The Incubus Inside

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
An old assignment from middle school that has resurfaced.

Submitted: September 16, 2014

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Submitted: September 16, 2014




The old house



Moans with the




I lay


Ever Conscious of the shadows


A shade to the




In the dark


The moon

Casts its ever eerie light

Softly through the window

Never bright enough

To slice its way through the shadows

And reveal demons



In the dark


I pull the tousled blankets

Closer around my person

But the cold still

Digs cold daggered icicles

Up my spine


The Worn quilts

Are not enough

To warm my

Crystal soul

Any longer


So as the

Glacial wind howls

Slamming doors

So loud a splitting crack could be heard

From the wood


I venture

Outside of

Of the attic


The floorboards


As my feet

Lightly pad along the ground


I reach the first

Flight of stairs

And float down

As the shadows reach

To try and grasp my



And pull me down farther

Into a deep dark hell

From which

there is no return


The fog there

Is white

And thin


I  walk


Understanding what is

To come if

I proceed


I don't yet embrace

The truth of the matter

I force the worst lies

Upon myself


Ugly and twisting and black

So much so that I must


To stop myself from

Remembering the day

I was forgotten


I try hard

To turn around and

Turn back

To crawl again

Under the worn quilts

To be stronger than

What has possessed me now


To slaughter

The incubus

That is


In the dark

Of my crystal soul


I'm sure

If I turned around once

I could do it again

And never

Turn back to the darkness


But I am halfway to

The dark hell

With white fog

Where all

Evil beings must be sent


Sucked into the vortex

Sinking in powder quicksand

Embracing the crystal soul

We have inside us


I am at the next staircase

I must appear as a ghost

Sunken and pale

Slowly drifting down




I am left of the door to the old

Creaky house

The cupboard stands to my right

And stand there.

Inner turmoil rips through me

Up again

Or let the incubus have its way

Rip open the cupboard

Or go up



The powder fine fog


I turn left

Pull open the door

And run


In panic

As the incubus pushes back


"You want it you need it you want you need it"

My lungs try to burst

As I unleash more pain

Through a shriek


And the incubus yells

From my soul

And he rips it

As he thrashes

I collapse

As bugs crawl under my skin

I moan and pull myself closer

To the ocean

Away from the house

Where the incubus thrives


I pull myself up of

The misty ground

As the dew on the grass


I look over the ocean

Into the moon

As billowing wind

Grabs my hair and I glance

Down as the edge disappears\\


Down into the ocean


The incubus screeches

And screams

And bugs race under my skin

I close my eyes


For a second

Calm embraces me

For the first time

As I toe the edge of the cliff


I let myself fall


© Copyright 2020 LivyLee. All rights reserved.

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