Two Way Street

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Alex looked over at me. Alex Turra was popular, which I had never been. I longed to be popular and would really go as far as anything to get there. Alex looked back over at her possy witch consisted of , Briana, Carla, and Chelsea. What i didn't is that I would be joining that possy and leaving my life behind, but was that really what I wanted?

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



I wore glasses, wore converse, not stilettos.  I had L.L. Bean not Vera Bradley.  I was not popular material and I wasn't really looking to be.  I was part of the crowed that looked at popular in awe thinking, of what my life would be like if it was that way.  Nichole Hemingway, my best friend, greeted me at my locker right before first period witch she did everyday.
"Did you see Taylor Swift" She said.
"No I didn't know you wanted me to" 
"Well, Let me tell you Caitlin, it was great"
I rolled my eyes, she was always trying to make me feel bad.  Come to think of it, I'm not really sure why I am friends with her.  Just then as I was standing at my locker Alex walked by.  I looked at her just like I did everyday but something was different, she look at me and smiled!  Did Alex really just smile at me?  In middle school she had made my life living hell.  She spread rumors and tried to trip me in the hall.  I pondered those thoughts the rest of the day.  As Nichole tried to talk to me at lunch I was sort of only half listening, nodding every now and then to make her think that I was truly engrossed in what she was saying.  
"Are you even listening to me, Caitlin?" 
I looked up at her with my eyes like daggers.  I don't know why but I was a lot more interested with what Alex had to say then what Nichole was talking about and frankly I didn't know what she was talking about, nor did I care.  Alex walked by with Briana, Carla and Chelsea laughing about the sadness of another and I sort of laughed along but wouldn't let Nichole see me like this.  I had to figure out a way to make Alex like me more. 
Everyday I made mental notes about what Alex wore, what she ate, what she talked about and what she thought was funny.  After lunch I went to my next class witch happened to be with Nichole and Alex, that was Art.  I stepped into Art class expecting to see Nichole wave me down as usually. If i wanted Alex to like me I would have to ignore it, so that's what I did.  
"Caitlin, over here!" 
Nichole said as she waved her hand in her direction.  I tried to ignore it but I looked over.  I saw her eye-to-eye.  Now I would have to go sit over with my eye lids kind of went down as I gave out a deep breath and slouched my back.  I was trying to be very quiet so that Alex wouldn't notice me sitting with Nichole, but she did.  In that class Alex wasn't really talking to me, let alone looking at me.  I know I had to cut out Nichole, I just didn't know how, not yet.  It couldn't happen the next day due to Nichole's birthday party. I didn't really want to go because Alex, Briana, Carla, and Chelsea had invited me to the mall with them.  This could have been a great chance for them to invite me into there posse.  So I decided on what was more important to me.  I called Nichole. 
"Hey, Nichole'
" Are you excited about my part tonight?"
"Yeah... about that..."
"Well... I can't make it"
"Oh. Why not?"
" Um... a family emergency" 
"Oh. What happened?"
"Uh... can we talk about this another time?"
"Yeah, sure" 
"Okay, great! Thanks for understanding Nichole, I knew you would." 
"No problem" 
I could tell in her voice she was upset and for a moment I almost felt bad, but that went away almost immediately, and I didn't care.  
"So what movie do you guys want to see" 
I scanned over the movies as Alex asked.  I wanted them to like me not judge me so I decided not to say anything.  We ended up seeing a pretty crappy movie that was about love.  Alex, Briana, Carla and Chelsea seemed to enjoy it so I guess I did too. 
"So Caitlin, What did you think?"
Alex asked me as we threw out candy wrappers away.  I hesitated to answer because I knew everything I said was like a ticking time bomb, everything had to be perfect or else it would explode.  
"I don't know." Is all I could say. 
The only person's opinion that mattered was Alex's, I asked her. 
"It was boring, who would like a movie like that?"  
I agreed although that's really not what I believed.  After the movie we went to "Pal's Pizza Parlor" 
"Oh let's sit here!" Alex said right as we got in. 
We ordered pizza and I obviously ordered a water so they wouldn't think I was fat. 
"What I don't understand Caitlin..." Alex began to say. 
I blocked out what she said for a moment and thought about how her "posse" had barely said anything, they Just agreed on whatever Alex had said, come to think of it, I was becoming that way too. 

