Andy Bloom

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andy bloom is a girl who is a witch and went to a boarding school and found out that her crush likes her to

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Andy Bloom’s life

One gloomy night a young girl called Andy was sitting in her room playing normal stuff teens do, and in some point she heard a sound from her closet but she ignored it then she heard another voice and went to check and she approached near her closet and when she was about to open the closet door a girl came out jumping on Andy and the girl started laughing when Andy looked again at the girl she found out it was just her best friend Jenna. Jenna said to Andy “ready for boarding school I really hope were roommates this year because my last roommate wasn’t really friendly I think she was a werewolf that’s why she was always moody well she never talked” well there boarding school is no ordinary school its school for mythical creatures and only mythical creatures knows about it and can see it because it’s under a spell of only mythical creatures can see it. Andy was a witch and Jenna was a fairy, Andy had brown, long hair and green eyes while Jenna had orange short hair with blue eyes and had big shiny light blue wings that only mythical creatures can see. They were very beautiful girls but not very much according to their school.

It was morning September the 9th were its their first day of school and Jenna’s mom is outside waiting for Andy, Andy’s parents are always busy so they barely go home so when they reached school, Jenna’s mom dropped them of and went away, when they reached to the gate a guy bumped into Andy but it wasn’t just a regular guy it was the quarter back of the football team the cutest guy on campus and the most kindest guy ever, plus he was a witch too but a guy witch, Andy had a crush on him since 5th grade his name is Justin… Justin Crile “oh, sorry about that” he said with a smile that blew Andy’s mind away “it’s okay” she said with a low voice, then he said “well good then see you around, bye” “bye!!” Andy shouted right before his girlfriend the cheerleader captain Rosy Taylor which is not a surprise the most popular kids in school dating, Rosy was a fairy blond hair blue eyes and white sparkling wings which was very rare to get and that was her advantage against people when they talk about their wings. She came gave him a kiss and looked at me in a pathetic way and chuckled. Rosy loved to make fun of me and Jenna and still does, she always makes plans with her best friend Angel, she was a brunette she was a shape shifter they always make plans to embarrass us but of course not in front of Justin because if they did he was gonna dump her long time ago last year they unscrewed the screw from the toilet sink and when we opened it, it spilled all over our clothes, and there's a time rosy put on fairy dust on our clothes and in the middle of history class we were flying!!!

We got 2 weeks detention cleaning the cafeteria. “there goes the devil herself” Jenna said, “I can’t believe Justin is dating the meanest cruelest and the most selfish girl in school, I mean I bet if he knew the real Rosy he was gonna dump her long time ago and would come to me” I said laughing at the last words I said. The bell rang and I had English for my first period which was pretty scary because our English teacher was a vampire, and he was always late for about 10 minutes, they say that he is late because he likes to eat during lessons and you know what I mean by eating. When I went in class I saw Justin he was in my class but so is Rosy the biggest devil I've ever known, she was sitting in front of him giggling and talking together, guess what there wasn’t any free seats except for the one next to Justin which meant I was gonna suffer for a whole 55 minutes with ROSY. On my way there Rosy put her purse on the way and I didn’t notice so I tripped on it which was pretty embarrassing because Justin was there “ouch” I said in a whisper, Justin leaned down and said “are you okay, did you get hurt, what I coincidence bombing into you twice, better watch out” Justin smiled with his blond hair, blue watery eyes and the most charming smile that makes me warm and when I look into his eyes I feel like we are alone, he lend me his hand and stood me up. Rosy looked at me with a jealous and angry eyes that made me shiver. When I sat down our English teacher Mr. Conner came in and told everyone to sit down and stop talking. The first second third and fourth period went by and so did our day I saw Jenna standing outside waiting for me and I told her what happened in English class and she was like NO WAY. We went to our school adviser and took our room number and guess what Jenna and I had the same room which was pretty awesome, we went upstairs finding our room and when we did the room in front of us was Rosy and Angel’s room which was gonna make this year one hell of a year so went in our room and settled down “hey Jenna I am gonna make a tour around the campus and come back care to join” I said, “sure why not but it’s not like we’re new or anything but okay it won’t hurt” Jenna said with a laughing