Mixed emotions, my feelings clouded. I can't decided. Darrell and Jamie. Darrell, beautiful and my first love; the memories still haunt me. The deaths because of me. Darrell...a human and forever ostracized from my world. Jamie, loving and my best friend. Part of me and my world...forever? I love him more than anything else... or do I?

Table of Contents

I'll Never Let You Go

I know two things. I'm an angel, duh. But that's not one of them. One, I love Jamie with my entire heart; he's kinda like my safe port. He's always been there. Two, I love Darrell. He's evil... he murdered innocent angels for no particular reason. He just felt like it. And now that he's condemned, it just makes me want him more. Read Chapter

Chapter Two When I woke up, it was cold. Or my face was cold, anyways. The rest of me was covered with mountains of blankets; body he... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 I held Darrell’s hand to my face, absorbing his warmth. Absorbing his goodness; though I knew it wasn’t real. I slowly ... Read Chapter