"Plain games"

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My family's falling apart: i rarely see my dad, i have close to nothing of a relationship with my older brother and my mom pretends that were still the picture perfect family she envisioned...

Submitted: September 10, 2012

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Submitted: September 10, 2012




Where did you go?

I do not know.

You've become a magician

Is it all an illusion?

I don't find this amusin'

You just vanish from my life,

Who ever gave you permission?

Mixing my thoughts with emotion

Like some sort of crazy freak potion.


Before, my life was to me,

Was as perfect as can be.

How could we ever foresee?

It was unpredictable, undetectable

Arrived unwillingly, unsuspectedly...


But now, I lay in my bed

Can't get this thought out my head

I'm drowning in memory

Of what's left of our family

You can try to deny it

But I find it useless to hide it.


We shared the greatest bond

Me and my mom

But today,

That’s all gone away

Lack of trust is the issue

Even though I try to convince you.

What's wrong with me?

How could it be?

Why can't you see

That I'm growing up?

That's wasup...


Can't be daddy's lil' girl

If Pop's not in her world

And with him, my brother,

Moved in, and ever since

I rarely see one or the other.


I just want them to stop it!

So we can all get along

I simply became their lil puppet

To put 'em back were they belong.


We've become a big game.

Playing pretend at this age

I think has gotten a lil lame

This game of taboo and charades,

Drop the emotional arcades.

Its time to flip this damn page...

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