tone. And while we were walking we heard some noise we looked around but no one was there and I mean no one which was pretty scary when you’re in a big school, then out of no were a werewolf started chasing us but I was sure it was Angel because no one would do that to us so we started running and screaming Jenna managed to fly away since she is a fairy, Jenna shouted “run Andy run as fast as you could” I tried to make a spell so I could fly or escape or do something but I was too distracted, then I heard someone shout “rublez zelbur” and I flew of my place and when I looked down I found out that it was Justin and I landed next to him he tried to catch the werewolf a.k.a. “Angel” but he couldn’t “are you okay?” he said with worry in his voice, and when I looked at his eyes I felt warm and that no one was there but us “I’m…. I’m fine, well that’s what I think so” Jenna came flying landing in to the floor saying “o my god are you okay I tried to lift you but you were running so fast, thank you Justin that was very thoughtful of you” Justin said “come on lets go to the school nurse, you are kind of in a shock” “I’m fine really” I said not very sure in myself, when I tried to stand up I felt like a truck was sitting on me and I fell down Justin said carrying me in his arms “I don’t think so” and when he was carrying me I looked at his face his hair blowing away in the wind his eyes watery and sparkling feeling like I was held by an angel when we reached to the nurse she checked me out and when I got out Justin was still there outside the door waiting! He came beside me and said “let me walk you to your floor” I looked at him and nodded and my face was blushing and my heart was beating so loud I bet he could hear it. When we reached to the floor I looked at him and said “thank you” and when I was about of reaching to my room Justin held my arm and said “watch out I won’t always be around” and smiled. I chuckled and went to my room, and saw Jenna sitting on the edge of the bed excited by saying “tell me everything and don’t miss the details, did he kiss you did he ask you out???!!!” I said with a little surprise and laughing voice “nothing happened he just told me to watch out and smiled” “o my god he likes you a guy doesn’t just save some random girl take her to the nurse walk her to her room and tells her to watch out and smiles” she said that she was so sure of herself. I just ignored her put on my pajamas’ and went to sleep because I was so exhausted of all the running and thrill that just happened. I woke up in the morning by a nock in the door I opened it and found Rosy standing outside the door looking at me like she wanted to take my head off and she said with an angry voice “get away from him he is mine” and off she went running like daddies little girl. I went to take a shower put on my clothes and headed downstairs on the stairs I saw Justin walking I looked at him then I went away, I heard someone coming behind me I thought it was Jenna but it wasn’t it was Justin!!! He popped in and said “feeling better bloom?” bloom was my last name and I was surprised he knew it “better than ever” I said so sure that it was true “well am glad see you around Andy” and of he goes to his girlfriend Rosy which was looking at me like I stole her favorite shoes. The periods went by and I was on my 6th lesson art and Jenna had it too so I took a painting board and stood next to her, Jenna said that miss Riley moved out of school and a new teacher called Mr. Victor is going to teach us, he was hairy and had yellow eyes so we all knew that he was a werewolf when he came in he looked at me and I felt a cold vein rushing in, his eyes were very yellow and every time he looks at me I feel like a cold icy think rushing in my body “am I the only one feeling this or is it everyone because every time he looks at me I feel like am swimming into ice there's something strange about this teacher” “you’re the only one feeling this ya he is scary but I don’t feel like what you said right know, so ya you’re the only one feeling like that” “quite everyone and paint” when art period finished we had defense class and our teacher is called madam Vicky, she is the meanest teacher ever, at our first lesson she must put everyone in pairs, but they must have the same power because it won’t be fair if you put a fairy and a werewolf together Jenna was with another fairy her name was Beth she was friendly and okay, but unlike other people I was paired with Justin, I mean what's wrong with this year I go everywhere and something must happen with him “hi, so you’re ready for defense class” he said coming out of nowhere “um…. Ya I think so” our first lesson was just explaining how defense class was important and how its gonna help us in the future bla bla bla and all that nonsense. After that we all went to the bathroom to take a shower and when Jenna and I finished, we went to our rooms locked the door and sat on the ground made a circle and sent flying letters to our parents and when we finished we went to the cafeteria and grabbed a meal and sat down at our usual place. “Hey Jenna we didn’t finish our science project remember and we have science tomorrow when are we