looked nervous. As if I’d turn him down.
“Of course.”
Was all I could manage to get out with a large, lame smile.
That’s all it took.
It was that simple with him.
From that day on, I was hooked.

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