Best Friends Forever? *A Justin BIeber Love Story*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This will be a story about how Justin BIeber and his best friend meet up after 4 years. What will happen?

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011



Main Characters: Justin Bieber - Niki Callaway - Hayden Samuels - Ryan Butler -

*Justin’s POV* I was in my tour bus waiting for Kenny (my bodyguard) to come and get me. I had a show tonight in Louisiana. My last show before I got back home. I love performing for all of my fans, but I couldn’t wait to get back home. I was tired of traveling.

(Kenny walks in)

Kenny: Are you ready, Justin? Justin: Yeah, LEGGO! I had to run past a ton of screaming girls. I would never get used to that. *laughs to himself* We finally got past them all and the show went like any other show. We started with Love Me and ended with Baby. I was wiped out! So I got on to the bus, went in to my room, and passed out.

??? :*shaking me* JUSTIN! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED! Justin: *rolled over and opened his eyes* Hey Ryan! *gets up and does handshake* Ryan: Ok so we are back in Georgia! What shall we do first my good sir? Justin: *laughs* Umm let’s see… Justin and Ryan: BEACH! *Justin and Ryan changed into beach clothes and ran out of the bus*

(I’m skipping the beach . . . sorry!)

Justin: Damn! That was a blast! But now I am freaking beat! Ryan: Yeah! Same here! My mom said I can’t stay over since you just got back so I’ll see you tomorrow bro! Justin: Alright dude, see you later! *does handshake and Ryan leaves*

(In Justin’s room)

I walked into my room and changed into some basketball shorts and no shirt. I went to my desk and logged on to my twitter account. I updated my status quickly and then logged back off. Before I got up from the chair, I noticed the picture next to my computer. It made me stop. I almost forgot that I had that picture. It made me smile. I missed her so much. *sigh* It has been almost four years already. I wonder if she misses me or even remembers me.


Niki: Justin! (Justin had just sprayed Niki with a water gun) You are so going to get it! *she started running after him with a water gun* Justin: Catch me if you can! *laughing and running* Niki: *starts running after him and slips and falls* Ouch! My ankle! Justin: *turns around* Oh my God! Niki are you okay? *runs towards her and sits next to her* Niki: I think I sprained it. *while Justin is looking at her ankle she squirts him with water in the face* Gotcha! *laughs* Justin: *laughs* Not funny Niki! I thought you were actually hurt! *helps her up* Niki: I just can’t believe you fell for it. I thought you knew me so well. *smiles* Justin: I actually do know you well. Hmm let’s see. I think I am the only person that knows that you believed you had MAGICAL POWERS for a whole month when you were 11! *emphasizing on the words magical powers* Niki: SHH! Jeez the whole world doesn’t have to know! *laughing*

Justin and Niki walked over to the swings in the park and sat on them. They sat in silence for a while but then Niki spoke up.

Niki: Justin? Justin: Yeah? Niki: Do you think we will be best friends forever? Justin: *without hesitating* Of course! I wouldn’t want to be best friends with anyone else. *smiles* Niki: *smiles* Good. *laughs* Okay now, picture time! *takes out her camera* Justin: *laughs* *pulls her swing over to his and gets close* (A/N: It’s not in a like relationship close but just friendly) Justin’s thoughts: What would happen if Niki and I became more than friends? Why does it even matter? Niki probably doesn’t even like me like that. *shrugs the thought off* Niki’s thoughts: What would happen if Justin and I were more than friends? Why does it even matter? Justin probably doesn’t even like me like that. *shrugs the thought off* Niki: *snaps the picture* Well that’s a keeper! *laughs* (the picture is of Justin having a silly face and Niki being very serious but in a funny way) Justin: *looks at it and laughs* I am totally getting a copy of that one! *gets a little serious* I will keep it forever if you do too. Niki: I promise. *smiles* *they shake pinkies*

(A/N: They are around 13 in the flashback and you know what Justin looked like but Niki was kind of pretty. As you can see from the picture above, she changes a lot!)

I hope you liked it more will come soon but only if people message me to keep going. ? ~Natalie ?

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