gonna finish it, I was thinking maybe we can do it now if it’s okay with you and Andy of course?” Ashley her science partner asked, Jenna looked at me with questioning eyes but I told her its okay, and they went. I was sitting on my table eating relaxed but then someone popped in behind me and it was Justin “care if I join?” “Sure why not? Why aren’t you sitting with your friends or your girlfriend Rosy? Sorry about that I wasn’t supposed to ask” “no its okay actually I broke up with Rosy because I found out that she was cheating on me with all of my friends, if you don’t want me to sit hear then its fine I can find somewhere else to sit” “no, no you can stay I’m fine with it” “hey I always go out on Saturdays with my friends but since I don’t have any I was wondering if you would go out with me?” No freaking way Justin is asking me out YES OF COURSE “ya sure” “okay then Saturday ill pick you up at eight” “were are we gonna go” “well the carnival is going to open so I was thinking of going their but if you don’t want to then its fine we can go to a restaurant or fancy places”  and he was saying it so quickly he thought I was gonna say no “no carnival is fine actually I’ll tell you something but don’t laugh” “sure go ahead” he said it like he actually wanted to know “I never went to a carnival before” I said it with a fright that he was gonna think I am a loser “well good then I’ll be the first one to take you, you know you are the first girl I talk to that doesn’t only talk about how she looks and about her shoes” he said it like a compliment “believe me I am not that kind of girl” “well good to know, I should go now I have football practice after 5 min thank you for the talk see you later bye” “bye” and I said it with enjoyment and relief, I went to my room and I saw Jenna changing her clothes and I walked inside the room with big happiness Jenna looked at me and asked me why am I so happy I told her like I was shouting and started jumping on my feet “I got a date with Justin Crile!!!! Aaaaaa o my god I can’t believe it!” “O my god when?!!!??!” she said it enthusiasm “remember when Ashley came and you guys went Justin came and sat next me” “but what about his girlfriend Rosy” she said it with a question mark on top of her head “he broke up with her and with his friends” “really? What happened?” I said it with pity feeling sorry for Justin “he found out that Rosy was cheating on him with all of his friends”  “that’s horrible that’s so mean I mean with all of his friends is a lot”. The day past and everyone went to sleep but not me I stayed awake trying to sleep then I heard rocks hitting the window when I approached near it I saw Justin flying I opened the window and said “what are you doing here aren’t you supposed to be asleep by now?” “no not really do you have time for me right now or do you want to sleep?” he said it and when I looked at his eyes and he looked back to me I felt warm and safe and I just couldn’t say no “ya I do have time” and I flew out the window Justin caught my hand looked at me and said come on and I followed him, he took me to a huge cave which was really dark then he said “labara!” and the whole cave lit “come on don’t be afraid” he held my hand and we walked and a light was at the end of the cave and it was a cliff were you can see the moon “I never thought the moon was so beautiful” I said it surprised of how the moon was beautiful “ya I always come here when I am down and this might seem stupid but I look at the moon and talk to it” Justin said “it’s not stupid I actually do that sometimes” he looked at me with those blue sparkling eyes and I instantly felt warm and safe and he told me “Andy you are the most amazing honest girl I've known I don’t know why I never introduced myself before” he leaned in and kissed me and I felt like there was no one in the whole world but us then he looked at me and said “come on we should go don’t want you to stay all night” he held my hand and we went back and when I reached to my window he kissed me again and said “good night see tomorrow”. I woke up and I realized that today Saturday I went to the bathroom and when I went in I saw Rosy, she looked at me and her face without makeup which was pretty scary and said “you little home wrecker you stole my boyfriend and I don’t even know what's to like in you and your gonna pay Andy your gonna pay!” when I was taking a shower I was thinking of what Rosy said when she said your gonna pay then I headed to my room wore my clothes and went to class and I had history with ROSY and she sat next me and we had an exam and when we were in the middle of the exam Rosy called me and when I looked at her she called out “Andy is cheating from me” the teacher took my exam and gave me a zero for it and 3 days detention I got out went to my room and closed the door. When the bell rang we had break I was on my way to the cafeteria then Justin came behind and held my hand and said “hi how was your day until now?” I said tired of my day “not really good” “what happened?” he said “well your ex girlfriend threatened me in the bathroom telling me I am gonna pay and in history class we had an exam and she told the teacher that I was