Losing Her

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Some memories are never meant to be forgotten. The last night I spent with my ex girlfriend is one of those. I chose to publish this nonfiction piece to make that night immortal in my mind and heart.

Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



I watched closely as she left me. My body was in her arms, but she was somewhere else. Her eyes finally met mine, burning with passion, longing, and deep love. She was beautiful. Tangled in each other’s limbs, we lay in my living room floor listening to the beating of our hearts. I began to plant soft kisses along the line of her jaw and into the hollow of her neck. I let my lips graze every bare inch of her smooth skin, but teasingly I avoided her lips. My hands explored her lean body as if I had never felt it before. Carefully she began removing my clothes. She placed her lips on every surface of my body as her hips ground into mine. Still I would not allow her mouth to meet mine. Caressing the inside of my thighs, she looked at me with intense love. I moved into her lap and my lips crashed upon hers. All the while her gentle hands explored the curves of my bare body. When my wanting was at its peak, she slid her fingers inside of me. She moved slowly with care and passion. We were one and we were making love. When we finished, her eyes filled with such sadness. My heart ached to console her. She buried her head in my chest and I held her close. We knew that this could be our final time together.

As we stood and readied for her to take her leave, she reached out to me and then quickly pulled away. I smiled and told her that it was okay. I pulled her into me and gently kissed her full lips. Her wanting emanated from every pore of her aching body. In that moment, she was mine again. For several seconds after our kiss, we stood with our foreheads pressed gently together, but we knew that it was time for her to go. We walked solemnly to the parking lot. After placing her belongings in her car, she pulled me into a tight embrace. Every inch of her body was pressed against mine, forcing me to feel her unspoken love. I pulled away slightly to see her face. Her deep brown eyes brimmed with tears and she muttered, almost inaudibly, “I love you.” It was the first time she had uttered those words to me unprovoked since we had broken up. I was surprised and stammered, “I love you, too.” My response sound forced, cold, and odd so I gently pulled her closer to me and whispered “I love you.” We both pulled away slowly and she got into her car. I ascended the steps to my apartment and watched with tears in my eyes as she pulled away for the last time.

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