I walked home that night and as soon I got home I checked my Facebook.  Nichole had befriended me, she actually befriended me!  I couldn't believe it.  I was going to get her back and now that I was friends with the girl who had the school in the palm of her hand, I knew it wouldn't be hard.  I called up Alex and we talked about some possible ideas but halfway though out conversation I started to back down because I was in deep thought about if what I was doing was a mistake.  If i apologized to Nichole first she would turn everything on me, and that wasn't an option.  
The next day at school I turned around from my locker and expected to see Nichole to be there like she always had but instead Alex was standing there.  I wasn't sure if I was happy about or sad about that, when I started to think about it, she started talking. 
"Heres an invite to my party, feel free to come." 
She smiled and walked away.  Then I smiled she liked me, she really liked me.  Her party was at eight and right now it was seven so I had an hour to get everything ready.  I texted Briana, Carla, and Chelsea to see what they were wearing.  They all said they were all going to b wearing juicy couture.  I put on my white juicy tank as well as the red matching jacket and pants.  My hair was down so I put it in a low braid.  I stuck my phone in my jacket pocket and headed towards Alex's house.  I got to Alex's on time I saw Chelsea immediately and we started talking for a while.  Finally I saw Alex , she was coming out of her kitchen screaming at someone about something, that didn't shock me.  Alex lived in a mansion, and clearly acted like she did.  
"What do you mean Britney Spears canceled!" 
I was looking at Carla but listening to everything Alex was saying.  The old me would have been mad, this was a great party I would have never been able to throw but the new me agreed with Alex, It was missing Britney Spears.  I started Expecting top-notch whenever I was with Alex. 
Back at home after the party was over I started going though my clothes.  I kept asking myself if Alex would like it.  At the end of an hour I had a giant pile on my  bed. 
*Knock, Knock* 
I heard the knuckles of a hand hit my door, I looked back, it was my mom. 
"Hey Sweetie" 
I just smiled. 
"I just wanted to ask if everything was alright, I haven't seen Nichole around lately, what happened to her?" 
I looked at the floor and stared at the scrapbook she had made me for my birthday, a few short months ago.  Along the top it said B.F.F, I looked back up at my mom. 
"Were not really friends anymore"
"My mom practically raised Nichole so obviously she was in shock.  She got a very confused look on her face. 
"Well Why?" 
"Just because mom." 
"Oh alright" 
She could tell I didn't want to talk about it.  She left it at that and walked out of my room.  I went over to the scrapbook and was about to throw it away.  Just then a note feel out.  I picked up the note and opened it, it was Nicholes handwriting.  It was our friendship promise we had made back in ninth grade.  It had our picture on it, I kept rereading the line: 'I...Nichole Hemingway promise to be your friend no matter what'.  I couldn't understand why it was so hard to get rid of her.  Nichole seemed like a bug that wouldn't go away, gosh was I really comparing Nichole, whom I shared all of my secrets with, laughed at the popular girls and did my hair with, wow I guess I was.  Alex then called me asking me to go to the mall. 
We got to the mall and we met up with Casey, Jill and Courtney from school.  We also met up with Chelsea, Briana and Carla. We sat down at a table in the food court picking at licorice that Casey had brought with her.  We laughed at people that walked by.  We picked on them for everything.  I was getting picky for what I looked for in a friend. 
"Oh my gosh, did you see her?" Carla exclaimed. 
"Yeah I know, her shoes we so last season" I added in. 
We all giggled and got up from our seats.  Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Nichole and her friend Allison. 
"Ugh, There's Nichole!" I said to Alex who was sitting right across from me.  Alex looked up and got up!  
"What are you doing Lex" I asked
"I'll be right back" 
I turned around looking intrigued by what Alex was about to do.  Alex walked over to where Nichole and Allison were and she starting saying something but we were to far away to be able to hear.  
"What did you say to her?" Briana asked. 
"Oh nothing, I just invited her to a costume party."
"Well we are having a party, just not a costume party!" 
After I got back from the mall I stared that the pile of clothes I had on my bed for weeks now.  This time instead of just a jumper I decided to go classy and wear a really nice dress. I put on my tan high heels and wore my favorite necklaces, I was ready to go!  I went over to her house early to help her decorate and make sure everything was set up. 
"Hi Mrs. Turra" 
I said as we entered Alex's house.  Mrs. Turra turned around around and smiled! 
"Caitlin!" Mrs. Turra was always excited to see me.  
We got up to Alex's room and discussed everything, boys, girls, school and dreams.  
"How come we weren't friends before, Cait" 
"Well I saw you and you saw right through me" 
"No! Caitlin you wrong!  I would never ignored you!" 
I smiled but I did know she did ignore me.  We looked through her thousands and thousands of clothes until she found the perfect dress. 
"Hey Alex,  do you think we shouldn't have told Nichole that it was a costume party"? I said as I played with her fringed pillow. 
"Well you can Cait, but then you can go home." 
I decided to keep my mouth shut and wait for the guests.  I was tempted to text Nichole and tell her not to wear a costume, but I bet she wouldn't believe me now anyway, so I didn't.  At first ten people came , then forty, and so on until it got to about a hundred people.  The only person who had not come yet was Nichole.  I bit my fingernail, nervous at what I had set Nichole up for.  The doorbell rang and my stomach dropped.  Alex went to go answer the door. 

Nichole stood at the door smiling and looking into the house. 
"Wow! Nice house Alex!" 
" I know" Alex's face blank. 
Nichole stepped into the house and took of her jacket revealing my mistake.  Nicole walked around the corner and looked at everybody and everybody looked at her.  Whispers and giggles filled the room.  Nichole was wearing a witch costume with the broom, hat , everything!  Phones started to come out and pictures were taken. After Nichole had realized what happened her smile dropped and she ran to Alex's bathroom.  I ran after her, the bathroom door was locked and I heard loud, long sobs.  
"Go away Caitlin, I know you don't care." 
"That's where you are wrong." 
I made the decision that night, I would leave the popular life to go back to my perfectly fine life. 
"You know what Nicki"
"What?" She said as she wiped tears away. 
"I'm done with this popular life, I want to be friends with you again, that is if you want to be my friend again."
Nichole opened the door and gave me a huge hug. 
"Of course we can be friends again , just make sure it never happens again."
She smiled and she pinched my arm.  That night I left with my best friend again and was walking out the old Caitlin.  The unpopular, dorky, geeky, and cheesy, Caitilin, but that was me.  I wouldn't ever risk losing my best friend just to be popular.  I was so thankful Nichole forgave me.  Yeah, she's a good friend that way.  I'm just happy to say I am on my way to becoming a good friend again.  Now that I was back with Nichole nothing was going to mess with us again. 


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