cheating so I got a zero for the exam and 3 days detention” “ignore her I am gonna deal with her later don’t forget I am always here for you and plus I love you more than I loved her so don’t worry of how I feel because it will never change” he said it with so much love in his eyes “you love me?” I said it that I thought it was a dream what he just said “of course I do and I will always do” I looked at him and said “I love you to” and he leaned down and kissed me and believe it or not Rosy was behind us and she saw everything we went to our table and started eating I took an apple and took a bite, Rosy came to our table looked at Justin than at me and said “as I told you your gonna regret this and your gonna pay, o and Justin I don’t know what you like about her but when you’re finished with her you can always come back” Justin looked at her and said “what's not to like about her she is amazing and I am not gonna come back with you forget it and leave Andy alone” she looked at him and ran of “thanks” “it’s okay no big deal come on we should before she comes again. Then I went to art lesson with Jenna and remember our teacher Mr. victor well today when I went to class he had scratches all over his face which was pretty scary and when I look at his eyes its even colder than before when class was over I was about getting out with Jenna then… “Andy… Andy Bloom?”That what happened then I turned around to face him “can I talk to you for a few minutes?”He asked with a voice I never heard him use it was a voice wasn’t suitable for his image, then I said “um... Sure” and he said “your father is Charlie Bloom right?” I answered questioning how he knew my father “ya, how do you know my dad? Where you in school together or something?” “Ya your dad and I used to be roommates he used to invite a girl into his room every night but it was the same girl Rachel McFlee I think he dumped her before going to college?” I answered his question wondering how this has anything to do with me “actually no Rachel is my mom she’s Rachel Bloom now” “sorry for keeping you so long I was just curious you can go now”. When I got out of class Justin was outside the class waiting for me which was soooo sweet “how long were you waiting?”he leaned down to kiss me and said “I came to check on you since you weren’t in your room come on let me walk you to your room” and when we reached at my door he came next to my ear and whispered “pick you up later” then he went, when I went in my room I was wondering what he meant then I remembered that I have a date with at eight and its 5 now and I have nothing to wear but then I created my own mini skirt, pink shirt, brown jacket, and black converse with my own powers but I had to replace them with my other clothes and when I was ready I got out and waited at the school garden and waited and waited and waited and it’s been half an hour late then I just gave up and went to my room and Jenna was there she looked at me and said “what are you doing?” I said feeling so sad that he ditched me “Justin ditched me on our first date?” she said like she was shouting at me “Justin didn’t ditch you he had an accident on the stairs he was walking to the garden but someone or something attacked him and know he is at the school healer I thought you knew?!!” “What!!! I never knew o my god” I cry feeling like killing myself I run through the school to the school healers room and when I got there I saw Justin lying on the bed blood covering his head his shirt torn up and wounds and scratches all over and the healer was healing his broken arm the room was filled with teachers and students were all forbidden to go in I saw Justin out the window I ran to door and opened it and ran to Justin the teachers tried to stop me but I was fighting as hard as I could and when I got I close look at Justin I just broke down and fell in the ground and started to burst in tears, Justin wasn’t awake he was out of conscious I started shouting his name over and over again then our principal came to me and told me to calm down and that everything is going to be alright but nothing was alright the person I love is lying on a bed covered with blood. I was outside waiting for almost hours all by myself except for Jenna and Rosy which acts like she cares she looked at me and said “it’s all your fault he wasn’t gonna get attacked if it wasn’t for you” I looked at her and just ignored her because I was too worried on Justin then fighting with Rosy. The healer came outside and said “Justin woke up and he would like to see his girlfriend Andy” I shouted out of joy “that’s me!” “You may go in and for the rest of you; you are not allowed to see Justin until tomorrow”. When I went in I saw Justin awake I ran to him and hugged him and started crying out of joy, then he said “I am sorry for today’s plans I was so stupid for not being aware” but I stopped him before he could finish “it’s not your fault the important think that your okay and that’s all there gonna be a lot of dates but there's only one you” he looked at me with look that made me feel so sorry for him and my eyes filled with sad tears “Andy please don’t cry it’s not your fault” and gave me a kiss that I've missed.

