The Break of Day

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The juxtaposition of beauty and horror as presented in a dream I had several nights ago.

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



She wakes in the early morning, while the crisp green grass is still wet with dew. Light-footedly, she moves towards her bedroom window almost as if floating, in an attempt to keep from waking her sleeping partner. She gazes out at the peaceful scene before her. The sun has risen high in the sky and its light playfully bounces off the deep blue ripples of the pond. She quietly lifts the window sill. The sweet smell of the morning drifts in on a gentle breeze. She closes her eyes and allows herself to be in the moment. She feels as if she is on the sun itself. As she turns over her shoulder, she sees the beautiful girl left in her bed, her dark hair framing her face as she sleeps undisturbed with a smile on her lips. She moves towards the bed and softly pushes the hair from her lover’s face and gently presses her lips to her forehead.

She makes her way downstairs and out the front door. Before her lies her favorite tree. It is deeply rooted twisting and contorting out of the soil. On branch grows in a straight line from the trunk almost like an extended arm. She often sat cradled in that arm as a child, reading and playing. She believed the tree to be an unstoppable beautiful part of the earth, but now all she saw was her future. Her end. As she approaches the tree, her lover appears in the doorway, watching the scene before her unfold and seeing the girl before her. She stands before the great tree in a white cotton nightgown and her golden hair, illuminated by the sun, swirls around her carrying the scent of summer with it. She reveals a knife in her small porcelain hands. The juxtaposition of the hard steel against her soft skin is breathtaking. She gathers her hair in her hand and drags the blade across her golden locks, chopping it off to her shoulders and releasing the strands into the wind. She then ascends the tree and places a noose around her neck. She walks the extended branch with her arms open, as if walking a tight rope. When she reaches the end, she smiles down to her lover who now watches on in complete fear and utter disbelief. She says “I love you, bug.” All her lover can manage is to mutter a simple “No” while shaking her head violently. She the dangles one foot over the edge of the branch and says “It’s time to close your eyes now, beautiful girl” before stepping off the edge with both feet. Her body plummets and is jerked back by the tension of the now fully extended rope. The world is silent except for the death cry of her abandoned lover. 

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