A 87 of love: the child and his grandmother in a Venezuelan Christmas short story

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A short story about how traitional people celebrate Christmas in Venezuela.

Submitted: December 23, 2007

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Submitted: December 23, 2007




Its a december afternoon, exactly its the storytelling hour. From the kitchen , the smell of the delicious hallacas that pretty soon will be tasted by the whole family. The old woman and her little grandson are sitting near the small table decorated with a Christmas plant. The book that will be read aloud is open on the table too. The little child likes stories a lot. Nevertheless, the party of smells coming from the kitchen keeps him alert and away from the book. Additionally, he is interested in all the activities that his family is carrying out today: Daddy , mommy and his brothers and sisters are walking here and there, taking out the different boxes that have kept the Christmas objects away from dust and accidents. The wooden figures which represent Baby Jesus, Mary , Joseph and the three Wise Men are out of their year long captivity. Soon, they all will populate the Nativity Scene together with the houses, the stable, the fountain and the animals. The bundles which arrived some minutes ago hide some wrapping paper and several ribbons that will be used to decorate doors and windows. Under the fathers warnings some ornaments are discovered carefully. The eldest son is in charge of drawing on a piece of card the bright star that will be placed on the crib sky later. Suddenly, the little child stops watching the home scene and asks the old woman: Was Christmas like this when you were a child? Yes, it was. -She replies. There were some diffierences, of course , but the essence continues being the same. When I was a girl, my mother used to do what your mother is doing now. And how did people get ready for Christmas time? -The curious child inquires again- Well, - the grandma continues -on December the 24th, we all worked hard in the preparation of hallacas, Chicken salad, Papaya Sweet and Ham Bread. But our reward was a very good one: On the stroke of midnight, we had dinner together. After eating , we went to our bedrooms to look for the presents that Baby Jesus left us. Christmas is a time of hapinness and renovation, dear grandson. During Christmas, the year is seven years old again. Really? - The child interrogates once more- I think it is 87 years old. -He adds- At this moment the old lady and her grandson embrace each other and form an enormous 87 of love.

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