After a week Justin was even better than before. “Hey you ready to go to the cafeteria?” he approached near me and asked and I was like ya since my lesson finished we were sitting at our table and I unwrapped my sandwich and took a bite then Justin spoke “Andy since the school dance is near I was wondering if you could go with me to the dance?” I wanted to scream and jump of my place YES!!YES!!YES!! “Ya I really do” and gave a little giggle and he smiled. I was in my room when I heard screaming when I got out I saw Rosy screaming and pointing at a bag full of dead bugs and were very disgusting and smelly and when the head supervisor came she started to tell everyone to go there rooms and when she reached at Rosy’s she covered her nose then Rosy pointed at ME!! “It was Andy Angel saw her it was her!” she said with an evil look in her eye “WHAT! You got to be kidding me I was in my room the whole time I didn’t do anything!” “Do you have any proof?!” rosy looked at me and I was wondering if anyone slapped her before because nobody does I will! Argghhhh “well no but” I couldn’t even complete when the devil head said “well that means you don’t have any proof” then the head supervisor said “follow me miss bloom were for a walk to the principal’s office” “but” “no buts”. When I reached to the principal’s door the supervisor opened the door and let me in the supervisor explained what happened and I tried to convince them that I didn’t do IT!! But no they needed a proof which I didn’t have then the principal gave me 1 WEEK DETENTION after school hours including THE SCHOOL DANCE NIGHT, which sucked. I told Justin what happened 4 days later because he was kind of questioning were I was going “I cant believe Rosy is so mean wait this happened 4 days right?” “ya I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier” “no its not that but you do have proof” “what do you mean?” and I got hope for a second there “at that time I was texting you the whole time and plus I was actually watching you outside the window too” “o my god I cant believe I didn’t remember that you’re a genius got to go” and I gave him a kiss out of excitement and when I reached to the principals office I told him what happened and showed him the proof and he believed me and said that he would be thinking of a good punishment for ROSY for lying.

Prom night was only one night away and I had nothing to wear but then I remembered some of the magic spells I used for my clothes at my first date well I wouldn’t call it a date. So I took one of my old clothes to replace it I tried to imagine the most beautiful dress I could imagine and it WORKED, I got a half shoulder turquoise short dress with I a crystal belt which I got admit was pretty awesome, Jenna came in the room and saw my dress and was blown away and asked me to make her one to so I did I made her a long dress lavender color and crystals at the breast lines which was pretty awesome to. Prom night was today Jenna and I were very excited, so we were getting ready for the dance when we heard a knock at Rosy’s door so we were kind of curious well we were a lot curious so we opened the about 1 centimeter only so she won’t find we were peeking then we heard the supervisor saying that she was going to go to the dance but not party but to be a servant and serve people she was so angry you can actually see smoke coming out of her ears we closed the door and started laughing so hard that our stomach was hurting. When we were ready we went down stairs to the cafeteria hall which was the dance hall and when I saw Justin he looked so handsome as usual wore a black suit black shoes well black everything actually he looked at me and was blown away “wow… I’m speechless your… you look amazing” “thanks you to” he held my hand and we went in and danced and we saw Rosy serving drinks which was pretty funny to watch. Justin looked at me and said “Andy” “ya” “I love you” I looked at him and was so happy that he said it “I love you to” “always will and forever will” and kissed me and as all stories end my school year finished and lived happily ever after.  



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