Death Eternal

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"To uphold the values of righteousness and fortitude for all citizens of the Dukedom of Endias. To serve one another with honor, fortitude, and dignity. To give one's life for the good of the
people." Such was the banner of the house of Coldarra; yet, any who truly knew the Coldarra name had no such delusions of grandeur.

Follow the dark descent of Myrin Coldarra, third child and second son to Duke Coldarra, as he attempts to win the approval of his family and cease the endless onslaught of orcish raids on his home.
His mentor, Stolas the Sinner, urges Myrin to increase his power through any means, in order to eradicate the orcish force and prove himself to his family. Yet, Myrin's closest friend and ardent
admirer, Brie Loveless, urges her friend to separate himself from the dark tutor. Unknown to either party, Stolas and his mysterious companion Hyme seem to have their own agenda- but how does Myrin
tie in?

This intense novel reveals the short-lived rise and eternal fall of any who choose to pursue the dark path of necromancy, regardless of the intentions that lead one down the path.

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The Unexpected Raid

Submitted: October 09, 2017

This is the first installment of "Eternal Darkness," so feel free to give any feedback!
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